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My 19 year old cousin looks like Sirius fucking Black and my grandparents are nagging him about his long hair at Christmas lunch and he said it was because he wanted to be a ‘space pirate Jesus, stop crushing my dreams’ and if that’s not something Sirius Black would say when Remus nags I don’t know what is

So I saw a post about how James Potter would never grow old and had an overwhelming feeling of “FIGHT ME”, and then I realized that the fandom never talks about what it would be like if he grew old, they just say they’re sad he didn’t…so here are elderly James Potter headcanons.

  • He’s super, super vivacious. It’s like he never ages except he clearly does because hair is gray and he has a cane and has some back problems. But he never loses his zest for life.
  • He goes to equality protests with the rest of the Marauders (which DOES include Lily) all the time, and tells the leaders that “he’ll hit anyone with a cane”.
  • Which he would, because he has
  • He fantasized about getting a sword installed in the cane. He once spent twenty minutes looking up places to do that, only to have Lily confront him later with a “please get me a sword, too”
  • So he did, and sometimes they do battles in the front yard until something happens to someone’s back.
  • James is that old guy that goes to quidditch matches all the time. The Chudley Cannons are in town? Whup, let’s go. He has this thing where he screams at the teams and waves his cane and the players never mind because it’s just like “it’s that Potter fellow again”
  • Whenever he sees teams, he’ll make them sign two things: his apparel for them and a shirt that he will intentionally buy the week before and keep the receipt so he can prove he saw them recently. 
  • He and Sirius have a thing where they’re in contest for “coolest grandparents”, and he wants to prove that he really is the coolest by having a shirt he bought “last week, my clone, see?
  • He always calls James his clone because the two of them find it hilarious, and then he asks James about the Marauders and James will tell him stories
  • He has inside jokes with all his grandkids.
  • Him and Lily Luna have a contest to see who can unintentionally wreck the Potters’ front yard the most because they both kill every growing thing (but they try!), so whenever he greets her, he says, “wreck any yards recently?”
  • Albus Severus is almost done memorizing the key sections of Hogwarts: A History so James and Albus have battles with memorized sections of Hogwarts: A History against Quidditch Through the Ages. They always have some joking talk about it when Albus arrives so they can both get their game up.
  • They like to do weird accents as they do them, as well.
  • Harry records all of these and sends them to Hermione and Ron because “hey look, Hermione, someone’s actually reading Hogwarts: A History
  • James’ messy hair never balds, it only goes gray. 
  • Although he HAS suggested to Lily that he follow in his father’s footsteps an make a magical hair dye: one for Lily and him to share, because she’s graying too. It’s very visible since she almost never puts her hair up.
  • She laughs and says she’d rather him share with Sirius.
  • The people at the Muggle grocery store love him, because he sits there and tells all his wizarding stories for hours and no one can tell if he’s serious or not, but he’s such a good storyteller that it doesn’t matter.
  • Whenever Harry and his kids come over he tries to help Lily bake something. It always turns out to be a disaster, but it always means he has a new story to tell them.
  • He gives the grandkids gifts every time they visit. The real question is who will get a prank gift and who gets a real gift. 
  • He does a similar thing with candy dishes by filling all of them with Bertie Botts. 
  • He still rides out on his broom whenever he can.
  • He has an old leather recliner. Because yes, of course he does.
  • The Marauders meet up every week. They talk and they do projects and basically are an entourage at this point.
  • Remus decided to grow a beard, which ends up looking like a few silly little wisps on his chin that bother all of them. Peter one day comments about how easy it would be to get rid of it in his sleep and so Sirius and James create a plan to hack it off
  • (a plan that never works, because Lily tells him the next day and Remus decides to cut it off before Sirius and James can)
  • James and Lily talk every single night and spend time together every single day. They never, ever run out of things to talk about.
  • They have a chore rotation.
  • Every night, before they go to sleep, he makes tea for Lily and himself (she likes chamomile with honey, his favorite changes every week). It’s the one thing he can cook besides Indian food, they food he grew up with, without entirely messing it up.
  • He goes to sleep at nine thirty so he can get sleep and have a great day tomorrow, too, because he learned that you CAN be too tired to enjoy life, and he doesn’t want to waste a minute of it.
  • He focuses a lot on experiences and friendships and relationships now, and he feels so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people that he loves, especially after the war.
  • He went to treatment for PTSD after it was over. Harry had to, too, but there are nights when Harry wakes up screaming and James and Lily are there to comfort him and calm him down because they know what it’s like and they love him more than anything else in the world.
  • James Potter lives a beautiful life as an older man and no one can tell me otherwise.

