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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 1.3.17

galaxy druzy pendant by tacosandchampagne

this multicolored druzy stone is hella sparkly and edged in gold — then it’s hung on a rosary-style chain made from black beads and gold links for a unique addition to your jewelry collection.

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Obsidian - The Black Healer
Base Chakra // Grounding // Scorpio // Prophecy

  •  Please use with caution! This stone is very fast acting and powerful, which may cause unpleasant emotions and truths to rush to the surface. These disharmonious things must be confronted for peace to return, the stone will help push for change and will release the harsh energy. The stone’s confrontational nature may assist in overcoming addiction, eating disorders, and other emotional blockages.
  • Good for spiritual and psychic growth. Place a stone on The Third Eye and ask a question out loud for a possible answer.
  • Extremely protective. This stone forms a shields against negativity and blocks psychic attacks. It assists in sealing the aura against future problems, while cleansing it of fog and blockages.
  • Use a shiny obsidian (with a mirror finish) to make contact with the spirit world. The images of passed loved ones and even prophecies of the future might be seen when used in certain lighting (low or dim). This may also help in finding spirit guides, and receive messages from spirits via your own emotions.

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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 11.21.16

recycled gold + gemstone jewelry by mineralogydesign

sorry for the late post guys … not sure where my original 3rd post went!! anyways, mineralogydesign is always a beautiful solution. i can’t get enough of their sparkle.