black fangirl perks

Dora the Explorer and Nihao Kailan are really under appreciated. How many of us grew up with Dora? She was a dark skinned Mexican girl teaching us to count in Spanish and going on adventures. She still remains very popular today and has never been whitewashed in the media(can’t speak for fandom..if there is such a thing as a Dora the explorer fandom). Then Kailan came to teach kids Mandarin  I’ve watched it and it’s really cute. You learn a lot about Chinese culture and it’s actually different from Dora in the fact that it also teaches kids social lessons and is less fantastical then Dora.

Looking for a Swahili girl in a few years! @w@


Storybook Family

A newly adopted girl, Monae, seems to be welcomed into the Thomas family with open arms. They are kind and nice, the perfect family but that’s before Monae stumbles across  a dark secret. Follow her as she struggles to find the truth with help of her school teacher and escape with her life.

My all black thriller movie idea

In honor of Women's history month, we are going to have a little contest

We are going to pick one black women(or any age, cis/trans) in any form of media(fictional or otherwise) and vote for them. Anyone can submit a  black women and then at the end of the month, we’ll crowned the winner and do an appreciation post.

How to submit an entry:


Form of Media(she’s a news reporter,she’s an awesome cosplayer, from the X-Men, In Iron man comics, for example)

Fictional: Y/N?


Why you picked them(features their importance, contributes to the world, how they played as positive role model, and/or what they man to you)

Get creative with the entries! Videos, Colorful pictures, whatever. 

We’ll start the voting on March 25 12:00 am Eastern US time and i’ll give a week for all the votes to come in and the poll will close Sunday March  31 at 12:00 pm.

Submit your entries now! @w@

Also, I wanted to start a Black Fangirl perks for Friday-Saturday submissions

I’ll add in a tag for it on the submission list but if we can get that going aswell, it would be really fun. I want this blog to also celebrate awesome black girls, not just all the shit we go through. 

I’d love if the BFGPerks would include pictures, drawings, fanart, cosplays, and all other awesome stuff.