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A Pet store PSA

Don’t put your hands in cages!

Dont put your hands in cages!

Dont let your kids put their hands in the cages!

This also applies to aquariums, and In one case I saved someone from losing a finger

Here’s how it happened:

It all started with this little guy

(In this picture he was pissed off because I gave him two mussels, but I gave the remaining ones to other fish)

Hes a porcupine puffer, a notoriously food oriented saltwater fish.

Our tanks have black wooden ‘flaps’ that the employees can lift up to get inside the tanks. This keeps customers from reaching into them, and also keeps jumping fish Inside the tanks. 

Enter stage left- sorority girl and dudebro boyfriend. 

I walk back to the tanks to ask if they need anything, and lo and behold, sorority girl had lifted up the flap and is starting to reach into the tank towards a puffer that is snapping at the glass and swimming back and forth so quickly that water is splashing out of the tank and onto the floor.

So naturally I yell “STOP, DONT TOUCH THAT”  and she retracts her hand. And I quickly explain that puffers, and especially 12 inch basketball sized puffers have incredibly strong jaws and sharp teeth, and he can easily mangle, break, or eat a finger thinking it was food. 

Then I have to listen to her boyfriend yell at me for fifteen minutes about how we shouldn’t have dangerous animals and he would have sued if his girlfriend was hurt. 

And I just calmly walk him over to the sign (posted five feet away) that says “do not touch tanks or tap on glass. An Employee would be happy to assist you!”, before telling him that In all of the years I have worked in pet stores I have never had a child attempt to open a tank, much less someone who was supposed to be an adult. 


Supernatural School Pt. 2

Part 1 (X)

It always takes time to sort yourself out after a reaping, even a relatively pleasant one. That’s why, even though you’d like to rejoin Sam, Amanda and Lexi in the cafeteria, you head back to the dorms.

You don’t feel any different after. Some legends say that you eat the souls of the dead, praying on them for sustenance. You’d like to say that Reapers never do that, that they never commit such a heinous crime, but you’ve been around long enough to know better than to lie. There are words for Reapers who eat, none of which you’d dare say here. Names give things power and eaters get more than their fair share to begin with.

You shiver under the blazing sun and try to turn your mind to more pleasant topics.

You are halfway back to your room, when you see Ms. Jan, Mr. T and Principal Finn rushing towards the animal husbandry building. Mr. T’s upset enough that his mane has burst free of his button-down shirt though he’s the only one of the three so affected. Ms. Jan, all banshee characteristics gone, is composed as she leads the group, strides long and purposeful. Principal Finn is listening to her seriously, his wheelchair rolling over the grass easily, with a grim expression on his face.

This is, of course, until he sees you.

You keep your expression blank as Principal Finn says something to Ms. Jan and Mr. T, gesturing for them to go on, and then directs his motorized wheelchair towards you.

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A Swim in the Dark

☇ pairing: jihope (jimin | hoseok)

genre: angst, fluff

warnings: implied child abuse

☇ rating: teen+

prompt: a naughty kiss+sharing a bath/swim+jihope

☇ word count: 2,200


Jimin’s always been there whenever Hoseok has needed him. This time around, it wasn’t any different. It was them, together at three in the morning, with their feet dipped inside Hoseok’s pool and that was really all that Jimin had ever known.


Or, when Hoseok shoved Jimin into a pool then asked him to prom.

cross-posted on ao3

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anonymous asked:

HARRY TALK!! him trying on so many outfits for last nights show and picking the right one and his missus tries to calm him down 😭😭

He’d be stood in the room, in his boxers and his black shirt, unbuttoned and flapping open with his movements, his hands holding two hangers as he debated between him about which ones would look better on him. One holding the pink trousers and one holding the black trousers; both the same pattern with just the colours of the material being the different. His eyes wide as he shuffled on his feet, one sock on and one sock off, looking across to her in a frenzy.

“I need to look good tonight, you know? S’my first solo gig, so, I need to leave a good memory on this night,” he’d grumble, frowning when he’d see her giggle into her hand, “don’t just bloody laugh at me, love. What ones would look better? Purple or black? Honest opinion, as always.”

