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Sorry this took so long to actually get on here…I’d been typing…too much…hahaha…right so, HIGHLIGHTS! Just a reminder that what I saw was the first PREVIEW and I already know they’ve made some script changes, so until opening night on April 4th things will still be changing! Anyway here are my highlights (Re: Lauren trying not to just type out the entire musical.)

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Ningyo doll by artist Hirata Gôyô II, about 1930’s, Japan. Gôyô was singular in his quest to pursue junsui bijutsu (pure art) as well as to secure popular and critical acknowledgement for ningyô as an art form.  In this example, His skills as an iki-ningyô artist are readily evident. From the look of concentration on the woman’s face to the contours of her body visible through the black gauze dressing robe, to the articulation of the fingers, the hyper-realism of the figure in every detail exquisitely illustrates Gôyô’s skill and technical virtuosity.  Text and image from

Thrifty Decor Tips: Samhain

You don’t need to buy all the fancy expensive halloween decor from all the shops to have an absolutely Witchin’ Halloween look for your house!


  • Garland, Garland Garland: Drape these around your house to bring the fall look inside.  Michael’s has them in strings already made, but you can make your own for cheap out of found dried leaves, cinnamon sticks and pine cones. 
  • Paper Lanterns: Black, Orange, Purple: These are great! And they’re usually found at the dollar store, or party section for only a few bucks. 
  • ALL THE CANDLES: comon’ witches, I know you got ‘em.  Get them ALL out. Even if you don’t light them, having candles EVERYWHERE can lend a seriously witchy look. 
  • White Gauze, Black Gauze: drape it everywhere! 
  • Real Pumpkins/Squash: This should be pretty inexpensive at the grocery store and walmart and home depot small pumpkins are sold for a few bucks
  • Create an Ancestor Table: white tablecloth (or gauze), white candles, and see if you can dig up old pictures of your family to put in little frames on the table.  If you can’t do that, write ancestor names on a white candle in silver sharpie pens or carved into the wax with your athame or steak-knife. If you have any heirlooms or hand-me-downs you can place them on this table too. 
  • Besoms and Mini Besoms are sold at Publix/Grocery stores for a few bucks.  You can put them above your door, and around the house. 

Hope these help you with ideas. More to come later!

Author: Elizabet Wynnter
Blog: The Spiral Path
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Dress for success. A necromancers guide to ritual attire

The way you dress can make all the difference, from allowing spirits to see you as weak and vulnerable to making them see you as one of your own.

General rules:
The colors for spirit works are:
Red, Light blue, Purple, Black and White.
Use plain and untattered clothing (No graphic shirts or ripped pants).
Set aside a set of black clothing and use it only for necromancy, these will be your basic set of ritual clothing.

Black suits with red or purple ties and black shirts are the best possible set of clothing a necromancer can wear. They capture the look of a mourner and are a sign of respect, professionalism, seriousness and devotion. Other traditional funeral attire are also perfect (black dresses, mourners veil, etcetera)
Also if you come across a suit that someone has died in or was buried in, they are charged with death and can release great power to the user.

These, if cared for and consecrated, can become powerful garbs. Otherwise they are nothing more than a bit of cloth over your body.

Black wrappings:
Medical gauze, bandages or linens dyed black grant the effect of looking like an embalmed or mummified corpse which can be used to walk amongst the dead without attracting their attention. They should be wrapped under the arms, cover the breast and stomach of the necromancer as well as around the hands and up the forearms and be worn with black pants.

Spirit masks can hide a necromancer from spirits or allow them to assume their guise and pull from the powers of the spirit. For example, the mask of a spirit whom was a healthcare professional in life can allow you to better understand medicine (Of course that’s only from inspiration. Don’t expect to know how to do a complex medical procedure from wearing a mask)


A short illustration showing different styles of the Manchurian women’s wing-like headdress through early, mid and late Qing dynasty. When time allows, I’d like to create a much more in-depth version with many more drawings/styles. 


“Manchu women of position generally decorated their hair with a small comb whose frame was formed with wire or thin rattan strips and covered with black gauze, on which were embroidered green feathers. The commoners mostly wore ‘fork-shape’ buns. Later under the influence of the Han women, they came to wear flat buns. However, the bun became higher and higher towards the end of the dynasty until it was an ornaments of fixed shaped in the form of an ‘archway’, capable of being put on the head at will after putting a few flowers into it, hence the name of ‘big wings’.” (5,000 Years of Chinese Costume, pg. 173)

“Manchu women combed their hair into a flat chignon at the back with horns supported by a hair board, which was also called ‘double horns hair style.’ Very beautiful and unique, they often decorated hair with big flowers of vivid color or tassels.” (Chinese Clothing, 81)

The Hunters’ Rose [chapter four]

Summary:  A love story of second chances and changes.
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Becky Rosen
There is a lot of stuff in this that will not make any sense at all if you have not read Under the Hood; Into the Heart. This story takes place approximately eight months after UTH’s epilogue.
Prologue, Chapter One
, Chapter Two
, Chapter Three

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Here’s Day 7 of 31 DIY’s Til Halloween! This costume was inspired by the film the Craft! There are so many different variations of this look that you can do, so it’s super easy to put together yourself. I gave you two options!

On the left, I’m wearing a white button down shirt I thrifted from the little boys’ section of Value Village for $1.99. The plaid skirt was also thrifted from the girls’ section for about $2. It came with a giant safety pin that I use on everything. I have a black gauze petticoat underneath that I found in the “girls’ repurposed costume” section for a dollar.

On the right, I’m stealthing my CS-426 authentic longline underbust corset from Orchard Corset in size 22" black satin. See the difference? The black skater skirt is my own, from Forever 21 ($10?).

My boots are my favorite knee-high combat boots. You can find similar ones anywhere but these are my signature so I keep the exact ones a secret! I’ve been wearing them for years.
The studded collar is Elvira’s collar we got for her from the dollar store that didn’t fit her little shrunken head/neck. She was taken away from her mama cat too early so she’s kinda stunted (I call her Lil Busted), The black tights, thigh high socks, and black tank top are from my closet.

For this costume, you can wear any blue/green/black plaid or plain skirt, a white button down, fitted tshirt or tank top, and a black sweater, leather jacket, hooded sweatshirt, or vest! Thigh highs and boots complete the look…gotta love the 90s goth schoolgirl outfit.

moteldoll  asked:

could you find dark/gothic nymphet stuff for around $20?


Black Halter Hollow Crop Vest

Black Sleeveless Hollow Bow Vest

Black Sleeveless Hollow Crop Vest

Black Spaghetti Strap Floral Crochet Gauze Vest

Black Spaghetti Strap Zipper Midriff Vest

Black Sleeveless Back Criss Cross Loose Vest

Black Spaghetti Strap Hollow Lace Vest

Black Criss Cross Backless Crop Vest

Black Criss Cross Hollow Crop Vest

Black Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Chiffon Vest

Black Contrast Sheer Mesh Yoke Hollow Vest


High-Waisted Matelot Denim Shorts

Black High Waist Zipper Denim Slim Shorts

Black Contrast Lace Slim Shorts

Black Buttons Ripped Fringe Denim Shorts

Black Ripped Pockets Denim Shorts

Black Pockets Ripped Denim Shorts


Black Elastic Waist Flare Organza Skirt

Black Rose Print Flare Skirt