black dog coffee shop


Before leaving to pass out books, I thought to myself, “Are people going to think I’m handing out what I would think someone was handing out?”

Yeah they did. As I approached people, they would pull out their headphones and look at me with dread. Most said they didn’t really want a Bible and stuck their headphones back in before I could even start. Finally one girl noticed my book (Looking for Alaska) and she shrieked and said oh my god that’s my favorite book. After that, whenever I asked someone if they wanted a book and they said no, she would yell across the room you have to take it. Some would and some wouldn’t; it’s surprisingly hard to give away a book.

I understand—I would have thought the same thing. As I drove home, I was wondering if this reluctance to take a book because of the fear that I was forcing a Bible on them and was going to settle in for a little evangelizing was a midwestern thing.

Still it was fun and I got some books to a juvenile detention center and a temporary lodging for children center and got some people to take them at Black Dog.

Can’t wait till next year.