black dr.martens

Grunge Style Essentials 

Denim: Definite staple piece whether it be jeans, vests/jacket or shorts. Preferably acid wash, dark,ripped,or worn out. 

Pairing: Acid wash denim jacket, ripped black jeans,dr.martens and graphic tee, beanie/fedora

Black Leggings/Ripped Jeans/Acid Wash Jeans:  Can’t rock a grunge look without some edgy bottoms. If you have an old pair of black jeans you can cut them up and wash it to look grungy.

Pairing: Ripped Leggings,over sized shirt,maroon combat boots,leather jacket.

Plaid: Grunge is not grunge without plaid. Whether you wear a plaid leggings, shirt,skirt,or an accessory. Plaid shirts can be worn around the waist,layered with a T-shirt,leggings or even as a dress.

Shoes: When it comes to shoes,black BOOTS are the essential element. They can be worn with a dress, shorts basically anything. Converse sneakers are another essential for the grunge style. If you want to spice it up a bit instead of getting black dr.martens/boots maroon or floral are a great choice.

Pairing: over sized T-shirt,distressed shorts,black combat boots,hat, choker,cross body bag

Leather Jacket/Parka: Leather jackets are great to complete your grunge look for cooler weather. If you want to pull off the grunge look in the winter then a parka is necessary. You can pair it up with a beanie, T—shirt,black oversized cardigan,black jeans with a black combat boots and black scarf. 

Oversized Shirts/Band tees/Printed tee: A simple black or grey shirt can bring out the grunge look. You can go thrifting to buy some old oversized shirts to complete the look. The shirts usually are distressed,faded, or ripped a bit.

Accessories: Some accessories to finish the look are beanie,choker,backpack,round glasses, knee high socks, fedora, plaid scarf

Grunge Set


Hope it helps out :).