black daisy dukes

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Could you write the batboys at pride with Dick being all I LOVE MY GAY BROS!!!! And Bruce being "I hate the colours and happiness but will do anything for my sons and any bigots will pay the price"

“Explain to me again why did I agree to be the grand marshal of Gotham City Pride?” Bruce said to Dick. They’d managed to talk him out of a full business suit and into a black turtle neck and jeans. “Because you’re Bruce Wayne good citizen of Gotham City, head of the very LGBT friendly Wayne Enterprises, and despite the fact you have like 800 children I’m the only straight one” 

“It was a rhetorical question Dick”

“I know, dick” Bruce gave him a look before turning to the organizers. “Alright I’m ready when you are” 

“right this way Mr. Wayne and thank you so much for being with us” 

“Good luck!” shouted Dick at Bruce’s retreating back before turning on his heel to go find his brothers. He ran into Damian first he looked grumpy in a black turtle neck and jeans looking like Bruce stunk in the wash. Billy Batson and Colin Wilkes on the other hand looked very enthusiastic, they weren’t dressed any different but both waved rainbow flags and had rainbow flags painted on their faces. 

“hey you guys, hows things going?”

“Terrible” Damian said “Great!” shouted Billy and Colin “huh” Dick said looking at Damian “about what I expected, try to enjoy yourself baby bird” and he was off.

Duke was wearing a pink fishnet belly shirt and too tight pants chatting up a tall boy with shockingly blonde hair. Dick hang back till Duke had gotten the boy’s number and turned to walk away. “You’re doing well” Dick commented 

“yeah man, 4 boys and 2 girls so far, day is young and so am I!” Dick rolled his eyes but Duke at spotted a girl with girl hair in the crowd and was already off. He waved to Cass and Steph who were both on a motorcycle together ready for the Dykes on Bikes ride. Jason and Roy were rather passionately making out neither one had a shirt and Dick was a little worried they’d be missing the rest of their clothes before too long.

Walking by an ally he heard a familiar voice “Hold still will you bird boy!” Harley Quinn. Dick flattened himself against the wall and edged to where he could peak around the corner. When he could see he almost dropped dead of shock. Harley Quinn was in a pair of red and black daisy dukes and a matching bikini top. However that was not what was shocking, standing in the middle of the ally, in his mask, cape and a pair of green short shorts was Tim. Harley was busy filling in a rainbow Bat symbol onto Tim’s skinny chest. “sorry the paint is cold!” He protested. “baby” Poison Ivy commented “will you hurry it up Harley honey” 

“I’m going as quick as I can sugar beat!” 

“you know I could be hitting on beautiful women and admiring beautiful men who have manners right now” Selina Kyle said filing her nails and looking bored.  “be nice kitty cat” Penguin twirled his rainbow umbrella, “it’s the little birdy’s first time at pride in uniform, we wouldn’t want him going out without the right plumage” 

“what’s another name for a cute boy who’s going to clean up this Pride” Riddler commented from his crossword “5 letters” Tim blushed “I don’t want to clean up, I just want to impress someone, he says I’m not bold”

“well this is one way to prove Superboy wrong” Selina said looking him up and down.