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Why won't overwatch give us a black female character? We have two black male characters already :( why do they hate us?

Hey anon,

I understand your frustration. It really feels like the game industry excludes black women from working behind the screens and appearing as major characters (not DLC or background). And when we *do* show up, the other players will suddenly get abusive and *hate* the black female character. As a black female gamer I get how hard it is to do what we do because we either have people actively hating the characters who share our heritage or they’re justifying why we shouldn’t exist at all. And it feels like game developers hate us because they always seem to drop the ball when its time to include us.

I don’t know if they *hate* us but I know they think that having a couple black men is enough diversity for all of us, and they’re not hiring us to make or voice these characters most of the time. I know I’ve seen fantasy counterpart races have more “black women” than games set in our reality and that’s a problem. There’s no reason why green skinned and blue skinned women should be “coded” as black women more than humans are.

The Overwatch issue is especially annoying because they have been lapping up that praise for their diversity and do a lot of pandering. So what could be an annoying oversight for others seems like something done on purpose with them. They seem to have no issue including women from other groups and having them be attractive and cool, and we have that same “childlike, non-threatening, black kid we can ignore” stereotype in the same game and we’re supposed to just be okay with it because having a robot as a stand in for a visible black girl isn’t a “cop out” since it only erases black women. And yeah a black genius is great no matter what but I don’t see why they couldn’t have her be an adult woman. I think having a black “child” in this kind of game, with this kind of fandom, is such a cop out!

But I don’t want you to be discouraged or feel like you are being excluded to the point that you can’t enjoy these games or participate in the fandom. There are a lot of black women working to change this and there are a lot of black gamers who know exactly how you’re feeling and we usually use fandom to fill in the blanks till these people get their shit together. You can definitely reach out to me if you want to vent about these issues further because I definitely have been there.

If you play Dragon age inquisition and use mods and see someone mod away Vivienne’s colour, please report it.

This might not be anything to scoff at for some, but mods regarding changing poc to white characters have been called “more attractive (character)” and variations of the sort.

If you have a problem with a black woman in power in a European fantasy land then well no…read what the fuck I just said, SHE LIVES IN A FANTASY WORLD. People were upset about her at the reveal of her character and you can’t start a romance with her which kinda sucks seeing as she’s the only black companion, I hate to think that its because of the outrage of her even existing. Anyway, I’m not going to stay quiet while people try to white wash a strong black female character while #fedoragate gamers get to create a tag and attack LPs for not agreeing with them.