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Aquaman and Black Manta # lunch break


10 Black Shows I’d Like To See On Netflix

1. Martin

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

3. Moesha

4. The Parkers

5. My Wife & Kids

6. The Wayans Bros

7. Kenan and Kel

8. Smart Guy

9. One on One

10. Everybody Hates Chris

Rob kardashian is wrong on so many levels for Sharing nude photos of his baby mama but I'm not gonna defend blac Chyna either! Some Of y'all will defend her simply bc she's a black woman and y'all hate the kardashians. Don't act like we haven't seen Chyna be verbally abusive . He's wrong for sharing her nudes & puttig Out their business but she's wrong for cheating and scheming the fuck outta his life just to get back at someone else. Both are stupid
Things every Kpop fan has heard before

“Why are there so many of them”
“They look like girls”
“Why do they wear make-up if their boys?”
“Why listen to kpop when you can’t understand it?”
“Why are you listening to Chinese music?”
“What does the K stand for?”
“Why do they look so young?”
“Gangnam style?”
“Why are they wearing school uniforms?”
“I didn’t know Asains rapped!”
“I thought all music was in English”
“Why like someone that can’t even talk the same language as you”
“The nicknames are so weird”

There should be no excuse from Marvel if somebody dies in Infinity War, because if Doctor Strange can put himself in a time loop to save himself and the others in his movie, then he could do the same shit for this one.

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