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I love your writing it’s so good! I was hoping to request a fic were Y/N lives in an apartment and Frank is her new neighbour and he’s the typical loud/rude bad boy and they fight alot until one day they release they both really like each other? (i’ll leave it up to you whether it’s fluffy or smutty :D )

At the beggining of this story, paragraphs switch between past tense and present tense, signaling the transition between (Y/N)’s thoughts about what has happened, and what is currently happening in the story.

You should have known he would be trouble as soon as you saw the U-haul trailer parked outside your apartment complex nearly two months ago. From within it came guitars and large speakers, although for some reason, you were not put off right away. You figured your new neighbor would be a music loving, easy-going jammer. Maybe a new friend, even. Your alarm bells haden’t even gone off when you actually caught a glimpse of him. Sporting dark clothes and a smirk that made your breathing hitch in your throat, he was covered in tats. You’d figured things would be great. Shit, a new neighbor with seemingly great taste and he’s ridiculously attractive?! The stars must have been on your side! But alas, things certainly are not always as they seem, you discovered soon after.

“Could you keep it the fuck down, Iero?!” You yell out, breaking your own inner contemplative thoughts to replace them with an outward shout of annoyance. You walk over and bang on the wall, where on the other side, loud music is blaring. Circle Jerks. Frank Iero, your aforementioned neighbor, is apparently having another wild party next door. His apartment is the one right next to yours, hence banging on the wall in an attempt to get his attention.

Since the first time you met Frank, you saw that he was nothing like what you had hoped for. He was cocky, rude, snarky… and although no one believed you, you swore it was him who drew dicks in the layer of dust that covered your car whenever it was in need of a wash.

“Fuck off (Y/N)!” A voice shouts back from the other side of the wall, barely audible over the loud shriek of guitar. The fact that whoever yelled knows your name makes you sure it was Frank. Fucking asshole! You think to yourself as you go to grab at your cellphone. It’s a school night, and you’ll be fucked if you have to stay up all night because of another one of Frank’s idiotic house parties. Besides, you are at the end of your rope with him.

The two of you were constantly fighting. After he moved in and made it clear that he was an asshat of a human, you still tried to be civil. But as Frank continued with his antics, your patience steadily diminished. The two of you grew comfortable with the hostility between you, and it wasn’t uncommon for your disagreements to end with shouting, cursing, and fists banging against the shared wall.

You think of all those instances as you dial your local police. After having a little chat with your local police station, you begin to settle into your bed, a small pleased smile on your face even though you can still hear the loud bass through the walls.

About fifteen minutes later, you can see blue and red lights flashing through your window. Not long after that, the music is silenced and you can hear some yelling, along with the sound of footsteps hurrying to leave the neighboring apartment. You pay it no more thought and slip into sleep, content with yourself and the newfound silence.


The next morning you awake feeling fresh and rested. You lay in bed for a second, stretching your arms and back out before getting up. You get dressed for the day and head out to school.

Hours later you’re pulling back into your apartment’s parking lot and then walking up the stairs to your place. With a content sigh you grab a drink from the fridge, then have a seat on your couch. As you take off your shoes with a loud sigh of relief, you suddenly notice that there seems to be absolutely no sound coming from next door. It’s unusual, but you’re pleased.

A good hour goes by with you just kicking back in peace. You’re about to get dinner started when you faintly acknowledge the sound of footsteps in the hall outside. You don’t pay it any mind until the rather heavy footsteps slow to a stop outside your door. You nearly jump out of your skin when loud bangs on your door replace the sound of the footsteps. Your brow furrows and you scrunch up your face a bit as you walk towards the door. Wondering who it can be as you near the door, a voice suddenly calls out from the other side.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!!” Frank’s voice loudly calls for you. He sounds angry, too. Oops.

You prepare yourself a bit before reaching out to the door knob and swinging the door open.

“Oh, hey Frank.” You greet casually. You’re pleased at the way Frank’s green eyes burn brighter at your cool tone. His dark hair is messy and his faux-leather jacket is wrinkled and disheveled.

“Don’t ‘Hey Frank’ me, (Y/N)!” Frank is loud as he begins. “I know you’re the one who called the cops on me last night!” Frank exclaims loudly and accusingly, pointing a tattoed finger at your face. Anger suddenly bubbles up inside you.