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I don’t like people dying, so have an AU where everyone is alive (and doing some shopping for school year 2015!) :)

From left to right: 

Albus Potter, Harry Potter (Deputy Head of Magical Law Enforcement), James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus lupin (DADA teacher at Hogwarts), Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin (Head of Magical Law Enforcement), Teddy Lupin (Seventh year and Head Boy at Hogwarts), Victoire Weasley (Fifth year at Hogwarts), Bill Weasly (Worried Dad), Fleur Weasly, Dominique Weasley (Third year at Hogwarts), Louis Weasly (First year at Hogewarts)

I might do the rest of the clan in the future, send some ask if you’d ike that.


Anon Asked: How do Ruby and Sun feel with Mars having Jet as his best friend? And vice verse with Emerald and Mercury?

Sun and Ruby are extremely caring, forgiving people and are willing to give this boy “Jet” a chance, despite knowing whose son he is. Upon first meeting Jet, they handle him gently and carefully as if he would break. Is he being abused? Neglected? Does he self harm? Is he depressed? All those thoughts run through their head and Jet catches every single one.

Their meeting makes him want jump out of a window, run and never return. Since Mars is his friend and the infamous Ruby and Sun are being so nice, however, he grits his teeth and bear it.

(Mars is sorry because he knows Jet is going through hell at the moment)

Emerald, on the other hand, is pissed because she “can’t stand Ruby Rose or her fucking family” and Mercury finds her fury hilarious.

all I can think about is poor, queer Teddy Lupin always wondering if his sexuality is okay and if he can talk to someone about it, but he never gets to know that his dad spent most of his life being in love with Sirius Black because his godfather is our very own Harry Unobservant Potter

I’m a Hufflepuff, bitch! Teddy x Reader

Warning: Swearing

Teddy had been my best friend since we were kids and we had never had a serious argument up until now. For some reason, ever since I had got together with my current boyfriend he hasn’t been the same. Always dropping snide comments about Y/BF/N. Yesterday he pushed me too far by saying I shouldn’t be with him because I’m a Gryffindor and he’s a Slytherin. It made me really angry and I said something I probably shouldn’t have, whether he was being an insufferable ass or not. I told him that if he wasn’t going to let me be happy then he could stuff his friendship and fuck off out of my life. He looked really hurt and I just walked away. When I saw him at breakfast earlier this morning he was sitting alone at the Hufflepuff table drinking coffee. His hair was brown instead of blue as well. Despite me being annoyed it still upset me looking at him because he just looked like his father. I had seen many pictures of him, James, fucking Peter, and my dad Sirius. I walked straight past him though and went to the Slytherin table, making a point out of sitting on Y/BF/N’s lap. Teddy just rolled his eyes, stood up and walked out of the Great Hall. Is it bad that I smirked when he left?

It was currently the fifth period and I was supposed to be reading tea leaves. I couldn’t concentrate though.

“Yes, dear?”
“I think I have a serious migraine coming along,” I lied, “I need to go to the hospital wing.”
“Oh okay, dear. Do you need someone to take you?” At this point, Teddy was looking at me with a frown. I could tell he didn’t believe me.
“No. I should be fine. Thank you, Professor.”

I put my Divination book away, put my bag on my shoulders, and climbed down through the trap door. It was at this point that I realized I had no idea what I was going to do for fifty minutes. I decided to go to the library and try and finish my Herbology essay. Might as well make the most of the lie, Y/N. I thought to myself.

I had been writing for about an hour so a few people had arrived at the library to begin their homework for the evening. I was just about to move on to my Transfiguration homework when my friend came bursting into the library earning her a moan from the librarian.

“Y/N,” She whisper-shouted, “You need to come with me now. Teddy is hexing the shit out of Y/BF/N.”
“What the fuck?!” I hissed

Haphazardly I threw all my stuff in my bag and followed her out of the library. My friend started running and so I did too, following her to wherever we were going. We came to a halt at the third-floor corridor. There was a huge crowd around two people. It was definitely Teddy. His hair was bright red. He was throwing hexes at Y/BF/N. I pushed through all the people and punched Teddy in the arm.

“STOP!” I shouted at the both of them, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?”
“This bastard,” Teddy pointed his wand at Y/BF/N, “Was standing over there kissing another girl. Some Slytherin slut.”
“Yeah, sure he was Teddy.”
“He was! I saw it with my own two eyes.”

The crowd was leaving now, realizing that the fight was over. My best friend tapped me on the shoulder.

