black fangirl perks

In honor of Women's history month, we are going to have a little contest

We are going to pick one black women(or any age, cis/trans) in any form of media(fictional or otherwise) and vote for them. Anyone can submit a  black women and then at the end of the month, we’ll crowned the winner and do an appreciation post.

How to submit an entry:


Form of Media(she’s a news reporter,she’s an awesome cosplayer, from the X-Men, In Iron man comics, for example)

Fictional: Y/N?


Why you picked them(features their importance, contributes to the world, how they played as positive role model, and/or what they man to you)

Get creative with the entries! Videos, Colorful pictures, whatever. 

We’ll start the voting on March 25 12:00 am Eastern US time and i’ll give a week for all the votes to come in and the poll will close Sunday March  31 at 12:00 pm.

Submit your entries now! @w@