black face sheep

Out on the open moor, Algy discovered a fascinating pool, surrounded by a ring of thin ice which was floating in the air, a little way above the level of the water. He stopped to study this unusual phenomenon, and while he was sitting quietly in the winter sunshine, testing the ice gingerly with his feet, a black-faced sheep happened to wander by. Algy greeted the sheep politely, but he was disappointed to find that the sheep was much more interested in studying its own fine reflection in the pool than in talking to him.

Algy apologises for his absence from Tumblr during the past week. He has been exceptionally busy helping his assistant finish his latest children’s book: he will have some exciting news about that tomorrow :)

His mouth brushed against my hair
his voice murmuring comforting words
had its mesmerizing effect on me,
I stayed where I was, clasped tightly
against the virile warmth of his body.

“Trust me.” He said again, “Trust me.”

I expected him to tilt back my head, then,
and kiss me.

Instead, he released me gently
and we continued along the path
and out through a small gate
set deep in the stone wall beside the keep,

both pretending that nothing
out of the ordinary
had happened between us.

The wind lapped hungrily around
the thrusting towers,
gaunt ribs of grey stone
arched out of the thickly matted gorse
that lined the narrow track
like the bones of some ancient beast
bursting through its moth-eaten hide.

Black-faced sheep, grazed placidly
beside the wall, pucky daintily at wiry tufts of grass.

We passed beneath the richly detailed Gothic arch
to enter a large courtyard carpeted
in a soft sweep of grass that was
sprinkled generously with dandelions,

their blooms washed
white by the deepening dusk.

  • England: Frog Face
  • France: Black Sheep
  • England: Goldilocks
  • France: Golden Caterpillar
  • England: Narcissist Git
  • France: Block Brows
  • England: Shameful Wanker!
  • France: Bedhead Idiot!
  • England: Conceited Bastard!
  • France: Mustard teeth!
  • England: NUDIST OUTCAST!
  • France: GRUMPY BROWS!
  • France:
  • England:
  • France:
  • England:
  • France: Oui, I know.
  • England: Piss off.
In Hiding

This one is a birthday gift for the lovely, the talented, the now 100% of age @sojustifiable.

She wanted SoMa hiding under the counter AU so that’s what she gets.

Happy birthday!

Thanks to @bendandcurl for looking this over.

Soul felt something brush against his leg and nearly yelped, doing a two legged skip hop backwards to slam against the rear counter, eyes scanning for whatever had so flagrantly violated his personal bubble.

Turned out whatever was whoever, and whoever was looking up at him from where she was sitting pressed tightly in the space under the lip of the counter with wide, green, pleading eyes, mouthing words he couldn’t hear through his oversized (and admittedly overpriced) headphones. He sighed as he pushed them down to his neck and the soothing voice of Etta James was replaced by the frantic whisper of this girl as she continued speaking–

“–hide here for a minute, and I’ll–um–I don’t know, something, pay you or–something–if you just–”

The bell to the shop dinged just then and a tall man of indeterminate age with flaming red hair hurried over. He was dressed conservatively enough, wearing jeans and a green button down, but looked nearly panicked as he sucked in a quick breath and darted his eyes around the store.

The girl had a finger to her lips. She looked even more desperate than the redhead, who had calmed considerably as he approached the checkout counter.

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