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Marley Dias, the 12-year-old behind #1000BlackGirlBooks, is writing her own book!

  • In February 2016, Marley Dias, who was 11 at the time, launched the #1000BlackGirlBooks project, collecting books featuring black girls as the main character. 
  • Now, after collecting over 8,000 such books, Dias has decided to author a #BlackGirlBook of her own.
  • On Thursday, Scholastic announced that 12-year-old Dias had signed a deal with the publisher for a book due in Spring 2018. 
  • According to a press release, the book is a “keep-it-real guide” to helping kids and preteens make their dreams come true.
  • “Through her smarts and ingenuity, she’s delivered a jolt of inspiration that’s sent an unstoppable shock-wave to kids everywhere who’ve stood up with Marley to shout ‘Yes!’ to the power of positive action,” Scholastic’s vice president and executive editor Andrea Pinkney said.
  • “In this book, Marley will share her dynamic wisdom with readers everywhere.” Read more

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a lesbian who hasn’t had sex with women is still a lesbian. a bi girl who hasn’t had sex with women is still bi.

neither of them need to feel like they’re less of their orientation because they haven’t gotten to a certain place physically yet: not only do we all develop our sexual drives and wants at our own pace, but we all have different chances and opportunities. you’re not less for not having something someone else has. you’re not late.


11-year-old Marley Dias is the hero we need

You may have heard of Marley Dias. After not seeing herself represented in books, she launched the #1000BlackGirlBooks project. At such a young age, Dias understands and spreads the notion that representation matters. And she’s about to reach even more kids who need it.

Rebels Skulls Band, by Abelardo Ojeda.

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it’s okay to call yourself a lesbian. sometimes (more often than not) the heteropatriarchal world we live in wants to convince us that lesbian is a dirty word. it’s not. if you want to proudly call yourself a lesbian, do so. if you need to ease into it with terms such as woman loving woman or sapphic, you can do that too. but never feel like you can’t use the word lesbian because of what society has done to it.