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Season’s Eatings {A Nessian Thanksgiving Oneshot}

Well, friends, sorry that this is so late! I got stuck at family shindigs later than I expected to and the wine was free flowing. So this was written half drunk. (I’m not even sorry.)

Shoutout to @nerdperson524 for guessing correctly! It is Nessian centered. But come on, are y’all even shocked at this point? You all know I’m Nessian trash.

With out further ado, please enjoy!

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Peeking into the oven for the 10th time in 5 minutes, Nesta groaned and slammed the door. She threw the oven mitts onto the counter and rested her forehead against the fridge. This was not supposed to be this hard.

When Nesta and Cassian moved into their house just before Halloween, she informed everyone that she would be in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year. As the day grew closer, and Feyre, Elain and the rest of the group offered to bring different dishes and desserts, Nesta was adamant that she could handle it and the only thing they needed to bring were themselves and their appetites. The tree was up, the decorations were hung, and the outside of the house was twinkling with Christmas lights everywhere you looked.

But ever since she started cooking at 7:00 this morning, one thing after another had gone wrong. She accidentally used baking soda in place of powder in in the cornbread and it looked like a frisbee. The cranberry sauce looked more like a pan full of blood. And now the pecan pie she’d put in the oven over an hour and a half ago was still a bubbling vat of goop, not the delicious, golden-brown delicacy she’d seen her mother bake when she was a child.

She glanced at the clock and gasped, running out to the garage. She opened the fridge where the turkey had been brining since last night and pulled it out, balancing it in her arms and bumping the door closed with her hip. As she made it back up the couple of steps to the back door, she saw the door had clicked shut, where she thought she had left it cracked. Carefully resting the pan and bird on the door, she let go to reach for the doorknob.

The next few seconds happened in slow motion and Nesta was powerless to stop any of it.

When she reached for the knob, her arm tipped the pan, pouring the brining liquid down the front of her t-shirt and jeans. She gasped and jumped back, jostling the bird and then the unthinkable happened: the turkey hit the garage floor, where it bounced and clattered across the floor. It was still frozen solid.

She fell to her knees and screamed, all of her frustration and stress coming out as she gripped her hair.

The door flew open and Cassian appeared in the doorway, still wearing his Velaris Police Department uniform. His hand was instinctively reaching for his gun as he said, “Whats happening? Nesta, baby, what’s wrong?” His eyes were shooting around the dusty garage, looking for an assailant or something that caused his fiancée to be on her knees, with tears streaming down her face. When his eyes landed on the uncooked turkey next to his police cruiser, he tried not to laugh. He really did.

As his booming laughter filled the small room, he kneeled down and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

“It’s not funny,” she groaned into his shoulder.

“It kind of is,” he said, leaning back to wipe the tears from her face. He grabbed the empty pan, stood, walked over and leaned down to pick the bird up.

“Uh, Nes,” he said. “You know this thing is-?”

“Yes, I know it’s still frozen, Cassian!” She screamed, burying her face in her hands. “Everyone will be here in two hours.” She paused and the words were so quiet, he barely caught them. “I ruined everyone’s Thanksgiving.”

Leaving the turkey where it was, he stood Nesta up and wrapped her in his arms. “You did not ruin Thanksgiving. I’ll take care of it. You just go upstairs, put on that beautiful green dress that I know you’ve been saving for today, and leave your hair down.” He pressed a kiss to the tip of her nose after she looked up at him. “You know I love it when you leave your hair down.”

With that, he ran out of the garage and left without another word. She heard the front door open and close and she just stood there, staring after him.

Taking his advice, she went upstairs, hopping in the shower, and got ready. He was right, she had been saving the green dress for this occasion and she decided to wear her hair down, letting it curl around the open neckline. She spent extra time perfecting her make up and by the time she opened their bedroom door, voices were floating up the stairs and she knew their guests had arrived. She fought back the urge to slam the door shut and stay in her room for the rest of the night, but instead, she took to the stairs, head held high. She would own up to her mistake. This was all on her.

