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fictional guys are hot reblog if you agree

Add your fictional baes to post

  • Antis: shipping these characters is wrong you nasties
  • Antis: the creator confirmed the ages/ages are confirmed and this is abusive
  • Creators: ship whatever you want, just don't harass ppl about it
  • Antis: ....
  • Antis: creators are not beacons of morality, you shouldn't listen to everything they say you nasties

@ afro // latinx witches! If you haven’t seen Princess Nokia’s video for Bruja watch it now! This one is for us :)

i honestly didnt care abt hamilton but this website w its annoying ass defending of the founding fathers, as if they themselves didnt own slaves (even if they “”opposed”” it or whatever), is frankly, annoying and has made me despise it to no end


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i got bored,,, so i drew some mianite s1 and s2 characters also i need to stop changing my art style

messy usopp and sanji doodle for @opshadowships week !!

usopps showing his fave cook his fantastic art and sanji is v impressed