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So we all know about how awesomely Detect Life boosts your Alteration, but, dang, that spell eats magicka like nobody’s business, so you can never hold it all that long…

Enter the Secret of Arcana exploit.

The Secret of Arcana, if you’re unfamiliar, is one of the powers you can select from the Black Book Filament and Filigree (available in Kolbjorn Barrow at the end of the Unearthed quest, through the Dragonborn DLC).  Basically, the effect of this power is that spells cost no magicka for 30 seconds.  This is a hugely beneficial power, especially for a warrior type who probably doesn’t have a very big pool of magicka to draw from, so higher-end spells are just impossible without that 30 seconds of free spellcasting.

However, there’s a bit of a work-around here.  Yes, for 30 seconds, using the Secret of Arcana, spells cost no magicka.  BUT, if you cast a continuous-effect spell (like Detect Life) and hold it, it’s going to keep right on costing 0 magicka until you release it.  Doesn’t matter if it’s 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 10 freaking minutes.  As long as you hold that spell, it’s going to keep right on going.

Long story short, go to someplace well-populated like Solitude, activate your Secret of Arcana, then cast and hold Detect Life for as long as you want, and just watch your Alteration zoom right up.

As my characters tend to be more warrior-types that don’t have much use for Alteration, I find this most handy when I’m looking to speed to the next level in pursuit of a particular perk.  Or a few, actually.

(Detect Life spellbooks are rare, but if you go to Treva’s Watch and do the Infiltration quest for Stalleo, he’ll give you a Detect Life book as a reward regardless of what level you are)

On a completely unrelated leveling note, I always try not to buy training in skills that I actually use.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but if your character is primarily a one-handed swordsman, your one-handed is going to max out without any help.  If all you wear is heavy armor, your heavy armor is going to max out by itself.  Your light armor, on the other hand, isn’t going to increase at all.  So you may as well pay to boost those unused skills - doing it this way is also a lot easier on the pocketbook.

Both are handy methods, I’ve found, for getting the maximum advancement out of my characters.

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I have a prompt if it's ok, I'd like to see your take on Regina meeting Roland at the camp. It could have OQ bonding for the first time or just more sass ('cause there's never enough). Brownie points if you include Snow/Regina friendship!

Not much farther, the thief had said. Either he had a peculiar definition of “farther,” or her legs were even heavier than she thought. Her mind still spinning after encountering the magical nexus cocooning her (no, their, she reminded herself) castle and the mystery that it promised, the fact that this dress and cape with the feathers was not made to gallivant about in the woods in (how had she done this all the time before?) and the dull, constant pain in her chest, Regina kept her eyes grimly forward, half-afraid to look back and see if they were all still following her. Our people. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She couldn’t imagine what she’d do otherwise. They’re looking at me. Watching me. I need to keep it together for them.

There was a clearing up ahead, just visible through the heavy underbrush. Regina cursed as her skirt caught, wasted several moments disentangling herself, then glanced up to see that the thief, as he had after shooting the monkey, was offering her a hand. “Not used to the forest, Your Majesty?”

“Does it look like I’m used to it?” Regina ignored his hand and swept past him with as much dignity as she could muster. Her feet were killing her.

“We’re almost there.” He kept pace with her as the weary group started to filter in, and raised a hand to beckon the hooded sentries to stand down. Regina smelled meat roasting over a fire, and her empty stomach growled loud enough that she was afraid he might have heard. He gestured to a rotten log. “Sit.”

“I am not sitting on some… dead…tree.”

“Well, we’re in rather short supply of thrones hereabouts, Your Majesty.” He pulled off a somewhat sardonic bow. “Unless you’d prefer the cold, cold ground?”

Resisting the urge to give him the sharp end of her tongue — he had saved her and Snow from that beast, after all — Regina sat with a jerk on the least soggy section of the log she could find; she might not like this dress, but she still wasn’t getting it contaminated. There she sat, watching as Robin took easy charge of the group and began ordering the preparation of dinner, wondering if she should help but not sure how. And besides, no matter this little bonding roadtrip, I’m still the queen. It wouldn’t do to go forgetting that entirely.

It began to get dark, shadows slanting thickly through the woods, and Regina unconsciously edged closer to the fire. Then footsteps crunched next to her, and Snow sat down, offering her a bowl of hot stew. “Eat up, Regina. I’m sure you’re hungry.”

Regina sniffed at the stew suspiciously. “Who cooked this?”

“Little John.” A corner of Snow’s mouth twitched. “He looks like the kind of man who knows how to eat well. I’m sure it’s not poisonous.”

