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Gear Love at Converse Rubber Tracks Boston

More killer pedals from our Converse Rubber Tracks pop-up in Boston. Top row (L to R): Catalinbread “Belle Epoch” (delay), Electro-Harmonix “Sovtek Big Muff” (fuzz), Boss “DD-7 Digital Delay”, Pedalmasters “Klon Klone” (overdrive) & a Wren & Cuff “The Caprid” (distortion). Bottom row: Mr. Black “Eterna” (reverb), TC Electronic “Flashback” (delay), Mr. Black “Supermoon” (reverb), Electro-Harmonix “Big Muff” & a Morley “ABC” (3-way selector).


A warm, round sounding booster with a hint of graininess at full boost.
The Bush Fire is a full range +30 db heavy boost pedal for bass and guitar. 


-Boost: Capable of +/- 30 DB of boost
-Range: full-range booster
-Sockets: Heavy duty ¼" jacks for INPUT and OUTPUT.
-Power: A Boss style 9 Volt DC socket
-Effect on/off:  A true bypass heavy duty foot-switch.
-Size: (l x b x h) 111 x 60 x 30 mm
-Enclosure: Heavy duty die cast aluminum
-Circuit board: Point-to-point circuit boards