“He’s not lying, Y/N. I was with Teddy when he saw them.”
I narrowed my eyes and looked at my boyfriend who looked helpless.
“Is this true?”
“Y/N,” He stuttered, “You-you have to understand-”
“Yes, but  want to tell you-”
“Fucking save it. SAVE IT YOU TWAT.”

I proceeded to take my wand out and hex him. Just random spells, langlock, incendio… Maybe incendio wasn’t the best idea but he deserved it. Teddy threw a couple as well, grinning the entire time.

Y/BF/N had made it around the corridor and was out of sight. I could still hear him shouting ‘crazy motherfucking Gryffindors.’

“I’M A HUFFLEPUFF, BITCH!” Teddy shouted at the top of his lungs. I laughed and threw my arms around Teddy.
“I’m sorry Teddy. For being an asshole lately.”
“Me too,” He said not letting me go, “But I had a good reason.”
“It was because I wanted to be the one to do this.”

And with that, Teddy kissed me. I was stunned at first and I just stood there, not moving. Then I just closed my eyes and went along with it, not really thinking about what the hell it meant.

“Miss Black, Mr Lupin, the corridor is hardly the place for this. Now follow me to my office.”
It was McGonagall. Teddy and I broke apart, smiling, and followed her to her office.
“Take a seat,” The Professor said, sitting down herself. We did as we were told.
“I’ve sent an owl to both of your parents regarding the fight that occurred earlier on the third-floor landing. Would you both like to explain to me what happened and why I saw a Slytherin boy running through the school with his cloak on fire, shouting something about Gryffindors that I can’t repeat.”

Teddy and I couldn’t help it. We burst out laughing, like seriously laughing, in front of McGonagall. I could have sworn I saw a slight smirk on her face, but she didn’t show it.

“Mr Lupin! Miss Black!”
“Sorry Professor,” I started, “You see, Y/BF/N deserved everything he got and more because he was making out with another girl in the middle of the corridor.”
“And he’s a pompous asshole.”
“Language Mr. Lupin!”
“Sorry.” You could see he wasn’t sorry at all
“Twenty points off both your houses and detention on Saturday morning. Now go.”

We stood up and left McGonagall’s office, smiling despite our punishments. I felt Teddy put his hand in mine, and I didn’t pull away.

The Next Morning…
Teddy was sitting with me at the Gryffindor table. We were eating breakfast and telling some people about the fight. Suddenly the Lupin’s owl flew into the Great Hall and dropped a red envelope on the table in front of us. Teddy and I shared a grave look.

“TEDDY LUPIN! Y/N BLACK!” Tonks’ voice filled the hall,  "HOW DARE YOU! YOU SHOULD HAVE BROKEN THAT BOY’S ARM!“ We both began laughing all over again. Remus then took over.
"Teddy, Y/N, despite the fact that what you did wasn’t the right thing to do, it sounds as though he deserved it. Teddy, you should tell Y/N how you feel if you haven’t already. Maybe you’ll stop sending me letters telling me about how you like the way her hair looks in the sunshine.” Both of us blushed furiously. Then, my dad’s voice filled the room.
“Y/N, I can’t believe you had a boyfriend and didn’t tell me. Not that it matters because from what I heard he’s a fu-”
“LANGUAGE SIRIUS!” Remus shouted
“Sorry. Anyway, thank you for standing up for my girl Teddy, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t do the same to you as you did to that dirty Slytherin boy if you hurt her. AND USE PROTECTION!”
“Sirius!” Hissed Tonks

The howler then tore itself up, leaving a pile of paper in Teddy’s bowl of cereal. We both looked at each other in sheer horror. Mostly everyone was looking at us, including the teachers. McGonagall was laughing into her pumpkin juice. I doubted we would ever live this down.

I Won't Say I Love You - James Sirius Potter x Reader - Part 1

It was a nice, peaceful morning that day at house of Finnigans. The huge house was completely silent. Seamus was already up, enjoying his morning coffee. The sound of him casualy siping his warm drink disrupted the perfect silence. He decided that Sereena could also want one, but the said women entered the kitchen a few moments after. She greeted his with a kiss on the cheek and started preparing  breakfast. Her long black hair was in a messy mess of a ponytail. Sereena’s stormy grey eyes weren’t even completely focused on her task, seeing as she woke up only a couple of minutes ago. 

