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If you have a job in the us (even if you are an illegal immigrant) you still pay taxes because they take them out of your paycheck. Honestly you views on immigration is wrong. I know you've heard that America is based on immigration because it is. Everyone is the US is basically an immigrate. And welfare is for the poor... which can be white, black, etc...

Dude I am fully aware of everything you just said, but that doesn’t make me think any differently. Because while there are some illegal immigrants that work and pay taxes, there are a hell of a lot that don’t. There are many, many illegals that work “under the table” and receive less than minimum wage and don’t pay taxes. And even if they do work and pay taxes, I still don’t think that’s okay. Those jobs were made for AMERICANS. For people who are here legally here and legally allowed to work. And they are getting taken away from citizens and are given to illegals. I don’t think that’s fair at all. And a lot of illegals take the money they have earned and send it back home to their family members. That’s unnecessary money leaving our economy. And it all adds up over time. And people wanna say that illegals create jobs but they don’t mention that illegals take more jobs than they make.

And as for welfare, I know that welfare is for the poor regardless of race. I never said it wasn’t. Race has nothing to do with it for me. It’s all about status. Welfare should only be for citizens. Even legal residents aren’t supposed to be on welfare because when they apply for a visa, they are supposed to have a sponsor, someone who takes financial responsibility over the immigrant so that the government won’t have to support them in case they get into any kind of trouble. And I would know seeing as how my husband is a permanent resident. He wouldn’t have gotten his visa if it weren’t for my mother agreeing to sponsor him. She had to make a certain amount above the poverty line so they could be sure that he wouldn’t end up on welfare in case of a financial crisis. And if my mother at any point doesn’t follow through, he has the ability to sue her to get financial support from her that way. And if he was to get on welfare, the government also have the ability to sue her for it. So yes, the welfare is for the poor, whether they’re black, white, asian, spanish, etc. But it is only meant for citizens. So I don’t think the government and the citizens of this country that spend years working and paying taxes should have to support millions of immigrants because they decided to come to our country illegally and then not even have the respect to at least support themselves. They disrespect this country by breaking the law in order to come here, take jobs away from citizens and then want us to also pay for their home, food, toiletries, phone, and healthcare? No, I’m sorry but that is not and never will be okay. I don’t care if they pay taxes. They still do more harm than good. A lot of them will purposefully have babies here in order to be able to legally reside here and then bring in more family members and then get on welfare to live off of the government and taxpayers.

They are also a big part of why crime rates have gone up - gang violence, murder, rape, drugs. Yeah, citizens are also a big part of that, but thing is, there is no reason why we should be putting up with the crimes and all other negative downsides to having illegals here. They are an unnecessary burden. They are unnecessary crimes, unnecessary money being spent on them, and unnecessary jobs being taken away.

Now, Let’s talk about healthcare for a second. The taxpayers have to pay for millions of illegal immigrant’s healthcare whether that be for a heart attack or something as simple as the common cold. But that’s not all. In Sweden, illegal immigrants are more likely to visit the doctor or hospital for whatever reason and do so more often even though citizens don’t have to pay for healthcare either since Sweden has a single payer healthcare system. Why is that? Because 1) they are more likely to be sick if they come from poor countries and 2) they get free healthcare unlike before so why not use it as much as they can? But Swedish citizens are used to living that way, no need to overdo it. And if that happens in Sweden, why wouldn’t it in America? Sure, America doesn’t have a single payer healthcare system but illegal immigrants don’t have to worry about paying for healthcare if they’re on welfare so it all falls on *drum roll* the government and taxpayers.

And everything I just mentioned isn’t even half of the reasons why illegal immigrants fuck this country up.

So, if you wanna sit there and tell me that my views on illegal immigration are wrong, go ahead. Nothing you say will change the way I think about it because nothing you say will poke holes in my views because they’re based on facts, not emotions. It is a fact that illegal immigrants take jobs from citizens, that they help increase crime rates, that many of them live off of welfare which is meant only for citizens, etc. I’ve done my research on this topic. I don’t just listen to what everyone tells me or whatever my friends on Facebook say. I don’t listen to just any article that passes by my computer or phone screen. I don’t take what the news on the T.V. tells me as pure fact because they’re biased as shit. I do my research and find the truth , even when it’s buried deep. I don’t care if it isn’t what I want to hear or if it completely shuts down some of my beliefs, I don’t lie to myself. I’ll take it for what it is. And sadly, this is how illegal immigration is. If you don’t wanna believe it, you don’t have to. Continue to do you and I’ll continue to do me.

Oh and that whole “everyone in America is an immigrant” is bullshit. That’s the line people use when they can’t find any valid reasons as to why they think illegal immigration is okay. Yes, America was made by immigrants. So what? That was how many years ago? Things have changed. Plus, all Americans are legal citizens. That’s the difference. It’s not about what was however many years ago. The law is the law today. The world and society has changed. With that logic you can say that about anything - “oh well this was like that back then so it should be like that today.” You can even go as far as to say that black people still shouldn’t have rights today cause that’s how it was back then. Because America was also built on racism. And let’s not forget sexism too! But I bet you don’t agree with that, do you?. So do you see how that logic doesn’t work? Just because something was done before, doesn’t mean it was right. That’s honestly the dumbest logic I’ve ever heard. Also, don’t twist shit in your favor and use it to fit your beliefs and prove why you’re right if you’re not okay with it being twisted in every other way. That’s hypocritical and immature.


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