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[NEWS] 150124 Fergie leaves BEP: CL is the new formation of the Black Eyed Peas

Earlier this month confirmed that the Black Eyed Peas would be back with new music later this year to celebrate the group’s 20th anniversary.

A few weeks later, Fergie confirmed that she wouldn’t be part of it, choosing instead to focus on her new solo album.

“I was just in the studio last week and I saw Taboo there, and I heard something Will was doing and it was great,” Fergie told Digital Spy. “But maybe the guys are doing something? I haven’t been in the group for 20 years, so it’s more their anniversary of being together for 20 years. So maybe they’re putting out an album themselves.”

Fergie may not be on board for the new BEP music, but it looks like the band’s found a suitable replacement: K-pop star CL. tweeted the 2NE1 superstar a week ago asking her to collaborate with him on BEP’s new music, to which she enthusiastically replied “Yay! Let’s go!”.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman has collaborated with CL and 2NE1 multiple times over the years (most noticeably on #willpower‘s EDM banger Gettin’ Dumb), so having CL temporarily fill in for Fergie sounds like the perfect plan.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Will had a string of other collaborations ready to go for BEP’s comeback either. (Fingers crossed for Britney!).

CL’s currently working on her first English-language album with Scooter Braun, the manager behind Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, so it looks like the 23-year-old is going to be pretty busy this year!

Click here for watch CL + Black Eyed Peas at MAMA 2011!

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Last week, and Jimmy Fallon’s comedic single “EW!” charted on the Billboard 100. It reminded us of the many reasons why we love Jimmy Fallon. But it also reminded us that used to be a fun, funny and soulful rapper. Nowadays, the Black Eyed Peas are an extremely successful pop group that everybody (especially Kanye) sort of hates. They played a Superbowl halftime show. Their albumsTHE E.N.D. (which won the Grammy for Album of the Year) and Monkey Business (which went triple-platinum and sold over 10 million copies) spawned such industrial strength ear worms as “I Gotta Feeling” to “My Humps” and, of course, “Boom Boom Pow.”

But it wasn’t always like that. In 2003, the band released Elephunk’s “Where Is The Love?” a big-hearted rap so powerful that it brought an oddball rap group from L.A. right into the public eye. Suddenly, there was a powerful force countering all the macho posturing in rap and the shallowness of pop — there was a catchy song delivering incisive cultural criticism about world peace in the wake of 9/11. And it became a massive global hit.