black galleon


((A few of the sketches I did to make marvelousghost’s boring classes a bit more bearable. As said in a previous post, I can’t post this on my personal, so bear with me. Also, I got descriptions! Yay

  1. “Eugh, don’t - will you move?! You are crushing my legs!”
  2. 3243545% done, that’s what Pitch is
  3. Do not be mistaken, they are actually muttering snarky remarks at each other.
  4. “Don’t. Just, not. A single. Word.”
  5. This is the best I can come up with
  6. Sweet revenge.

I think I’m done here.))

submitted by Alex Ogden

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An updated view at my EDC, as I recently lost my CRKT Endorser (a wonderful little EDC knife if I may add). Anyways. I’ve recently acquired CRKT’s M4-02W by Kit Carson, and I’m already in love. Other than that, its a pretty standard EDC by me. Everything I need in the classroom, at home, at work, or when I want to unwind and continue writing my novel, or read some Dostoevsky.


At very least we got the “spit swapping” part covered.

[OOC Note:] Well, this was hard, and it’s missing one image since I couldn’t manage to get it look like I wanted so I left it off and didn’t bother to ink the rest of it since it wouldn’t have worked without the missing one, but I figured at least answering the ask was needed, and the only finished panel does that, the rest of them can be just additional.

Pitch Black and his Nightmare Galleon

I always thought that Pitch had some kind of a bond with his ship and an ability to mentally communicate with her.
When he got on the deck after battling, all injured, bleeding and nearly collapsing from exhaustion, the Galleon would groan in affection and gently wrap her cables around him, helping to get to his cabin.
But if Pitch was angry or distressed the ship would sway, the boards cracking, sails blowing and cables wriggling like snakes. The Nightmare Galleon was ready to blow up anyone who dared to displease her Captain.
I think what the ship would behave almost like a living being.

178. We are not allowed to super glue galleons to the ground and watch as students try and fail to pick it up.

You were right, Pete. Muggle super glue was way more effective than using a sticking charm. - JP

I knew it! I figured most people would immediately try to counter a sticking charm. But, this way, they couldn’t! - PP

I still think this was a complete waste of valuable money. - RL

C’mon Moony. You know in between James and I, we have more money than we know what to do with! - SB

Yes, that is obvious. - RL

Totally worth it. I have no regrets. - JP