Say Hello to Andrea Pippins, the author of I Love My Hair; An adult coloring book she illustrated to endorse a campaign to encourage African-American women to go natural and love their hair. the book is filled with mesmerizing sketches like the ones seen above.It will be released on November 10th, 2015 so get your crayons and inner child ready! ;)



Everyone who said miley cyrus was cultural appropriating tonight or any other day watch this PLEASE

To all of you crying about Miley’s supposed cultural appropriation...

If you think Miley Cyrus’s horrible life, fashion, and style choices = trying to “act black” or “appropriating black culture”, you might just have a very low opinion of black culture and black people in general. 

Who are you mad at? Miley, or the fact that society (and you) think that this walking disaster of a person somehow “acts black”?

And honestly, grow a thicker skin, stop with this “woe is me, I’m such a victim” mentality, nobody is impressed. Somebody made a benign, albeit ridiculous, style choice. Where’s the problem? Beyonce straightens her hair and appropriates Chinese culture, Jackie Chan wears jeans and jean jackets, Samuel L. Jackson wears lederhosen, ditto for Usain Bolt, AND THAT’S ALL FINE, that’s how free society works, I’m sorry if that bothers you. 

I thought we moved past segregation, at least in theory, and it’s really fucked up to see young people, who should be the most open-minded and liberal on these issues trying to build barriers between races and cultures. 

EDIT: To some of the people who commented on this: it takes a special state of mind to convince yourself that you’re fighting for racial equality, as you’re advocating for further segregation. Cognitive dissonance hard at work.

Oh my frikin god what does “culture appropiation” even mean? WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING? so u telling me i shouldnt wear dreadlocks because its a black thing??? ISNT THAT DISCRIMINATION?? WHICH YOU DIDNT WANT IN THE FIRST PLACE?? what would u say if you said to a white friend “u would suit just fine some dreadlocks” and she tells you “omg no its a black thing” ??????????? 

i mean i dont get it now, im all for human equality and liberty of rights and everything, but it just pisses me off that everybody is cheering nicki minaj up for humiliating miley cyrus internationaly for a fucking stupid comentary… and now they are saying she’s offending black culture by using a fucking hairstyle??? WERENT U ALL FOR EQUALTY OF RIGHTS???

i love nicki minaj, i love her audacity, i dont have any kind of problem with black people (in fact, i support them at all costs), but when it comes to CULTURE APPROPIATION??? it think thats bullshit im sorry. its like saying black people cant dye their hair blonde because its a white thing… its total shit

“Your Hair Just Grows Like That!? Okay, But Are You Mixed?”
By Cassidy Blackwell Here in the States I’ve never once been asked that question. I believe this is because the answer upon taking a casual glance at me is rather, well, black and white. I’ve got b...

This article is in the narrative of Cassidy Blackwell who talks about her struggles with being assumed mixed because of her “good hair”. There are people out there who feel complimented when people ask and others who are offended. I want to know what you guys think. 


There’s nothing more precious than that 2 people who used to dislike each other now have become so mature. 

In this moment, when Kanye seems to having reached the climax of his career, it makes us acknowledge how much he has done and how many great thing he has brought into the music industry. 

The way he deals with art, the way he speaks his mind through art, the way his art makes many people and many lame ass motherfuckers that talks shit about his behaviors bow down to him. 

Ain’t no motherfucking artists in the music industry can replace him. 

There’s the one and only, KANYE WEST. Congratulations, You deserved the award.