black game

“The Dream Is Over”
[November 18th, 2017]

At NXT TakeOver: War Games, one of the most anticipated matches of the night was a clash between two of the strongest personalities in NXT. One of them being Aleister Black, the enigmatic striker whose personality leaves more questions than answers, and the other being The Velveteen Dream

When Patrick Clark debuted last year, he hardly made an impact in NXT, suffering losses at the hands of Austin Aries and Shinsuke Nakamura. After getting his head kicked in a few times, something seemed to have shaken loose, as Clark would disappear for some time and return as The Velveteen Dream. Seemingly something out of a Prince cover band (or perhaps fan fiction), The Velveteen Dream always seemed displeased with how he was being presented, whether the lighting was wrong or the reaction wasn’t strong enough. It wasn’t until he focused on Aleister Black that people began understanding the allure of The Velveteen Dream, who stalked Aleister in an effort to get his infamy by having his name spoken by the “Hellion”. At TakeOver: War Games, The Velveteen Dream and Aleister Black would trade off mind games (such as Velveteen Dream sporting tights bearing Aleister’s face) and a series of hard strikes and counters in a match that congealed both men in the hearts of fans, as neither man seemed able to stay down. 

The match concluded when Aleister Black delivered the Black Mass, a hard spinning kick to the head of The Velveteen Dream. As The Velveteen Dream squirmed and tried to regain his bearings, Black spoke into the microphone and stated, “Enjoy infamy… Velveteen Dream.” 

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