black footed penguin

Happy Holidays from the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Tips to make the season bright:

When storms make rough seas, what do seals do? Find a comfy beach and nap it out!

Though only a few inches big, bell jellies have at least 100 wispy tentacles and multiple sets of eyespots.

Eels have an extra set of jaws in their throats to help secure prey—and hit those high notes!

In addition to looking stylish, blackfooted penguin coats provide a double layer of insulation: densely packed feathers over a soft layer of down.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!


He found his way up onto the ledge right next to the fence that went around the whole penguin exhibit (because I guess he didn’t want to be around any of the other penguins ahah awww) and he let me pet him :‘3 (which you’re probably not supposed to do, especially because they could bite little kids and hurt them, but.. How could I not pet penguin D: And they didn’t have anyone around to watch them aw) He was very soft and nice, for the most part, but if I took my hand away he would bite at it. Not very hard/meanly, but either he wanted food or more attention or was just curious as to what the hell my hand was (or maybe he did want my hand dead, hmm). I want one ;3;