black fist comb

A Comb seems pretty insignificant nowadays and that may be True, so much so that people don’t even realize they are holding a Prestigious tool that highlights and points to our Rich African History as innovators. The comb is significant because the oldest Afro comb on record dates back over 6,000 years and as you know already, Hair retains DNA and characteristics distinct to a particular people, and that is people with melanin and our various strands of curly hair. 

Some Historians minimize the fact that African People developed the “civilized world”, They deny that the people who built societies and Kingdoms along with various tools and systems to educate were Non-European so they hate any and all of the countless facts that prove it, including the Hair Comb. Long before ancient Greece or Rome the ancient civilizations in Northeast Africa and West Africa created many things including this simple tool for grooming.  West Africa has an ancient Adinkra symbol “Duafe” were a Comb is depicted showing their innovation that gets overlooked as well. These ancient Combs have animals carved into them that are found throughout Africa and are significant in History. They were used in prestigious Ceremonies and are depicted in Ancient African Art. The comb hasn’t changed that much since its creation, it still has cultural significance with the popularization of the Black Power Fist Comb during the 70’s. Next time you Hold a Comb, realize you are Holding a piece of your Rich and Royal African History. SanCopha! Written By: @Champion_Us