black female privilege


Whenever we think of racism we think of ‘evil white men’ and ignore the role white women played. Sure the white men lynched us, but the women made the pies and the flyers for the evening lynchings. White women have lied about black men inflicting harm on them, resulting in death and imprisonment but for some reason black men dont care. If bill O riley had been on the daily show instead of Tomi Larhen, I bet trevor noah and Charlemagne wouldn’t have sent him cupcakes and taken him to dinner. :/

a big, big problem for me with privilege theory is that it isn’t really any kind of analysis, it’s just a descriptor. it works perfectly well in describing the surface realities of e.g. racism, especially when talking about subtle cognitive biases caused by these systems (for example, job applicants with names that sound black being more likely to be judged unqualified even for an interview than those with names that sound white). but its major, insurmountable deficiency, at least for me, is that it doesn’t explain where these systems come from. it documents the symptoms but doesn’t even try to look for the cause. this total lack of any root is why it lends itself so easily to people talking about “monosexual privilege” or “vanilla privilege”, or even to turning the tables and claiming things like “black privilege” or “female privilege” or what have you

which is a big problem with liberal activism in general, i guess: addressing the symptoms and never the cause. i mean, absolutely attack the symptoms, no question: fight discrimination, deal with your ingrained biases, support progressive legislation. but without recognizing, dissecting, and attacking the root of these systems—which are all part of the same supersystem (capitalism)— it’s an uphill battle that you simply will not win

i’m not saying privilege theory is “wrong"—the privileges and benefits that society proffers on e.g. men that people refer to as "male privilege” certainly exist. but without that real underlying analysis i just do not find it to be a useful framework for talking about anything outside of basic individual personal interactions. to really get at the core of it you need something like marxism, which does explain why racism exists and why sexism exists and why oppression exists in general, and why it takes the forms it does, and just as importantly it tells us what to fucking do about it


I’m taking physics this semester. I know my weaknesses so my first mission was to find the smartest kid in class and ask them to tutor me. I found him. So after class I slipped him a note for him to text me. He was hesitant but I said “just read the note” and he said “ok” and ran away. 20 minutes later he texted me “hey ☺️ your friend gave me the note to text you , yes I tutor”. I was confused but it came to me that he thought that I was the white girl I’m forced to sit next to. were not even friends I don’t even know her. I told him “ no friend just me, I gave you the note I need tutoring in physics, how much do you charge”. His tone changed immediately and he gave me some excuse of why he can’t and suggested I asked the teacher for help. I can’t help but to be jealous that a white girl can snap her fingers and get whatever she wants but I have to chase down a professor who works at 3 different locations. Maybe I’m just bitter over this class.


I remember back in 7th grade I had this really unruly child in our class. She was one of those hipster girls that had a loud ass mouth whenever she had an opinion about something and blamed her loudness on being “Cuban.” Lol watch me say that I’m loud or opinionated on me being black and you’ll see the ghetto and rachet remarks pile up on me. But anyways. We were reading the book Stargirl at one point and she basically didn’t agree with what happened to one of the characters. Can I just say this girl literally threw a tantrum in class that day. She kept yelling “that’s not fair! How could he do that to her! It’s not fair!” I’m not kidding when I say she threw the book down on the floor and refused to read with us for the rest of the class. While I’m just sitting here looking at this white girl throwing books and throwing tantrums my teacher just pushes it aside like it’s nothing. Today, I realize how I experienced white privilege right before my eyes at the age of maybe 12. I know that the events of that day would have played out differently if I decided to start throwing books and screaming at the top of my lungs… nothing, I’m wondering and teacher just tr