black creek trail


Well this can go ahead and be my first post - Me and my friend did this decent sized out and back of about 27 miles at Black creek trail in the desoto national forest, MS. The first 9 or so miles is lovely, nice wide open trail, well kept, no bushwhacking, etc. But after that it gets pretty annoying.. So I’d recommend doing only 9 or so miles in, setting up camp, than just have fun at the river or wherever you decide to set up!! 

This being my first post and all, I’ll tell a little about myself… My name is Kevin Goodrich, I’m 21, in the US Navy. I’m currently planning a backpacking trip through S.E. Asia as a traveling English teacher which will take place in 2 years time (when I get out of the Navy). In the meantime I’ve acquired a bunch of gear that I’ll be using around here in the US until I make my trip to Japan, where I’ll be starting this way I can test out said gear and really have some experience.. I know these are two very different things but hiking long miles with a pack on your bag is… well.. hiking long miles with a pack on your back. So experience is experience and there really isn’t anything else I can do in the meantime. regardless - until that trip transpires, I’ll be posting picture from my travels as they present themselves from here within the US… this is just the beginning, and this blog will grow and grow and continue growing. After-all, this isn’t just a blog, it’s intended to be a journal of sorts. For now though it will just be about various camping trips and gear purchases and other stray thoughts about my journey to come. If anyone anywhere has any questions I’ll gladly answer them to the best of my knowledge. Thanks!