“Yeah, it was me! And I’d do it again! You’re a fucking pain in the ass neighbor, Frank! And you act like a fucking asshole!” You lash at him. He’s stunned for only a second.

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a fuckin’ killjoy, I wouldn’t have to be such an ass!” His voice slightly wavers, and you think he knows he’s in the wrong.

“Frank,” you begin, a bit more calmly. “you’re not the only fucking person living in this building. You have to understand that!” Your volume increases once again as you end your exclamation. Frank’s eyes dart around rather nervously, trying to think of what to say, but he’s at a loss for words.

“Fuck (Y/N)! I just fucking hate you and your complaints and your pretty face!” Frank yells at you suddenly, frustrated. He backs away from your door a few steps and brings his hands up to tug on his hair. He lets out a frustrated groan and squeezes his eyes shut. You only stare at him for a bit.

“Pretty?” You question softly after a few moments of silence. Frank’s eyes shoot open.

“Well uh… well yeah… I mean there’s no denying it.” His tatted hands drop back to his sides. For a moment he seems sheepish, standing there in front of you in his ripped-at-the-knees jeans and Black Flag t-shirt.

“Frank…” You trail off.

“Fuck, (Y/N), I’m sorry. I just… well I just figured… I don’t know. It got your attention, didn’t it?” Frank looks at you, eyes no longer as harsh.

“Frank!” You groan his name. “There’s a million better ways to get my attention than being a loud, douchebag neighbor.” The corner of your mouth perks up just a bit.

“Yeah I… I see that now.” Frank grins sheepishly.

“I mean, the first time I saw you I already figured you’d be great! You had good taste, you were really hot, you-”

“Wait what?” He cuts you off and you think about what you just said. Your mouth is slightly agape as you scramble to think of what to say, but before you can do so, Frank takes a few steps to stand right in front of you.

“You think that I’m hot?” He gazes slightly down at you and you feel his warm breath brush against your forehead, as he’s standing that close. “Hm, (Y/N)?” Frank’s hazel green orbs are staring into you and his pink lips are so close. Your eyes are barely fluttering to close when Frank suddenly jerks back.

“Too bad you called the police on me, honey.” Frank says matter of factly, the biggest fucking smirk on his face. You feel your face heating up and you glare at him and his stupid fucking perfect teeth. You’ll be fucked if you were gonna let him get away after being so close, so you follow what your brain is screaming at you to do. You reach out and grab the collar of his worn jacket and pull him in to crash your lips against his.

Frank lets out a small, strained huff of air, not expecting this from you at all, but he soon relaxes into you as he places his hands on your hips and pushes you deeper into your apartment, your lips not coming apart for even a second.

He slams the door behind the two of you as you stumble into your living room, the kiss becoming more heated as you go deeper into your home. You’re not entirely sure where Frank is leading you until you’re slammed up against the wall. You begin to claw at his jacket and shirt, and he pulls back to look down at you through his lashes with a hazy smirk.

“Why so eager babe?” Frank asks, helping you remove his shirt the rest of the way over his head to expose his heavily tattooed chest. You suck in a deep breath as you stare at him for a second.

And that second of lost focus is all it takes for Frank to gain back complete control. He grabs you by the shoulders and forces you around so that he’s got you pinned with your face against the wall. Your breathing speeds up embarssingly much as you feel his warm body press against the back of yours. This is happening. This is happening right now.

You feel Frank lean foward so that his voice is in your ear and you can feel the stubble of oncoming facial hair scratch against your cheek.

“You like banging on my wall so much (Y/N)? How ‘bout I bang something else against it instead, doll?” Frank’s voice is low and raspy, and you almost let out a moan. He reaches around you and makes quick work of your pants, pulling them hastily down along with your underwear. You hear the hiss of Frank inhaling a sharp breath as he looks at you.

“So fucking perfect, (Y/N). Fuck I’ve been hoping for this for so long.” Frank is muttering as you hear the jangle of his pants, followed by the sound of them dropping to the floor around his shoes.

“Are you ready, baby?” Frank asks you, a bit more gently. You bend over a bit, adjusting your position before giving a little nod.

You can’t help but let out a groan as you feel the wet tip of Frank’s dick pressing and rubbing against your opening.