Seamus and Sereena met each other at Hogwarts, precisely in their first year. Although Sereena was hanging out more with Golden Trio than him, they had a nice relationship back then. They went together on the Yule Ball. She found his clumsiness rather amussing. The potion would explode in his face but he would grin, knowing that he succeded to put a smile on her face. Sereena wasn’t a really popular girl back then because of her family. Being a daughter of Sirius Black when he was in a prison wasn’t something to be proud of. But being the sassy girl she is, which based on Sirius’ stories she got from her mother, she was quite a mischievous one. Seamus didn’t admit it, but he liked that in his wife the most. 

“Wake up you two sloths!” Serena yelled from the bottom off the stairs 

“You are going to be late!” yelling again, this time more loudly, hoping to wake the two up. Seamus shook his head looking at the clock nearby. It wasn’t even close to eleven, but through the years you learn to wake your children earlier. Their children were rather lazy anyway, that they would end up being late as usual. Groaning could be heard from two bedrooms that were next to each other on the next floor. The door from one bedroom opened, revealing a (blonde, brunette etc.) girl standing in the doorframe. Her (h/c) hair was a literal mess, covering her (s/c) face. She was rubbing her tired eyes, in intention to wake herself up more. She sleepily looked to her left side and noticed that the door of other bedroom were closed. Leaning on them and pressing her left ear to the wood, she heard not so quiet snoring from the other side. 

“Sirius! Wake up you lazy idiot!” (Y/N) started yelling throbbing at the door. Hearing a loud yelp of surprise and that her darling brother fell from his bed to the floor, she smirked in victory. Then followed some curses about mornings and ‘interrupting his precious beauty sleep’. The boy sharply opened his door glaring at his smirking sister. 

“Good morning to you too” (Y/N) greeted him. He said some more curses through a loud yawn and headed himself downstairs. Sirius is a copy of his grandfather Sirius Black, in memory of who he got his name. He had same black hair, same grey eyes and same pale face as his ancestor. Their looks have also many similarities. (Y/N) unlike him, has many similarities with her grandmother Anna. They both look more like Serena than Seamus. The two are twins, with (Y/N) being six minutes older. “Hey don’t blame me, mom said we’re going to be late.” The (blonde, brunette etc.) muttered to him walking down to the kitchen. 

“(Y/N), it’s fucking 9:47 in the morning, we’re leaving in an hour.” Sirius muttered back. He stretched his neck a few times and yawned again. (Y/N) picked up her (h/c) hair in a messy bun, so it won’t get in her face while she ate. Two siblings entered the kitchen, greeting their parents and sitting themselves at the long wooden table waiting for their breakfast. 

“Why are you so annoyed? I thought you two couldn’t wait to get back to Hogwarts!” Seamus asked them. He was reading a text in Daily Prophet about a new crazy prisoner that came into Azkaban. Later, Sereena will drop (Y/N) and Sirius to station, because he needs get earlier at work at Ministry today. After all, Hermione expected him to be on time. 

“I’m not annoyed dad, just sleepy.” Sirius mumbled. He ran a hand through his black hair and leaned on the table to get a better sleeping position. (Y/N) hit him upside the head, not letting him to sleep. He whisper-cursed at her. Seeing there was no more sleep today, he leant at the back of chair looking around the kitchen. 

“I’m not so annoyed you know. But a thought that I will see that Potter idiot every single day isn’t really a nice thought If ya ask me.” (Y/N) responded after a few moment. This earned a chuckle from Seamus and eye rolling from Sereena. Sirius just raised an eyebrow at her, poking her left cheek. 

“Ya know sis, I think you may actually like that Potter idiot.” He smirked as she pushed his hand away. 

“Oh please, he is your best friend. I do have some standards after all.”  

“What is wrong with me being his best friend?” 

“It means he has same IQ level like you bro.” 

“Then it means he’s a genius.” 

“No, it means you’re both imbeciles.”

“Honestly (Y/N), why can’t you get along with James? He is not a that bad kid.” Serena said. She finished making the pancakes and put four full plates on the table. She was chuckling at a little argument the two had. Twins momentary grabbed Nutella and started putting the sweet cream on the pancakes. Sirius swallowed his in a blink of an eye. (Y/N) grimaced at him and muttered ‘pig’ before taking a bite of her own.  

“Mom, James annoys me to the point where I would throw myself in the Black Lake.” 

“I would gladly push you in the lake myself.” Sirius said with his mouth full smirking at her. The (blonde, brunette etc.) rolled her eyes at her brother. 

 -    After about 45 minutes     - 

 “So, you need to leave your mobile phones and IPods here.” Sereena said. She was in (Y/N)’s room checking if she had brought everything. 

“Robes? Check. Cauldrons? Check. Books? Check. Broom? Cheek. You have Azur with you? You remember Sirius forgot to bring Otis last time.” 

