black fern

the portable barricade

a spell jar by yours truly, also known as the “don’t touch me don’t look at me don’t talk to me” spell! great for autistic witches, witches who experience sensory overload, witches with social anxiety, and other nd witches who want people to leave them the hell alone.

you’ll need:
- a tiny jar (this is something you’ll be carrying around with you)
- a white candle
- strawberry leaves
- juniper berries
- black salt
- fern seeds
- little bits of metal wire/tiny nails/blackberry thorns/anything sharp and pointy
- crystals to charge: i used clear quartz, amethyst, fire agate, smoky quartz, angelite and bloodstone, but you can use things like carnelian, pyrite, cross stone, jasper, jade, etc

light your white candle. mix your ingredients and pour them into your spell jar. focus your energy on building your barricade. each ingredient is one more part of the wall between you and the things you want to keep away. when your jar is full, cork it and seal it with the white wax. you can use whatever incantation you like at this point; personally i used les mis lyrics while finishing my barricade.

charge your barricade with your crystals. i also left mine in moonlight overnight. enjoy, you are now untouchable!