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See this is that side of pro-blackness I do not like. The kind that shames you for liking Marilyn Monroe and uncritically praising The Cotton Club for having all black female dancers. The kind that expects you to have the same narrow, boring music taste as them. Ones not opened to quirkiness and basicness in black girls as if we always have to be magical. The type who thinks black women are self-haters for liking Beyoncé and fantasizing about marrying Drake. Those who ask if women like Serena are even pro-black for marrying white men. The ones who dismiss young black men who are neurodivervent and play computer games and watch anime. Those who think black girls can’t be “babe gamers” and “nerds.” I hate that “I’m too black and cool to enjoy white entertainment and black people who remind me of white people but may not necessarily be self hating” mentality so much.


That’s right, one of our favorite characters on Issa Rae’s beloved show Insecure is set to have her own swing at starring in and producing her own show on HBO. Natasha Rothwell, who plays the outspoken friend Kelli on Insecure, has also worked behind the scenes as a writer on Insecure, as well as Saturday Night Live. Now as part of a development deal, HBO has revealed that she will be serving as executive story editor on Insecure, and will continue her role as actress and writer on the series, in addition to working on her own show on the network.

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YG literally threw 2ne1 away. And for what? What good has tossing away one of kpop’s biggest girl groups in history done for him? For the company? What good is it to so seriously neglect your company’s only girl group pre-2016, to a point where a member leaves (Minzy), one isn’t seen in public for a total of a year or two with rare exceptions (Bom), and another could have had a successful solo debut and career in South Korea – but her talent was never tapped into (Dara)? How badly did you want to fuck up something handed to you on a silver platter?

Now on top of all that, the new girl group (and now only girl group) in YG won’t even perform at MAMA, and we all know the (unwritten) rule that no attendance = no award at MAMA, killing BP’s chances at receiving awards (Best New Female Artist, Best Music Video, and at delivering a shining performance on a highly internationally-broadcast stage during their debut year. This isn’t even a joke anymore. It’s infuriating and pathetic.