black frame door

The Hamato Clan Company, Leonardo.

He smiled slightly at Y/N, as though she had made the right choice. As though she had pleased him.
And she got The idea that he preferred things that way, his way.
The choice had seemed easy enough to her though. He was obviously the leader of the group, most likely the eldest of the brothers. So, of all of them, he would have the most experience right?
And that was probably what you would want in a bodyguard. She didn’t quite know, she had never picked them before.
He motioned for her to follow him into the elevator and she did. As the doors closed, Y/N glanced up at the turtle.
Leonardo looked foward, his blue eyes busy with thought. Now that she was in such a small space with him, her arm pressed to his, she realized just how attractive he was…and intimidating he was as well.
He was tall and muscular, green skin careful sculpted into muscles. He wasn’t as big as Raphael, his body seemed to be built for speed. The black leather pulled taunt over his body, only exposing his arms, head, and shell. She could see tattoos on his arms as well as scars. She wondered how he had gotten them. The tails of his bright blue mask hung over his thick shoulder and down his chest.
Y/N pulled her eyes away from him and wondered what he was thinking…

Leonardo was pleased.
Shadowing this woman would bring his family money, weaponry (which Donatello was looking foward to), and it would be yet another trophy in his case.
The turtle had never failed a mission, not once. And he wouldn’t be calling this his first. He was cool, confident in his abilities. He glanced at the human, taking in the view.
He wondered if perhaps she had made plans earlier because she was wearing a little black party dress, tight with long sleeves and a mid thigh skirt.
He certainly didn’t mind it. He enjoyed the view. If anything, Y/N was nice to look at…
Her neck was fully exposed, showing off the soft skin. Pretty and delicate and perfect for teasing, he thought. But he pushed those ideas away…for now.
The elevator opened suddenly and they both stepped out into a long, cold hallway.
“This way.” he said.
And she listened to him, following quickly. Good.

Y/N followed Leonardo through the empty hall. Her footsteps echoed quietly with his as he lead her past dozens of doors. She almost asked where they were going but decided to take in her surroundings instead.
Silver, like the rest of the building, with black doors and framed photographs of dark cities here and there. Cold and impersonal.
He finally stopped at one black door, the very last one, unlocking it with a key card that he then handed to her. He opened the door to a neat room. A bed, a dresser, a desk and chair.
Two bookshelves and one large window, two doors on opposite sides.
“You’ll be staying here for the time being. The doors lock at ten every night, only these cards can open them.” Leonardo informed her.
He stepped inside the room and pointed towards the different doors.
“There’s your bathroom, that’s the wardrobe. If anything happens, there is an alarm button you can press under there.”
Y/N nodded, taking it all in.
“If you need anything, I’ll take care of it. Your bags will be brought up shortly.”
He turned to leave without so much as a goodbye when she suddenly spoke up.
“How long will I be here?” she asked.
He paused. And looked back at her.
“I don’t know. But you don’t have to worry…I’ll be taking care of you.”
There was something in his voice when he said that, something almost…predatory. Something hungry.
It was in the turtle’s eyes too, turning those blue orbs a shade darker.
Y/N’s heart skipped a beat and she looked away from the turtle. But he didn’t look away from her. Not until a moment later when he did leave, shutting the door behind him with a soft click.
Her luggage was soon brought up and Y/N began to unpack. It felt good to be busy, it calmed her down. So she did it slowly, hoping to drag it out.
But the folding and sorting wasn’t enough to make her forget all of her questions…or those words. Or his voice or the look in his eyes.
And she couldn’t help but wonder what exactly the turtle had planned for her…

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can i have a shout-out for the 4-year-old girl in Wisconsin who, when her babysitter tried to frame the black next-door-neighbor for robbing the house, said "the burglars weren't brown, they were peach like a crayon"?