black fa

“Did the Black Bloc at Berkeley just prove Milo right?

No. No, they didn’t.

Milo’s supporters have claimed that they’re vindicated no matter how the Left responds to his appearances. If you go across campus and have a separate event, you’re a “snowflake” in a “safe space”. If you protest, you’re a “shrill SJW” who “doesn’t want dialogue”. If you riot and shut his event down, you’re a “leftist goon”. Debate? Milo didn’t come to debate- and if you give him a debate partner, the next stop he’ll still be claiming that the left is “afraid to debate him”.

If the Berkeley protesters had stood there peacefully chanting, they would still be accused, today, of hating free speech. Milo, a vocal supporter and sycophant of an administration that put a gag rule on scientists and defames the press, doesn’t get accused of hating free speech. The ongoing defunding and censorship of left-wing curriculum and groups on college campuses doesn’t get called an attack on free speech. That’s because this isn’t about an abstract right to free speech- it’s about power, and challenging speech that upholds and defends the status quo (which is what Milo is about, whatever his ramblings about the “liberal establishment”) is always seen as a threat to free speech, while censorship imposed by the wealthy and powerful never is.

At least in Berkeley, the accusations of censorship come the morning after a victory, not a defeat.”