“Mom IPods are allowed and I am bringing mine.” (Y/N) quickly got her player before Sereena could protest. 

“And do I look like I’m Sirius? I never forgot about Azur.” The girl then started petting her owl through the cage. Azur is obviously (Y/N)’s owl. Her feathers are lightly blue at the end and she has golden eyes. Her name Azur is from Italian word ‘azure’ which means blue. Sereena offered that name since she lived practically her whole life with her aunt and grandparents who are originally Italians. Her mother, Anna, was killed a few nights before James and Lily and Sirius went to Azkaban shortly after. Back to owls. Otis is Sirius’s grey owl that is a little clumsy to say at least. Last year he never succeed to fly properly through a window. After closing her chest, (Y/N) raised her wand. 

“Wingardium Leviosa” She said and went downstairs with the chest trailing closely behind her. Sirius was in the hallway, sitting on his own brown chest. He was throwing car keys up and down from boredom. Once he noticed his sister, he jumped from it right up. Sereena went down after (Y/N). She started putting on her jacket and shoes. Grabbing her bag, she caught the keys Sirius threw at her and helped twins to get chests in the trunk. Sereena sat herself on the driver’s seat and turned on the car. (Y/N) sat in the passenger’s seat. The (blonde, brunette etc.) was putting on her lip gloss, checking her (h/c) in the meantime. Sirius popped his head in-between two front seats.

 “Getting ready for a snog with James sis?” Sirius asked with a small smirk before (Y/N) showed his head away.

“Stop saying stupid things.” (Y/N) replied to him 

“Anyways, no Weasley kids starting Hogwarts this year?” The girl asked. Their mother was driving them through busy streets of London. They still had 30 minutes before the train goes off. Just enough time if you ask them. 

“Nope. Lils and Hugo are starting next year, along with Lorcan and Lysander.” Sirius replied back. He leaned himself on his backseat and enjoyed the rest of the ride. Sereena easily pulled the car on the parking of the station. She exited it with the two and put their belonging on the trolley. She gave them their tickets and they headed to the platform 9 ¾. Sirius was the first one to go through the wall. Rolling her eyes at him, (Y/N) followed shortly after with her mother. The famous scarlet train stood there proudly. Sirius as (Y/N) expected of course, found Potters momentary. Sereena motioned for her to go and greet them. The (blonde, brunette etc.) mentally groaned.

 “Ginny!” Serena happily exclaimed as she hugged the redhead. (Y/N) in meantime was hugging with Lily. The two girls got along pretty well considering their age difference. Harry was standing there with his arms open, a smile playing on his lips. 

“And a hug for me?” The man asked teasingly. Sereena laughed at him and the two hugged like they haven’t seen each other for years. Harry, Serena and Ginny started chatting, which left (Y/N) to converse with Lily. Albus went off with Scorpius and Rose, as Lily told her. Little girl was just about to tease the (h/c) haired girl about James. But the infamous guy made his appearence. 

“(N/N)!” James yelled an annoying nickname he picked out for her. (Y/N) turned to her right and glared daggers at him.

 “No need for an act love. Sirius just told me you missed me dearly.” The boy grinned from ear to ear and went to hug the girl. She however, pushed him away, much to his dislike. As the one final sound from the train was heard, the (h/c) girl said goodbye to her mom, Harry, Ginny and Lily. She left James with Sirius and left to find Roxanne or Dominique. She was lucky. The (blonde, brunette etc.) found them in one compartment with Molly a few seconds later. Knocking on the glass door, she popped her head in.

 “May I come in ladies?” (Y/N) asked in a tone that imitated her brother’s. Dominique instantly went to hug her with Roxanne behind. Molly was the last one to greet her, seeing that two other girls were too happy to see (Y/N). Surprisingly, the train ride went without Fred, James and Sirius interrupting them. Roxanne was just telling them some new gossips that she picked up during the summer. (Y/N) always listened to her, as she wasn’t so informed about a lot of people too much. Roxanne has a few frienda that were considered to be Hogrwats’ gossip girls. They always knew everything that happened, no matter the time or place. Most in common (Y/N) had with Dominique, but she got along pretty well with Molly too. 

“I also heard from one Hufflepuff that Alice Longbottom is crushing on James!” 

“On him, really? Does she have eyes?” (Y/N) asked. She raised an eyebrow when Dominique chuckled at her. 

“What’s funny?” 

“Just get James already before someone other does! I-No! We all know you have a crush on him!”  

“Oh my Merlin, not you too Dom! How many times do I have to repeat? James is a complete idiot and I don’t find him attractive at all!” The (blonde, brunette etc.) sighed rubbing her forehead. 

