black drum majors

It has recently come to my attention that not everyone stays for halftime to see the band????


Then I was like oh

Only historically black schools have this apparently(I did not know this until I went to a not historically black school!), like you watch the band enter and you’re hype because the drum majors are just wild like even at high school level with no funding they are still showing out. 

My actual high school, we had a power ranger salute it was my SHIT #literally the only good memory of HS

Then you get to college and they have money for embroidery and coolor coordination and shit

#Squad goals

Just entering a game is fucking theater

(Yes that is a fucking helicopter I shit you not)

You watch halftime and you’re hype because THE FUCKING SALUTE 



LOOK AT THIS SHIT FAM. CAN YOU EVEN? I CANNOT. I CANNOT EVEN. (There are more after the first one does like 8 repeats bUT STILL)

Even if the band is fuckin going home it’s a goddamn parade like…

Ladies it is 1AM dark as hell outside you can take a break oh ok no time for THE ACTUAL BLACK PARADE OK FINE SLAY ME

Hist: My dad has been taking me to band battles since I was like 4 this shit is great like yea marching precision cool woohoo go win UIL and such but at games it’s a Halftime SHOW it’s ENTERTAINMENT and like there’s this huge dichotomy because non-HBCU’s/non-HBHS’s are all about classical music + geometry and it is really alienating to watch as a fan. HBCU’s and HBHS’s have a little (or a lot) less precision but damn if it isn’t FUN AS HELL to watch.

Yall are missin out.