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My limited edition print run of this piece, “Haematopoeitic Transpiration” is available now through Black Dragon Press! Nicolas Delort has been putting together a series of art prints based around certain themes and I’m honored to be a part of it (be sure to check out Dadu Shin’s incredible piece also on the same theme)

To find out more about purchasing a print or more details overall go to the Black Dragon Press website at



Victo Ngai

I am so excited to announce the release of my Tarkovsky’s Solaris poster for Black Dragon press. 18”x24” 6 colors hand-pulled screen print in limited editions printed by White Duck Screenprint on 270gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell paperOriginal is on sale now. Variant will be on sale tomorrow. 

Solaris by Tarkovsky is an absolutely stunning and haunting movie. It was a great yet fulfilling challenge to capture its eerie beauty and the openness of the story plot. I am very thankful to James Park of Black Dragon and AD Nico Delort for having so much faith in me. Being able to approach the project with my own interpretations of the film definitely makes the posters extra special for me.



The ‘Seven Samurai’ inspired “The Lilypad Seven’ by Conor Nolan, is a new print release from Black Dragon Press.

They are 5” x 5" giclée prints on 290gsm Hahnumühle Bamboo paper with UltraChrome HDR pigment inks, and are available individually in hand numbered limited editions of 300 and cost £10 each. They are also available as a set of 7 giclée prints for £60.

Go here to buy.


I’m thrilled to announce that one of my pieces is up for a limited edition run as part of Black Dragon Press’s NARRATIVES project. More information on the project is available HERE. Other works in the series, including beautiful pieces by the amazing Goñi Montes, Ashley Mackenzie, and Dadu Shin can be found at the Shop.

Special thanks to illustrator and AD Nico Delort for pulling me onto such a fun project!


Black Dragon Press made a little promo video for my print and it looks incredible! There are still some available through their site HERE!

Inspired by the Sergei Rachmaninov symphony, ‘Isle Of The Dead’ by Nicolas Delort, is a new print release by Black Dragon Press, and the third and final print in his 'Classical Music Series’.

It’s an 18" x 27" 2 colour hand pulled screen print with varnish on 270gsm Mohawk superfine white eggshell paper in a hand numbered Regular edition of 136 for £50.

The Variant edition is with silver metallic inks on 280gsm Fedrigoni Sirio ultra black paper in a hand numbered limited edition of 50 and costs £70.

They go on sale on Tuesday November 2 at 3pm UK.

Go here to buy.

‘The End Of The Road’ by Nicolas Delort, originally the cover art for “End of the Road”, an anthology by Jonathan Oliver, is a new print release by Black Dragon Press.

It’s available in three editions.
A 14" x 21" 2 colour varnished screen print on archival paper in a limited edition of 65 for £50.

A 12" x 16.5" x 0.5" laser-etching on unblemished Latvian Birch, as a TIMED RELEASE for 7 days only for £100, with one random order will receive a signed 5" x 5" bespoke original ink on clayboard piece courtesy of Nicolas Delort.

A 19.5" x 28.5" x 1" laser-etching on unblemished Latvian Birch, with in-built French cleat for easy hanging, in a limited edition of 15 for £400. Each sale will include a signed 5" x 5" bespoke original ink on clayboard piece courtesy of Nicolas Delort.

They go on sale on Wednesday 25 February at 3pm UK.

Go here to buy.

Black Dragon Press Release A Stunning Poster For "Watership Down" By Peter Diamond

Black Dragon Press welcome Vienna-based award-winning illustratorPeter Diamond to their roster with a pair of delightful alternative book cover prints for Richard Adams’ classic Watership Down, which have been produced under license from Nepenthe Productions. 

The release consists of two editions: theNi-Frith (Sun Regular) version, a 9 colour 18"x35" screen print edition of 150, which is now available from the Black Dragon Press shop, and the Fu Inlé (Moon Variant) version,  a 9 colour 18x35 screen print with metallics from an edition of only 50. As the variant is such a low run, this edition will go on sale this Thursday March 12th at 3pm GMT. 

External image

External image

As well as being a hugely talented illustrator, Peter teaches drawing at the illustration academy Illuskills, is currently serving as Secretary of the European Illustrators’ Forum, and works with Illustria - the society of Austrian illustrators-. His work has been exhibited in Berlin, New York, Vienna, Adelaide and Halifax, and has received awards from the Society of Illustrators, Illustrative Berlin, Spectrum and more. Peter Diamond had this to say about the prints:

“When I read Watership Down some years ago I already had dim, bloody memories of the 1978 animated adaptation, so I wasn’t shocked by the violence in the book as I expect many were who read it unprepared. But what I hadn’t expected was the thick, dark vein of fear that runs through the story from the very beginning. Adams went deep with it, building an occult kind of mythology for the rabbits including a dark underworld and a heavenly kingdom, represented by the moon (Inlé) and the sun (Frith) respectively.

The character who best reflects this is Fiver, by far my favourite in the story. He’s caught between the underworld and the living world, and his clairvoyant fear is in some respects the basis for the entire story. The little rabbit in these posters is Fiver, sensing but not quite seeing the danger beneath his feet.  In the Regular edition he stands under the sun at mid-day (Ni-Frith), in the Variant under the moon at midnight (Fu Inlé).

I’ve introduced other elements from the story as well; the shining snare wires, the spirits of rabbits long since gone in the ground, the spectre of the Black Rabbit Of Inlé, and even the wheels of the steam train and the face of Kehaar. See if you can find them!”

You can see more of Peter Diamond’s stunning work by following him on Twitter and Facebook and by heading on over to his website

For more information and releases by Black Dragon Press, head on over to their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Black Dragon Press Announces Absolutely Stunning "Watership Down" Prints By Peter Diamond

.@BLCKDRGNPRSS Announces Absolutely Stunning “Watership Down” Prints By @PeteDiamond

External image

One look at these prints and you will understand our sense of awe.  Today Black Dragon Press gave us a glorious first look at their next release, this time by Peter Diamond.  Here is what they had to say in their press release.

External image

We’re delighted to welcome Vienna-based award-winning illustrator Peter Diamond to our roster with this downright beautiful pair of alternative book covers for Richard…

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