“You’re like a woman getting changed for a big event,” she’d point out, his eyebrows furrowing at her statement, “you’ve already worn the black ones. The fans won’t get a thrill out of them anymore. Also, they’re black and you’ll be under a lot of lights tonight so I don’t need you getting all hot and bothered up there. I think purple. You make the colour look incredible.”

“You think so?”

“Whatever you wear, you’ll look good. I don’t know why you’re panicking, Peaches. You could go out in one of our bin-bags from home and still look sexy to all those out there,” she’d sigh out softly, standing up and waltzing towards him, pressing a kiss to his cheek before smirking, leaning up to whisper in his ear, “they won’t be on you for very long, anyway. 3 hours at the most”

“That’s very naughty,” he’d snicker, her figure disappearing into the bathroom as she shut the door, “purple it is then,” he’d murmur to himself, setting the black trousers down and unhooking his purple trousers from the hanger in his hand, sliding them up his legs. xx

Ashes Like Snow

Spencer Reid

Ashes falling like snow
As the wind blows the last breathes upon the breeze

Spencer looked at his wife sitting there on the small bench and staring at the new pile of soil that had recently been filled in. Jennifer was sat next to her, holding her hand and rubbing it softly.

He needed to get her home but he didn’t know the words to say to her to get her leave. He didn’t want to leave either, but there was no use staying here. It wouldn’t change anything.

His other colleagues were surrounding him, the last to leave. He knew they’d stay with him until the very end if he asked them to. They’d been there for him since that first morning he’d called into work, he couldn’t come in, something had happened. They’d been devastated for him and for themselves.

They’d loved her too, even though they’d barely had a chance to get to know her.

Ashes falling like snow
All the people you’ll never know that you brought to their knees

Spencer blamed himself and she blamed herself despite the fact that all of the medical professionals, all of their friends, and family had told them that was nothing that either of them could have done. In recent years the percentage of SIDS related deaths had decreased but it was still something that happened.

Just no one ever thought it would happen to them.

He replayed the memories of that morning over and over in his head. The baby hadn’t woken since her 2am feed and his wife had gone in to check on her, letting out a panicked call for Spencer which sent him running. The next few hours were a blur, a blur of doctors and tears, and her falling to her knees when they tried to take the lifeless body from her arms to take to the morgue.

Ten weeks. That was all they’d had. Nine months of waiting for their daughter to be born and they’d only gotten ten weeks with her. They’d had a daughter and now… they didn’t.

Won’t you meet me in the morning?
You left without any warning
Ooo-ooo Oh-Oh
I don’t know where to put you now

She sniffed and wiped away another tear looking over to where Spencer was stood with their colleagues, his black coat flapping in the breeze. JJ was the only one that she’d allowed to sit with her. Because JJ knew at least some of the pain she was going through, the others didn’t. Even Spencer only knew part of her pain.

She was angry at everyone and no one all at the same time. It had taken three weeks before they’d been able to lower the tiny casket into the ground. An investigation had to be carried out with SIDS to rule out any foul play. Police officers and family liaison agents asking them question after question. Even their standing as FBI agents didn’t help, they had to go through the same rigmarole as any other family who had lost a child in this horrendous way.

People floating on down
A strange dance from the towers in the sky
People floating on down
Fire so hot at their backs; better to hit the ground

Lost a child.

What an odd way to put it, she now thought. She hadn’t lost anyone. She knew exactly where her perfectly formed ten week old daughter was. She was in the ground, in a tiny white coffin that looked barely big enough to hold a teddy bear let alone a child filled with all the love, hopes and adoration that she and Spencer had filled her with.

She’d been their angel, their perfect plan.

What happened now? What was she meant to do?

Won’t you meet me in the morning?
You left without any warning
Ooo-ooo Oh-Oh
I don’t know where to put you now

JJ stood from her seat next to her swapping with Spencer who had walked over.

“I’ll wait by the cars for you,” their blonde friend, her Godmother, murmured to them before walking away slowly.

