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My 19 year old cousin looks like Sirius fucking Black and my grandparents are nagging him about his long hair at Christmas lunch and he said it was because he wanted to be a ‘space pirate Jesus, stop crushing my dreams’ and if that’s not something Sirius Black would say when Remus nags I don’t know what is

all I can think about is poor, queer Teddy Lupin always wondering if his sexuality is okay and if he can talk to someone about it, but he never gets to know that his dad spent most of his life being in love with Sirius Black because his godfather is our very own Harry Unobservant Potter

SPOILERS: My thoughts on The Cursed Child:

- SCORBUS is real

-the whole play is a fanfiction

-Voldemort having sex is not a thing I ever wanted to think about

-Also Bellatrix being a cheater and ugh no

- I actually wanted Voldi to know that he has a child

-Where was Sirius? LIKE HELL he wasn’t the first to discover James and Lily!


- Harry being an idiot for like half of the books

-who cares about Cedric Diggorys death?? Why not go back in time to kill Tom Riddle? Why go back in time twice to screw everything up? Or go back to save TEDDYS father??? Or Harrys parents?

-the trolley witch is scary as fuck

- Why did Sirius try to escape from the train? Can someone write me a fanfiction about that? #abusedSirius

- Albus being a complete and utter prat, yes your dad is Harry Potter SUCK IT UP!

-Nothing about the Slytherins? Nothing about Albus being in Slytherin? Seems like no one in the script cared.

-so emotional! Dumbledore telling Harry he loves him and shit! Snape is back!!

-Hermione being the minister of magic, wtf?? And she actually sucked.

- Ron being an idiot. Why? Also Albus kissing Hermione, dude she’s your aunt!!

- Where were the other Weasleys?

-Draco being nicer than Harry blew my mind.

-Draco having the last time-turner was absolutely unbelievable.

man, i wish sirius could have been around when albus was a teenager. i feel like they would have gotten along so well, i mean they were both sorted into the opposite house that was “normal” for their family and sirius could have been like a father to albus when harry wasn’t there for him.

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Scorpius' sort of come out to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy GONE WRONG

I need a fic where scorpius goes to Lucius for relationship advice seeing how he and Narcissa are still together after everything and are still very much in love, and he accidentally blurts out he has a major crush on Albus and gets really embarrassed and Lucius literally explodes. “I really don’t understand how anyone can say you aren’t Draco’s child, now ~you’re~ fancying a potter too!”

Narcissa laughs, her laughs have become more genuine after the war after all the chaos. “Don’t worry Scorpius,” she says watching him go red at the face. “I think it’s a thing for all malfoys to like a certain potter at one point in time. Isn’t that right dear?”

Lucius heats, “I don’t know what you are talking about sweetheart.”

Excited scorpius jumps at the chance of a story time, “do tell!”

“Nothing to tell—”

“Other than the fact you fancied James Fleamont Potter at some point in his sixth year.”


“I think the moral story here is a crush on a Potter is either a small phase or a largely obsessive phase like your father,”

“Who was dad obsessed with? Don’t tell me, Harry! Oh I’m so going to hold this over him, he’s been complaining about him all summer!” Scorpius laughed.

Not exactly surprising, the adults thought. “I only hope you’re not as annoying as Draco has been over Potter– although if you give him a taste of his own medicine wouldn’t hurt…”

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