Regina harrumphed, but was indeed too sore and starving to resist, and even without the benefit of a spoon, began to slurp it down. It was warm and savory, heavenly, and she felt almost weak with the goodness of it, finishing her bowl while barely stopping to breathe. Guilty, she glanced up only to find Snow watching her sympathetically. “More?”

“No, I’m — ” Regina hesitated. “It’s not a problem, you should — ”

Whatever else she had been about to say, she completely forgot, her newly restored heart seizing up in her chest, as a dark-haired little boy ran out from one of the tents and gleefully threw himself around Robin’s legs. “Daddy! Daddy, you’re back!”

“Aye, that I am.” Robin, grinning widely, tossed him up in the air, caught him, and swung him around, all to the boy’s evident delight. “Were you good while I was away?”

The boy nodded eagerly — but then, catching sight of Regina, stared. “Who — who’s that?”

“That’s the e — that’s the queen.”

Something in Robin’s voice had changed, and Regina remembered what he’d said about being on the run from her black knights for so many years. Suddenly, however, she couldn’t stand the thought of this little boy knowing that, of looking at her like something mad and dangerous, and she glanced at him sharply. Wanted to say something, wanted desperately, in fact, but couldn’t think how. She bit her tongue, staring at the ground. Mute as a stupid schoolgirl.

“He’s adorable,” Snow said warmly. “Robin, is that your son?”

"Aye. My Roland.”

“Come here, sweetie.” With the ease of an experienced mother, Snow held out her arms, and Robin obligingly passed the boy into them. It seemed she had spent the entire walk back from the castle catching Robin up on the particulars of her situation, her missing daughter and grandson, and Regina felt her chest twist again. I should have left my heart in the woods. Any appetite she had had left was gone, watching Snow play with the child, and more to escape Robin’s gaze than anything, she turned her head, staring out into the dark forest, the black sky lucently filigreed with stars. Were there always so many? After years in her castle, after years in Storybrooke, she was starting to forget.

“And this,” Snow said, “is my stepmother, Regina. Can you say hello to her, Roland?”

Startled by the tug on her skirt, Regina turned back, just in time to see Roland beaming widely at her. “Hello!” he announced. “You’re beautiful!”

Robin chuckled. “You’ve got good taste already, my boy.”

Regina opened her mouth, then shut it. To her horror, she was close to tears. Instead, she managed to summon up a smile. “Thank you,” she said graciously to Roland. Felt her fingers clench with the effort of wanting to lift him into her own lap, smell his hair, think about how Henry had been at four years old, always wanting to cling to her leg, to curl up on her for his afternoon nap. She looked down at her hands, saw them shaking, curled them into fists. “You’re quite the little gentleman.”

“Here,” Snow offered. “You should hold him.”

“I — no.” Regina got to her feet. “I’m — I’m tired. It’s been a long day. I — think I need to sleep.”

“You can have my tent, my lady,” Robin offered. “It’s not much, but it’ll keep the rain off. Roland and I can find other lodgings.”

Regina stared at him again, then snapped her mouth shut with a click. She gave him an icy nod, swept past him, ducked into the tent, and as soon as she was alone, collapsed. Pulled the collar off, the mantle, the cloak, the jewels, as if she could not shed her skin fast enough, then lay down heavily among his quilts and blankets. Clutched them to her face, pulled them tight against her, imprinting Henry’s features into her memory again, terrified that she might start to lose them. Listened to a soft mist patter on the roof, the rumble of voices, talking strategy. Until at last, she began to drift off despite all her protests, and sank slowly under into dreams.

Just as the pic says, we’re holding a 600 Follower Giveaway that’s also in partial celebration of my surviving a year in this dragon hell site and still going strong!

There was going to be a big pretty graphic, but there’s too many items I’d want to show, I’m not good at editing, and I didn’t want to take up people’s dashboards anymore than necessary!

So! For this giveaway, I picked a couple of my favorite sets/items and spread them out over the year for the a bit of a theme!

There will be 5 total winners! Each will get a prize pack, with the first drawn getting their first choice, the second getting their choice of what’s left, and etc., etc., down the line.


  • To enter, just reblog with your username and ID
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And the prizes are: (titled for convenience)

1. Spring:

  • One Wind Egg, one Water Egg, and one Nature Egg
  • A full set of Citrine and Peridot Flourish Jewelry
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  • A Brown Wolf Cape and a Daisy Flowerfall

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  • One Nocturne Egg, one Ice Egg, one Shadow Egg
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