“Fuck, nice and wet. Such a good girl, (Y/N).” Frank coos hotly before pushing foward into you. He presses all the way inside in one swift motion and you let out a small cry. You feel as though you’ve been filled to the brim by him, and you squeeze your eyes shut as he begins to thrust into you.

Frank starts off carefully but soon is pounding you against the wall, the sound of skin slapping together echoing through your apartment. He’s moving fast and without mercy, and if there had been anyone in his apartment, you knew the loud banging of him fucking you against the wall could have been heard.

“Fuck, fuck (Y/N).” Frank is moaning out loudly without any shame, and you’re not being any quieter. You feel yourself begin to tighten up as a spread of warmth begins to flood through your body, and Frank’s hot moans and whimpers push you over the edge.

“Fuck!” You moan out as your orgasm takes you over and your insides tighten around Frank’s cock. He’s seemingly triggered by your own release and his moans heighten in volume as his thrusts become erratic and broken. With a final moan which you’re sure the neighbors must have heard, Frank reaches his orgasm.

For a few seconds no one says a word as you each catch your breath. Finally the two of you begin to move to put your clothes back on.

Once the two of you are redressed, you stand facing each other.

“So…” Frank begins, grinning almost bashfully.

“So… I think that wall has taken enough damage, don’t you think?” You say and smile back.

Frank’s smile grows even wider as he moves in close to circle his arms around your waist. He rests his forehead against your own.

“I couldn’t agree more, (Y/N).”

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The "omg you're wearing a Danzig/Black Flag/Misfits t-shirt? And Black Skinny Jeans with holes in the knees?? And beat up converse/boots??? AND have inky dark hair that's greasy but works for you???!!??" Trope


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Accidentally knocked you out when you got caught in the middle of a fist fight between me and this other kid during school. So I sat with you in the nurses office. Shut up! Punks like me have consciouses to you know! Jasper Au Punk Jason "Preppy" Piper

Jason dreams his sheets have been replaced with wrapping paper and his bed has been dropped in the middle of a Bath and Body Works. There’s a constant hint of sandalwood and occasional whiffs of cinnamon and other spices Jason can’t place. He’s enjoying the dream when reality comes crashing down in the form of a pounding headache and blinding lights. As soon as he opens his eyes florescent light blinds him, he has to blink repeatedly to clear his vision. There’s still a pounding ache in his head that spikes as soon as he tries to sit up.

“Whoa there Sparky,” a girl says and a small, warm hand is pressed against his chest.

Jason turns, paper crinkling under him, meeting the eyes of the mystery girl pinning him down. At first he thinks they’re brown with flecks of copper but they seem to have green and gold in them as well.

“You with me?” she asks, leaning forward and searching his eyes.

With her? Jason can’t say she isn’t gorgeous but last time he checked he was still single.

“I didn’t think I hit you that hard.” Her hand moves to his head, gently pressing at the point of his pounding headache and making him wince. “Sorry,” she mutters.

“Wait, you hit me?”

“Uh yeah,” she cocks her head, her eyes boring into him. “And then you passed out and had to be dragged here to the nurse’s office.”

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The story about why Joe is how he is in my M&G picture: 

Before I met them my friend Sydney went in and gave Joe the ultimate t-shirt (truly it had Black Flag and Seinfeld references - it was very Joe) and he was super into it so when I went in for my picture he was still looking at it. I said hi to everyone except Joe (I didn’t want to interrupt his moment) and I asked for a “squad pic.” Joe, being as immersed in the shirt as he was, didn’t hear me say what the picture was going to be, and at the last second threw the shirt on a table and did THAT pose. I said thanks and as I was walking away Joe turned to Pete and said, “I don’t know what I was doing in that picture.” Thus, this was born. 

Remember when a tumblr famous, Kanye fan, black man defended Kanye saying he doesn’t perpetuate internalized racism and misogynoir? And when I, and other black women, pointed out the list of problematic shit he called it “casual misogyny.”

Remember when he called me, a black woman, a bitch to demonstrate that Kanye wasn’t anti-black/woman?

If that “I ain’t coming down” confederate flag t-shirt of Kanye’s is real I need y'all to tell me what type of mental gymnastics said tumblr famous man uses to defend it.