“Then if you don’t fancy James, who do you find attractive?” Molly asked her. The glasses wearing girl wasn’t listening to the most of conversation. She was reading her newly brought book, that had somewhat about 1000 pages. She was elegantly flipping through the pages, listening to Roxanne’s gossips then and there. 

“Cameron Thornston for example.” (Y/N) coolly said back. She put a lock of hair behind her ear and waited for reaction. 

“Louis’s friend?! No way!” Roxanne yelled. Molly shot her a look. 

“Sorry” Roxanne muttered and sat down again. 

“Nah, I guess he is okay.” Dominique said and leaned with her back resting on the window. 

“But I like Daniel Wood more.” She winked and closed her eyes for a little rest. 

“Wood? Haven’t you noticed that Sirius has been drooling over you for months?”

 “Let’s face it (N/N). Sirius is worse playboy than Louis, and he even doesn’t have veela genetics! How is that even possible?” (Y/N)’s mind then started wondering towards her grandparents. Sirius Black back then was a major player. If it hadn’t been for Anna Stuart, he wouldn’t stop with it. 

“Let’s just say it’s a family thing” The (blonde, brunette etc.) replies as she sweatdropped. Dominique nodded at her response. 

“I guess I want to mess with him a little, before he comes to his senses and stops with playing around.” 

 “Then you have my permission.” “Hate to interrupt, but we should change to our robes.” Molly said. She loudly closed her book, putting it into her bag. She then reached above her for her Ravenclaw robes. Lazily standing up, (Y/N) did the same, reaching for her Gryffindor ones. They left in toilet to change. In the corner of the toilet was Alice Longbottom. She was chatting with her friend Morgan, that was in Hufflepuff too. They were whispering and Alice had an obvious blush on her face. She was rather a pretty one, with her fawn hair and that honey eyes of hers.

“Hey Alice! Heard you are crushing on my cousin!” Dominique smirked at her. Alice blushed madly and looked away. She muttered a few things, not clearly enough for them to hear. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow at her. Looking at (Y/N)’s face, Morgan stepped in her friend’s defence. 

“What if she does? That’s none of your business!” Morgan yelled at her. Seeing that only the six of them were in the toilet, no one heard it. 

“Rude much?” (Y/N) stepped next to Dominique, facing the Hufflepuff girl. 

“Sticking your nose in other’s business much?” 

“Give me one more reason why not to break your nose.” The short silence followed after, as the two glared at each other. A cough interrupted it. 

“Come on (Y/N), your Black is showing. We changed, we should get back.” Molly put a hand on the (blonde, brunette etc.)’s shoulder. Nodding at her they exited and headed back. Morgan was a really rude one for a Hufflepuff, they admit that. She even let out a gossip about Molly one time, thought the ginger ignored it quite well. Being on Molly’s side, (Y/N) didn’t get along with the blonde ever since.  In waiting for the train to arrive at Hogwarts, they chatted some more. (Y/N)‘s thoughts were about James. If he and Alice got together what would she do? She couldn’t care less or that’s what she thought.

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The Story of Miss Black//Part One


Y/N Black was seen as flawless, but if you looked closer, you could see her breaking. The problem was, nobody looked close enough. Not until it was too late. I suppose you could say that it was many things that caused her to do what she did. Everyone thought that the death of her mother was the main contributor. I don’t think anyone really knows the exact reason. Only Y/N herself. Not even Teddy Lupin, her best friend knew what was going on.

Slytherin House had just won their first match of the season, and every member of the house was elated but at the Ravenclaws expense. Y/N, the seeker, had caught the snitch within the first half an hour of the game, which was great considering how cold and damp it was outside. Y/N followed her cheering team mates to the changing rooms where she showered and changed into warm, dry clothes. It was lunchtime, but Y/N wasn’t hungry. She never was as of late. With a frown on her face, she made her way back to her Common Room in the dungeons, hoping she wouldn’t run into anyone that would care where she was going. Especially not Teddy. Luckily, she didn’t.

