black fleet

The Lioness of Brittany and her black fleet of pirates

In the midst of the Hundred Years War between England and France, an enraged French woman named Jeanne de Clisson took to the sea with a fleet of warships, where she mercilessly hunted down ships of King Philip VI to avenge her husband’s death. For her ferocity, she eventually acquired the name The Lioness of Brittany.

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In Black Fleet, you command a fleet of ships amidst a lawless archipelago. There, you must send your merchant ship to collect and trade goods at various ports, while driving your pirate ships to raid opposing merchants for their cargo. All the while, you must guide the Royal Navy ships to thwart…


In honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in NYC rolled out its own slice of awesomeness: Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience. BNP’s Brittany and Nicole were excited to boldly go and investigate.

The premise is this: We (exhibit visitors) are essentially high school students going on a college tour of Star Fleet Academy. It’s a great premise to set up the way information from all of the series and movies is presented to visitors: as historical fact.

Brittany: I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore Star Trek fan so I didn’t expect to get as much joy out of The Starfleet Academy Experience as I did. It’s deeply interactive and not even the visible temporary ceiling can keep you from diving in. I felt nine year-old me who wanted to go to Space Camp emerge. I slapped her back down and kept up my phaser target practice. It was grown-up time. I had to put in that work.

Nicole: I’m the ideal visitor to the Star Trek exhibit. I inherited the fandom from my dad and have never wavered. So, I expected  hoped to like it. That said, I’ve been to some horrible and disappointing exhibits before, so I was cautiously optimistic.

To start the immersive experience, visitors get a a wristband that allows us to move to the (many!) interactive parts of the exhibit and track our progress.

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Writing is fishing for memory in time. Viscous. Time black. Sometimes you see it flitting just below surface — memory — miming time. Memory takes on the blackness of time. Memory will be time surfacing. Use word as bait. Beat the water. Beat the weird beat of baited words. Boated. Wounds. The bleeding words like wounded boats on a black sea. Let the fleet wash up. The coast is the beginning of the sea’s wisdom. It comes with the territory.
Words have their own territory, they return home as in a song.
—  Breyten Breytenbach, from “Writing Is Fishing,” Intimate Stranger (Archipelago Books, 2009)

The time is upon us. The glittering disco ball of nerd-dom that is San Diego Comic Con calls out, reminding us that none too soon, the ultimate geek party scene shall envelop us in a drunken embrace. We must rally, fellow geeks! For we have but four-ish days to create the epic party memories t…


1)On a hot day Lucky and Little Dude like to battle it out with an old school game of Rummikub. Winner gets to pick what to watch on Netflix.

2) Riker and Totoro are locked in an epic battle of the high seas in Black Fleet. Looks like Riker has more doubloons!

3) I think katamino is for kats, not doggies

4) Here is Tubby plotting his next move in a game of Tortie Scout themed Scrabble in the garden. If only he could find a place on the board to spell out his next word…

5) Typical.  Tracker gets his Quirkle and then passes out until his next move. He always wins.