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5. - Arrogance, Assholes & Acquaintances.


His tongue rounded my sensitive flesh and before I knew it his big plump lips wrapped around my erect nipple and their he began nibbling, sucking and pulling. My head fell back on the pillow, I involuntarily flexed my hips up and found my centre pushing against very.. very ..very large member. 

Looking u with those deep brown eyes, my nipple popped out of his mouth as he gave me a smirk, knowing that the cause of my wide eyes was due to the discovery of his length. “You think you can handle it?”, He rasped against my neck as I rounded my arms around his toned back and lightly clawed my nails down his spine.

“Oh you have no idea”, I moaned out as I twirled my tongue against his own neck and felt myself arch my back so I could grind my hips into his own. “Mmm my Ballerina is a freak? Damn thats so sexy”, His husky voice send waves of arousal down my body and busting at my centre.

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