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One too many - Chapter 1

I just posted the first chapter of my new other fanfiction One too many. A college au featuring my favourite trash ship, Yang x Mercury, and White Rose. Also some background Renora, Arkos and Cat Burgler.

It’s a college au and basically about Yang making poor life choices while drunk, just like starting a casual affair with Mercury that will of course never ever turn into something more. Tell yourself that girl. 

Also Weiss is totally convinced she’s straight, but of course she’s not. It’s not a big coming out story, more my love for Weiss the oblivious lesbian. Expect some really cute and fluffy White Rose. 

No smut, mentions of sex and people are getting drunk. Also some mentions of Mercury’s dark, dark backstory later. 

Read it here!

Let me know what you think!

Adam: Edmund you’re fired

Edmund: WHAT

Adam: I’m sorry but we just don’t have the resources to keep you on

Edmund: Unbelievable, after all I’ve done for you

Adam: You didn’t do much to be honest

Edmund: You know what, fuck you

Edmund: I’m leaving

Adam: Well yeah you kinda have to


Edmund: *walks away whilst sad music plays and everything turns black and white*

The world: *starts raining*

Edmund: How could this happen to meeee

Edmund: I made my mistakes

*five hours later*

Adam: *calls Edmund*

Edmund: *picks up*

Edmund: What the fuck do yo-


Josh Keaton just very kindly allowed us a peek at some of the sweet merch he has in his studio!! It’s a family movie night drawing and a letter from Shiro to Josh accompanied by a drawing by Joaquim Dos Santos I’m melting ;A;