black drag history

The Legendary RuPaul and the late Willie Ninja, founder of The House of Ninja, members were known for their artistic and elegant flair of voguing! Willie was nationally known for his style of voguing and appeared in many music videos ! 

 I met and partied with Willie before. Talk about nice! He was an awesome person. May he rest in peace.

Both have left a stamp in Black History, The Ballroom Scene/Culture,  LGBT History, Dance, and the Arts!



Josephine Baker was a Black, queer, cross-dressing dancer, singer, and civil rights activist who spoke along Martin Luther King Jr. at the March on Washington. She parented twelve adopted children of different ethnicities, and called her queer, chosen family “The Rainbow Tribe.” She worked against the Nazis as a spy during World War II and Frida Kahlo was among her many lovers. Her performances played upon the fetishization of “exotic” women and represented a cornerstone of the Harlem Renaissance. She also kept a cheetah named Chiquita as a pet.