She would serve her salty green beans, lumpy mashed potatoes, and burnt sweet potato casserole. She’d give them goopy, undercooked pecan pie and flat cornbread. And next year, she would do better. Next year, she would plan better. Next year, she might even swallow her pride and accept help.

But as she descended the stairs, she was met by the most amazing array of smells; savory, sweet and delicious.

She saw Lucien was sitting on the couch with a red-haired woman, his arm slung over her shoulder. They each had a beer in hand and Lucien nodded at her in greeting. She heard Elain and Feyre’s voices bustling around in the kitchen, her kitchen, as if they owned the place. Steeling herself, she walked into the kitchen and ready to see her sisters.

“Nesta, by the cauldron, everything looks amazing!”

She was caught off guard as Feyre through her arms around her neck. An arm wrapped around her waist and her hand rested on her back. Feyre’s growing belly was pressing against her own stomach. “It- it does?” She asked, steadying herself.

“Of course!” Elain beamed, taking a sip from her glass of wine. “I never expected you to make such a spread.”

Nesta felt a groomed eyebrow quirk and glanced over Elain’s shoulder to the dining room.

There was a feast fit for a king spread out on her dining room table.

She tried to hide her shock, but her sisters knew her too well. “What is it?” Feyre asked as she leaned back and got a good look at Nesta’s wide eyes.

“I don’t- How did- I didn’t-.”

Two strong arms wrapped around her waist. “I set the table for her while she was getting ready. She hasn’t seen it with the full effect yet.”

Feyre’s eyes filled with tears as she looked from Cassian to Nesta. “That is so sweet,” she whispered, sniffling.

Rhysand stepped around Cassian and groaned. “These damn pregnancy hormones. Did you know that last night, she cried during a Black Friday commercial?” He pressed a kiss to his wife’s forehead and laid a tender hand on her growing belly.

Azriel wrapped an arm around Elain’s waist and said “It’s getting awfully chummy in here and I’m starving. Why don’t we sit down and start eating?”

Cass flung a hand out towards the dining room and said, “I like how you think, brother. Lead the way.”

As everyone headed into the dining room, Nesta said, “We’ll be right there,” and gripped Cassian by the wrist.

After the room had emptied, she turned to him and laid her hands on his shoulders. “How?” was all she asked.

“Rita’s brother owns a meat and three. She owed me a favor after I personally ran security for her Halloween party last month. She convinced him to help us out.”

Nesta was speechless, so instead of saying anything, she kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him tightly. Breaking away, she whispered, “Thank you.”

“Next year,” he whispered, “maybe take the bird out of the freezer a few days before, yeah?”

She smacked his chest and blushed.

But she wouldn’t worry about next year. She was going to focus on this year, on the friends and family that were piled into her home. On the love and happiness she could practically see radiating out of the dining room. Who cares if she hadn’t cooked the entire meal herself.

There was always next year.


Well, Thanksgiving is over – you know what that means.

It means for the next several weeks you will now get beaten over the head with all things CHRISTMAS.  I wrote a post last year about how I wasn’t really in the holiday spirit, but sorry to say folks:  I am nowwww!  I can’t get enough of the music, the decorating and yes, even the ads.

Remember when I posted that cute Christmas ad for Kate Spade featuring Anna Kendrick and an adorable pooch?  Well, here’s another Christmas-themed commercial – this time, for Samsung – featuring real life husband and wife duo Dax Shepard and (very pregnant) Kristen Bell.  

Cheesy?  Sure, a little.

But it’s really stinkin cute.

Enjoy!  And happy Black Friday, shoppers!


Here’s a Black Friday commercial I animated for @starburnsind a while back. It’s all stop motion, but pretty different from what I normally do. It was weird animating human hand models. Full sized armatured jeans were a challenge too. Directed by the talented @mrdukejohnson.
#blackfriday #stopmotion #animation

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1985 Sears Black Friday Thanksgiving Commercial

anonymous asked:

Black Friday or Cyber Monday??? I personally am terrified of dying during Black Friday so I do cyber Monday😂😂-🎨

I don’t like Black Friday, it’s too commercial. I do like shopping, though.

- Stanley


This is hilarious! Kohl’s was really smart to incorporate their advertisements with a popular song!