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Grepping for BFCs: A Materials Science Engineer! Welcome, Sasha!

Name: Sasha
Major: Materials Science and Engineering

What got you interested in IT/Dev? 
One of my besties, @lifeissweetgood! And school…

What kind of development work do you do? 
Molecular simulations

What are your favorite languages to develop in? 
English :P

What would you like to see more of in the BFC community? 
Job opportunities/technology events

The Black Female Coder Manifesto

We are Black Female Coders (BFCs).  Coding is what we do and what we are proud of.  BFCs know what it’s like to sit in a classroom and not see too many faces–if any–that look like ours.  BFCs know what it’s like to go into our development/IT jobs and feel an incessant, compulsive desire to prove ourselves both to a community of coders who may not fully understand us and, more importantly, to ourselves.

BFCs are intellectually diverse and deeply passionate.  BFCs do what we do because we love it and we let no one stop us.  BFCs know the odds and see the statistics–we know it can sometimes get rough out here in the computer science world–but we still choose to keep it moving anyway. BFCs are multifaceted with interests that aren’t only anchored within CS.  BFCs are intelligent, creative, persevering, tenacious, strong-willed and just all around awesome.  BFCs are self-proclaimed geeks, computer wizkids, creative geniuses, programming divas, crafty technologists and practical artists.

BFCs == awesome.  If anyone doubts it, we can write a full inductive proof to show it because that’s just how we roll.

I’m so happy , i found your blog ! I’m still pretty new to the tech industry but I’m glad that there is place online for me to be able see and learn from other coders that look like me as well. ^_^
—  A message sent to the BFC blog today that made my day! :)