Black Panther & the Crew cover and art by Butch Guice and John Cassaday


Cheer Up Post #4637 - Boney M. Edition

goblin-stardust-47 would like a post featuring music group Boney M. Enjoy!

Black Excellence

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‘Hidden Figures’ beat 'Star Wars’ at the box office this weekend

  • It was a close race that looked deadlocked Sunday, but Monday morning brought good news for Hidden Figures
  • The film won the box office this weekend and is officially the no. 1 movie in the country.  
  • This is the win that will make Hidden Figures a success not just at the box office, but also with the Oscars. 
  • And most of all, as star Taraji P. Henson noted on Instagram, it again proves movies about women and people of color make money. Read more

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“In that one embrace, two of the show’s stars added another layer to Atlanta. It proved that there’s bravery and brilliance in showing that black men can be vulnerable and intimate. And that, yes, they’re artists worthy of Hollywood’s highest recognitions.” - Jamilah King, Read more

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Gabrielle Union just called out Michael Keaton’s complete non-apology for the “Hidden Fences” flub at the Golden Globes

Gabrielle Union isn’t about to sit down and let Hollywood’s elite disrespect Black excellence. The star delivered an important message during her Tuesday appearance on The View, calling out Michael Keaton for what she characterized as a “non-apology” after he lumped Black-cast films Hidden Figures and Fences together into one movie.

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