“Sweetie… We should go. It’s getting late.”

She shook her head. Go where? Her daughter was here. At least in the hospital morgue she’d been surrounded by people day and night. Here, she was alone.

“Baby, it’s cold.”

“You go. I’m staying,” she told him, seeing a tear roll down his cheek.

“You can’t. You can’t stay here, you need to come home.”

“I can’t leave her Spencer. She’s… She’s so little and she’s out here all alone. Please don’t make me leave her.” Her voice cracked and more tears fell, stinging her skin which was already chapped and raw from the amount of tears she’d already shed but hadn’t wiped away.

Come back, won’t you come back, won’t you come back
To me
Come back, won’t you come back
To me

Spencer wrapped his arms around his wife, rubbing her back to try to warm her. He was hurting terribly, but he knew that inside she was hurting in a different way. She’d carried the child for nine months, she had that extra bond that at first Spencer had been jealous of. Now though…

It pained him to admit it but now he was glad that he wasn’t her. He felt so much heartache already, but it wasn’t the same as the pain she was experiencing.

Ashes that once were bone
Where do we go from here?
Ashes that once were bone
I’m slipping from my faith
I’m falling with my fear

She clung to him with a ferocity he normally only felt from her when they were making love. Clutching at his coat, she buried her head into his neck whispering over and over “I can’t leave her”.

He looked at the fresh soil wondering how long it would take for it to look like the other graves? How long would it take until it didn’t stick out? How long would it take for this gaping wound in his head and heart to heal?

Probably never, he thought.

What happened now? What was he meant to do?

Won’t you meet me in the morning?
You left without any warning
Ooo-ooo Oh-Oh
I don’t know where to put you now

They sat together crying for a while longer, their colleagues getting into their cars but still not leaving. They wouldn’t leave until he told them to. They didn’t budge when it started to snow, the snowflakes falling quickly and settling on the cold winter ground.

His brushed them off his wife’s shoulders, shaking them out of his hair as he realised that the fresh soil was being quickly covered so that it blended in with the rest of the ground.

“Sweetie… ”

She moved away from his chest, only now realising that it was snowing.

“How will we know where she is. We don’t have a stone yet?” she whispered, her voice stricken.

“We’ll always know. Always. You know where she is and I know where she is. She’s not in the ground, that’s just her body. But her soul will surround us, forever. It’s here,” he touched his chest and then hers, and then for the first time in three weeks he saw the tiniest glimpse of a smile on her lips.

“Can we come back tomorrow?”

“We’ll come back everyday.”

She stood and slipped her hand into his. She was tired and it was cold. And Spencer was right, he always was. They couldn’t do anything here. They couldn’t do anything, anywhere. Not really.

They just had to figure out what happened now. What they were meant to do.

Ashes like snow
Where did you go-oh?


And for a minute you actually contemplate if you should actually do this. Calum is working and just because you and Calum haven’t had sex in a couple of days doesn’t mean you should ruin his business call because your hormones are on over drive.

Words: 2000+

Request: No

Rating: R

A/N: this has been in my usb forever so i decided to post it because why the hell not! also sorry for my shitty writing :/

You watched him from the door way, his tan tall frame leaning into his dark oak mahogany desk as he spit words of fury into the phone receiver; his jaw tensed, his nose flared, his chocolate brown eyes burning into his laptop screen as he pays attention to whatever someone is saying on the other line as his brown orbs keep on floating along the MacBook screen in front of him.

The way the palm of his hand slams down on his desk makes a chill run down your spine as he grips the middle of his nose and begins to spew Italian into the phone, causing the ache between your thighs to grow as he speaks fluently in the phone.

“Io lo ucciderò, ho bisogno dei miei dannati soldi, dì a Michael di gestire questa situazione!” (“I will fucking kill him, I need my damn money tell Michael to handle this!) Calum barks into his phone, his jaw clenching before you see him slam his laptop shut.

