Happy Hump Day! I got my sugar daddy to come workout with me today 😍💪🏽 We’re using the SPRI Step 360s, they’re kinda like flat bosu balls. Today was all about foot work, balance and stability! We did each exercise for 30 seconds with a 15 second break! 4 sets with a 2 minute break between each set


It may not look like much to y'all but I’m completely obsessed with the small changes in my arms and shoulders 😌 My arms have always been weak and have never been cut. I’m on mission to get them there! Ya boys better watch out, I’m coming for you!💪🏽
Had a killer arm and chest workout today with Bobby Watkins he tried to kill me 😭
Chest Press- 75lb bar (I’m weak I know)
10 sets of 10
Incline Push Ups - 4 sets of 10 (had to go down to 8 😭 my push game is on E)
Seated Butterflies - 4 sets of 8 I don’t know the weight because I was dead so he set it 😭
After some gluten free French toast and protein powder I was happy! *dont you hate when you add text to snap before saving the pic 🙄


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