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Somehow it’s popular for black Instagram comedians to wear wigs, heel, and dresses to be funny! @KingKwajo once wrote a post how Hollywood has emasculated black actors by having them dress up like a female. Now today you see how it’s effect comedians on Instagram in this generation. It’s not funny nor cool to dress like a female for laughs. There’s another ways to be funny, you don’t have to act like a female too!

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Sasheer Zamata is joining the cast of Saturday Night Live, making her the first African American woman to join the cast in six years, since the departure of Maya Rudolph.

The NBC program was under fire recently after cast member Kenan Thompson made a comment about black female comedians not being “ready” for the show, from what he could see in auditions.

Zamata honed her comedy skills at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York and will debut on January 18th.

In the Fresh Air interview with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, of the Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele, they discussed the lack of diversity on SNL:

Peele: Keegan and my race has really played to our advantage in the improv/sketch world. It’s also a bit of a special power. We can do characters that other people would feel uncomfortable doing. We can play black characters and explore the comedy of black characters. There’s a whole world of characters and impressions that black women can do that other people — just on the social level, disregarding the practice and skill that goes into perfecting these things, but just on the social level — people would feel uncomfortable doing. They should hire some black women. Not a black woman — black women.

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Would you ever do a makeup tutorial on YouTube? I feel like so many people would watch it! 😌😫☺️😘✨💄

Just launched today!!!

Getting creative as far as funding for pitching my own show. It’s time that a young black female comedian comes in and changes the game for the better. Hopefully you all choose to support!

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If you’ve been rocking with me, hopefully you keep doing so!!!