black face makeup


Makeup artist under fire after transforming a white model into a “woman of a different culture”

  • Scroll through the Instagram account @PaintDatFace, and you’ll see picture after picture of makeup transformations.
  • With more than 60K followers, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Until just a few days ago, when @PaintDatFace messed up big time.
  • Over Memorial Day weekend, the account posted a before and after makeup transformation that has ignited the internet, with plenty of people claiming that it’s basically glamorized blackface. Read more (5/30/17)

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Why girls wear makeup:
- Because it’s fun.
- Because its a creative way to express your style.
- It’s artistic.
-You can consider it a skill since it’s challenging when wanting to make it look very nice.
- It makes you feel confident.
- People like to see how many cool and different ways they can look.
- You feel like the most powerful princess ever.

Wearing makeup does not mean:
-They are insecure.
- They are unattractive.
-They want boys attention.
- They want your attention.
- They are sluts.
- They are fake.
Stop judging people based off of how they change their physical appearances due to their perception of how they want to look in order to be happy with themselves.