The feel of lace on your hips have you remembering why you came into Calum’s office in the first place. It has been days since Calum made you climax so hard that you saw stars and you really needed it right now, after cleaning the house the whole entire day while Calum was stuck in his office with the door shut and locked you totally deserved something today for being so patient and not bothering him like you normally would.

And with the help of Calum’s favourite lingrie set that he bought for you, you think it will do just the trick. The cherry red lace panties rested comfortably against your hips as the push up bra gave your chest such good definitation that you were sure that Calum would be putty in your hands for sure. And to top it off, the beautiful silk cream robe that Calum got for you from France made the outfit look even sexier.

“Calum,” You sing-song into the air while pushing yourself off of the frame and taking steps towards Calum as he huffs into the phone. “Baby.” You whine, running your fingertips along Calum’s broad shoulders, his body immediately relaxing into your touch as you lean down and begin to pepper kisses on the nape of his neck, the smell of his Calvin Klein cologne wrafting your senses.

“Cal, baby,” You whisper into his ear, running your tongue on his lobe before blowing on it and you listen to the way Calum stutters over his words before you peel your hands from his shoulders and begin to scratch his neck, knowing that this would have the most affect on Calum.

“Baby,” You whine pressing soft pecks against his side burns, his hair tickling your ear as the tips of your fingers wrap around Calum’s throat gently before you let a sigh leave your lips.

Skimming your hands down Calum’s body, his soft dress shirt running along the palms of your hands as you finally feel the roughness of his slacks slide through your fingertips before you begin to palm Calum in your hand. “Baby you’ve been working all day.” You pout while continuing to rub Calum’s cock. “Y/N I’m trying to work here.” Calum breathes out when pulling his phone away from his ear, making you roll your eyes at him before leaning down and contining to press kisses down his neck.

“Baby,” You cry once more before you feel Calum shift around in your grasp, making you tear your hands away from Calum’s growing member and place them on your hips.

You watch as Calum stuffs his hand into the pockets of his Armani dress pants and peel his wallet out, his fingers tugging the black flaps of the wallet open before taking out his debit card and setting it down on the corner of his desk before turning towards you silghtly.

“Go out and buy something, I’m busy.” Calum states before turning towards his laptop once again before shaking his head in exhaustion.

“It’s twelve o'clock Cal, the mall is closed.” You say with aggravation while looking at his curly head of hair shake around while he continues to talk into the phone, ignoring you.

A deep sigh rolls through your lips before you crouch down to your knees and manuver your way around Calum’s body until you are staring in front of his lap, your mouth watering from the sight in front of you.

Calum’s semi hard cock lying thickly against his right thigh, guess he decided to go commando today but you really don’t mind.

And for a mintue you actually contemplate if you should actually do this. Calum is working and just because you and Calum haven’t had sex in a couple of days doesn’t mean you should ruin his business call because your hormones are on over drive.

You were just about to get up from under the desk when you hear Calum’s deep heavenly voice speak beautiful Italian as your eyes then catch hold of his nice thick slender member lying so perfectly against his slacks, which leaves you saying; fuck it.

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Mr. Jealous

Mr. Jealous; Eric Harris; Multi- chapter (3-5 Chapters max).

Chapter 1: A Bomb Ass Friend.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked up to Columbine High School with dark sunglasses covering their eyes and their signature black trench coats flapping behind them as they walked with their book bags slung over one shoulder. It was Monday, the beginning of a new week, a day everyone hated but the one thing both boys looked forward to on Mondays, was you.

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anonymous asked:

Ichiruki. "Meet me in the aftermath"

Thanks for the prompt! I went with a historical AU with this one ^^; so here you go!


Rukia’s fingers ran down the sides of her armour, made sure it was properly fastened. Her hand came to rest on the hilt of the sword secured on her hip.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and tried to empty her mind.

She didn’t know how long she stood there like that, attempting to quiet her thoughts; her helmet tucked under one arm, her thumb idly running over the familiar silk cording wrapped around her sword hilt.

At the scuffle of feet, her chin rose, her eyes opened.

Ichigo was walking towards her, his back straight, scowling as he always was.

She smiled at him – a small, tight twist of lips.

His scowl only deepened.

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