#The Slytherin Common Room was empty. Everyone was in the Great Hall eating. Y/N went up to her dorm room and perched herself on the edge of her pristine bed. Why does everything have to be so hard, even when it’s easy? She had thoughts like this more often than she cared to admit, and it usually resulted in a lot of salty tears and blood-stained sheets. Y/N stood up and went over to her trunk. After sorting through clothes, books, and many other miscellaneous objects she found what she was looking for. The little wooden box that contained her contraband. She opened it and took out the cold, metal razor blades that she had bought with her from home and took them into the bathroom. Y/N sat where she always did; the edge of the claw-footed bath tub. With tears already streaming down her face she rolled up the sleeve of her jumper and put the blade against her skin in a place that was free of scars. Not that there were many left on her forearm now. Her skin was littered with scars. Battle wounds, she liked to call them. The skin finally broke, just like another part of her. A drop of blood dripped down her arm and onto the white tile. Not that Y/N noticed. She was too immersed in memories of much happier times. The pain started to ease off so she took the blade to her arm again, just below her newest cut and made another, much deeper one. That, she thought bitterly, is just what you deserve.

T H E  N E X T  M O R N I N G
Y/N Black sat in her usual seat at the Slytherin table. Her coffee was black and her toast was dry. And you know what else? Her arm was stinging. Not that she felt it. Every other emotion was taking over instead, distracting her from the pain. Like when you’re trying to save someone and the adrenaline in your body is so high that you don’t even notice you’ve been wounded. That was the perfect description of how she felt.

If you looked at her you wouldn’t even think that something was wrong. That was the whole point. She didn’t want people to notice how she was feeling because then she’d have to dump it all on them. It had gotten to the point where she had started ignoring her letters from her father Sirius, and then ignoring the ones from Hermione, Ginny, and even Remus, who were all worried about her. Y/N was just about to refill her goblet when Teddy came and plonked himself onto the empty seat next to her.

“Black,” He said with a curious expression, “I just got a letter from my dad asking if you were okay. Apparently, you’ve ignored every single letter from London.”
I looked at Teddy with a stony expression.
“You should change your hair back to blue,” She said while standing up, “It looks shit when it’s pink. And tell everyone to leave me alone.”
And with the retort, she sashayed out of the Great Hall leaving the last shred of hope she had for herself behind along with her best friend and her half finished cup of coffee.

Y/N was sitting on the bank next to the Black Lake. When she first sat down three hours ago, there was no rain. Just clouds and mist. Now the skies had opened up and the rain was falling like there would be no tomorrow. For Y/N, this was the ideal way to spend a Sunday. Alone. Just her and her thoughts. Her thoughts were a little dangerous.
What if I drowned in that lake.
Would anyone care?
What if I ran away and started over somewhere new. In a place that nobody knew my name.
Y/N stood up around five hours later. It was dark now and if she got caught outside she would be in detention for a month. She decided to take a bath when she got back to warm herself up. She always took baths in the prefect’s bathroom, putting a spell on the door so she could be alone. It was one of the only things left that truely made her happy. That and rain.
Once back inside the castle, she began making her way back to her Common Room to get a towel and some pajamas. She turned a corner and ran came face to face with Professor McGonagall. She looked very distressed indeed.

“Miss Black!” She hissed, “We’ve been looking for you for hours! Why on earth are you dripping wet? Come to my office,” She said, “You can dry off, have a hot drink, and then tell me and your visitors why you haven’t spoken to them since the first of September.”

Oh shit, was not nearly a good enough phrase to describe how Y/N felt as she as marched through the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were stood in McGonagall’s office worried sick. The door suddenly burst open causing them both to jump a little. When Sirius saw his daughter he rushed forward and pulled her into a tight hug. Remus Lupin’s shoulders relaxed a little when he saw her.

“Bloody hell Y/N!” He took his daughter by the shoulder and looked her in the eyes. “Why haven’t you answered any of our letters? What’s going on?”
“Dad,” Y/N whispered, “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

A flicker of hurt flashed across Sirius’ face which then turned to confusion. He led his daughter over to a couch and sat her down. Remus sat next to Sirius and turned so he was looking at Y/N. McGonagall sat behind her desk wondering why on earth such a talented young witch was so upset.

“What do you mean darling?” Sirius asked softly. “Is someone bullying you? Because if they are I swear in Godric’s name-”
“Padfoot.” Remus interjected, “Calm down.” He diverted his gaze to his best friend’s daughter whom he had come to love as his own. “If someone isn’t being very nice to you then you should tell us and we can help.”
“It’s not that.” Y/N said looking at the carpet. “I just haven’t been very happy, that’s all.”
“But why?” Sirius was getting very worried now.
“I can’t explain it to you. It’s like trying to explain music to someone who is deaf. And if I told you one thing, I’d have to tell you everything, and that would be nothing but horrible for everyone.”
“You can’t say something like that and expect me to just forget about it and go home. We’re not leaving until you tell us why you’ve been ignoring us for months.”
“Do you even care? Honestly?”
Remus looked shocked. “Of course we care! We’re family. All of us. We love you and don’t want to see you hurting.”
“Well, it’s too late for that. I’ve been hurting for months and months. It’s all just been building up. All these thoughts and emotions. I’ve been carrying them on my back and I don’t even know if it’s all mine to carry. Nothing feels right anymore.”

