April 16 2015 - On 16 April 2015, following 3 days of encirclement by scores of riot policemen of a university building, that had been occupied by anarchists for 18 days in the centre of Athens, Greece, in solidarity to a hunger strike of political prisoners, enraged protesters that gathered before a solidarity protest against destructive gold mining in Calkidiki in northern Greece and begun to throw bags of food and health essentials above the heads of policemen to the entrapped occupiers and then begun attacks that escalated into riot. [video]


His Favorite Color Is Black Flag

Some people argue that Black Flag peaked before they ever released a full length album, that the raw energy of their early EPs best captured the virtuosic, anarchic spirit of the band before Henry Rollins’ strong personality arguably pushed them in a darker direction. Still others would say it was all downhill after 1981′s Damaged. Yuichiro Tamaki is not one of those people. He’s worn a shirt emblazoned with the cover art for Black Flag’s half-sludge-jazz-metal 1984 album My War every day for 4 months. A lot of guys wear a band tshirts. A lot of guys wear Black Flag tshirts. Not a lot of guys wear only Raymond Pettibon demonic handpuppet Black Flag shirts. Not just tshirts either. He owns at least one black button front shirt with a full screen print.

Thinking about a similar project: screenprint every shirt I own with an album cover that’s divisive even to a group’s fanbase. Right now between Steely Dan’s Countdown to Ecstasy.or Jay-Z/Linkin Park’s Collision Course.

Via SF Weekly. H/t Casey.