black family problems

Alternative fashion problems: Black lipstick

•Forgetting it’s on your lips and then smudging it if you touch your mouth.

•It’s even harder to fix, especially in a place where you can’t get out makeup remover and clean it up.

•Even worse, not having makeup remover to help fix it up.

•It smudges easily and might make you look like you have a beard (unless you’re a guy, in which case good for you for breaking gender roles).

•It stains easier than other lipsticks

•Comments from family members (usually older ones).

•Comments from family friends (usually older ones)

•Comments from your doctor (yes, this happened)

•People who stare in horror (okay, this is actually kinda funny because it’s an easy way to spot the judgmental people. It’s even funnier if you’re doing something nice like volunteering because it says “hey, this weirdo is being less of a jerk than you.”

•People (usually boys between the ages of 12-20) who just scream “GOTH” or “EMO”

•Those creepy catcalls about where they’d like the lipstick to stain.

•Kids who say to their parents, “I want that lipstick!” And their parents who give you the, “You corrupted my child,” look. (Okay, half of this one is adorable.)

•Being afraid to use any sort of cup, spoon, or mug because you don’t want it to stain; especially at a restaurant or cafe.

•Those people who try to flirt with you (and fail) by giving shitty pet names based off your lipstick.

But hey, it’s all totally worth it, cause if you can pull it off, it looks f*ckinf awesome.

Have an alternative fashion problem? Submit them to me and maybe I’ll mention it (and give credit)

i mean a lot of afro-latintx ppl do say the n word… the whole grey area with that is if they claim their black ancestry or not

CEO Loki Odinson

They prescribed mountain climbing

They suggested making molehills out of rocky peaks

They swear by it- I just swear

You see, my family, they are not doctors,

nor gods

They spend their days threading opinion

into second hand therapy lectures (bullshit)

I did not scramble to the top of the world to please

No, I took in every breath with spite

I did this for myself.

I swear

They don’t know where to find me now

And quite frankly I don’t know where to go

It isn’t as clear as they promised


5x17 “99 Problems” // 10x16 “Paint It Black” // 11x21 “All in the Family”
The Thing about God, Belief and Faith

You have to admit, if there is one thing God knows how to do damn well it is to play the blame game, to project, shift focus from his own shortcomings and flaws to those of others. I won’t even go into the possible readings here of when Chuck looks at which Winchester and what that may imply, because it makes me angry (lol I am kind of in awe just how much I react exactly how I think we are meant to react lol) and therefore will treat this as a statment made by God on both Winchesters alike. Because both Winchesters have expressed doubts in God. And did so for good reason too, which only now again proves to have been completely valid. Sure, Sam has always been more open to believe than Dean, but ultimately - as gets apparent over the course of S5 - Dean had some tiny bit of faith in God left. And how was he thanked for it? How were both brothers thanked for it? By Joshua telling them to “back off” in 5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon” (a title btw I find exceptionally interesting in light of the current season with the moon being the light in the dark, etc). Joshua outright mentioned Dean “losing faith” (implying that despite everthing Dean had helld onto some small last bits of hope and believe and faith in God though all his instincts told him otherwise) in himself and Sam and now God providing the last push over the edge.  So now tell me again how the Winchesters never returned the favour and why should the Winchesters have any kind of faith in God?