Y/N was crying and her dad didn’t know why or what to say to make her stop. Remus stood up and knelt in front of her, lifting her chin with his hands.

“Y/N,” Moony said, “When I was your age this was exactly how I felt. Every day was just like another mountain I had to climb. I hated myself and who I was and I felt like I was a burden to everyone around me.” Remus rolled up on of his jumper sleeves, revealing lots of scars. They looked self-inflicted. After all, Y/N would know. “Your dad and I need you to know that you aren’t alone in this.”

A tear escaped Sirius Black’s eye as Y/N rolled up her robe sleeve to reveal many scars and cuts. Some old and some new. There were a fair few, let’s just say that.

“Y/N.” Sirius choked, “Why didn’t you come to me with this? Why did you let yourself go through this alone?”
“Because going through this alone was the only way to keep everyone around me happy.”
“But you weren’t happy.” Remus said, “And your happiness matters too.”
“Does it?” She asked
“Of course it does!” Sirius said, “It’s the only thing that matters. You’re beautiful and we all love you more than words can say. You don’t have to tell us everything right away but we’re here for you. Everyone is. And Minnie will always be here to talk.”
“Your father and Remus are right Y/N.” Professor McGonagall said, “We’re all here for you. You shouldn’t have had to feel this way.”
“And Teddy,” Remus said with a smile. “He loves you more than all of us put together, so you should talk to him. Okay?”

Remus and Sirius embraced Y/N, telling her how loved she was. Obviously, this wouldn’t all be over yet. She knew that. She knew that she’d have to sit and tell someone everything eventually and that someone would have to be watching her to make sure it didn’t happen again. Y/N said goodbye to Moony and Padfoot and went to find Teddy. There would be a meeting between the adults now to talk about how to proceed, but for now, at least, some of the weight had been lifted from Miss Black’s shoulders.

Teddy and Y/N had fallen asleep wrapped up in each other’s embrace. The pair had cried as Y/N told her best friend the story of how she had been living her life over the past couple of months, and after many cups of hot chocolate, a plate of cookies, and a good talk, they fell asleep.

Little did anyone know, this was only the beginning of Y/N Black’s story, and in the coming months, things would only get harder.

A/N: The reason I wanted to write this fic is that recently this same exact thing has happened to me and I needed to express how I felt through my writing, and honestly, I feel like a lot of others need this too. There will be another part to this, maybe even two, and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Face claim
Albus Potter 

Logan Lerman 

Jaded Family: Protective

Jet doesn’t let anyone hurt his baby sister’s feelings without severe repercussions. Though he usually uses his Semblance to black mail tormenters and scare them off, sometimes a good ass-kicking works wonders.

Em and Merc are always supportive parents, especially when their little Jetty looks out for Lapis.

Marauders Coffee Preferences ☕️

James Potter
Not really much of a coffee person, he prefers tea and hot chocolate. If he does have coffee before exams he has a shit tonne of milk and no sugar. Loves lattes which Sirius and Lily make fun of him for.
“Look as Prongs with his fancy coffee. Thinks he’s all high and mighty because there’s a pattern on the top made out of cocoa powder.”

Sirius Black
FUCKING LOVES COFFEE LIKE HE HAS CAFFEINE IN HIS BLOODSTREAM ALL THE DAMN TIME! He usually takes it black but with sugar and he cannot stand tea. Sometimes he loves hot chocolate, especially in the winter. He has a black coffee in the mornings everyday.

Remus Lupin
Is much more of a tea and hot chocolate person. He has coffee before and a few days after the full moon. When he’s about to change he drinks about four cups a day and has it black with loads of sugar. He doesn’t usually eat, just inhales coffee by the litre.
“Remus mate you should probably eat something.”
“How about shut the fuck up?”
“Woah the swearwolf is back.”

Peter Pettigrew
Before you turn your nose up, he was much as a marauder as the rest of them, even though he turned into an asshole. So don’t hate on me because he was a marauder too.
Anyway, I think that Peter would have loved coffee with loads of sugar and milk. He would have hated it being to strong. He loves tea too but not hot chocolate because he finds it too sickly.

I absolutely loved writing this! Don’t know if it’s been done but I hope not! Had the idea while making my coffee. Feel free to send requests because I’m bored af!

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Elle Fanning