black court heels

Imagine… Shannon and Jared turning their heads to watch you while you walk across the room backstage after a Mars concert.

The room as still reverberating with the energy the crowd emanated. The chatter in the room was now in a low volume since most people had left after they got what they wanted. Only a very few fans were still walking around taking pictures and getting their cd booklets and photos signed.

It had been an exciting but long night for the boys and even though they always tried to give each fan their undivided attention, it was almost time to go to the hotel and rest.

“You were amazing, Tomo. Thanks for your music.” A girl, not older than 18 years old, told him with sparkles in her eyes.

“You are very much welcome.” He said with a smile.

“You’re the reason I started to play guitar. Thought you should know.”

“Aw, now that’s a compliment. Thank you. What is your name?” He asked so he could sign her Mars poster with a special dedication.

“Tabitha.” He started sliding the tip of the pen on the glossy poster paper, but it didn’t work. Tracing circles, around and around, the pen was denting the poster and damaging it slightly.

Across the room, Jared and Shannon were surrounded by a group of boys also getting autographs and pictures. Their tired brains and bodies were glad that these were the last few fans they would have to meet. They appreciated them but, being in their forties, in the Leto brothers case, sometimes it was hard to keep up.

“Ugh, has any one got a pen that works?” Tomo shouted aimlessly and caught everyone’s attention.

“Here.” The woman had been sitting quietly in a corner, on a bean bag, waiting for the crowd to dismiss.

Shannon and Jared immediately turned their heads to see where that voice was coming from. She stood on her feet and they watched her walk across the room, with a pen in her hand.

She was wearing a pair of ripped dark blue skinny jeans, black court heels and a black and red stripe Bardot neck top. Her tangled blonde hair was up in a bun and her green eyes were contoured with smudged black eyeliner.

Their eyes accompanied her steps until she reached the girls surrounding Tomo. After an exchange of looks with his brother, Shannon spoke under his breath.


“Oh, we’re going to start doing this again, aren’t we?” Jared responded. It had been a while since they had played for a fan’s attention. In the early days it was a common occurrence, but as they got older, the game wasn’t as alluring anymore.

We are not. You’re out.” Shannon finished signing a boy’s cd, while the mystery blonde was chatting away with Tomo. Staring from a distance, he watched her wrap her arms around his waist and smile for the camera.

The brothers were still tending to some fans when she began to approach them. Waiting patiently for her turn, the woman tried to find the best spot on her Love Lust Faith + Dreams cd booklet, so they could sign it.  She looked up in their direction to see Shannon’s back, and his neck twisted back toward her, almost like in The Exorcist.

Timidly, she looked down to hide her blushing cheeks. He smirked, shook his head and made a face for the next picture that was being taken of him.

“Come here, honey.” Jared gestured with his hand for her to come closer. As she reached them, he hooked his right arm around her waist. “Did you enjoy the show?” His eyes fixed on her, making her nervous.

“I did. Thank you so much for the amazing performance.” Her voice was low and shy. “Could you sign this for me, please?” She handed him the booklet and he tried to scribble his signature on it, unsuccessfully.

“What’s wrong with these pens today?” he complained.

“Oh, I had a good one, but Tomo took it.”

“C’mon, pen. Be a good girl, and work for me, baby.” Speaking in a sexy whisper, he kept doodling lightly on the paper to get the pen to work.

“Are you talking dirty to a pen?” She narrowed her eyes and tried to suppress a chuckle that came out anyway.  Jared glanced at Shannon and saw his big brother’s unhappy face as he signed the last autograph.

“Well, ya know… it just comes naturally to me.” He winked. Suddenly, a smooth voice came through the entrance across the room.

“Hi, it’s Keira, right? I forgot to return your pen.” Tomo entered back in the room and she walked rapidly with small steps in his direction. “Sorry about that.”

“That’s ok. You didn’t have to return it. It’s just a pen.”

Before she could be within earshot, Shannon shot an angry look at his little brother.

“What are you doing? I told you she was mine. Dude, seriously.” Jared chuckled.

“Bro, she’s just another quest, right? Don’t be so worked up about it. And I was just testing her… She’s all yours.” He eyed her as she advanced toward them and handed him the pen. “Keira. I or Y?”

“With an I, thanks.” She glanced over at Shannon and when their eyes locked he simply mouthed hi, and smiled. And she found that so charming that she couldn’t help but blush again, while she returned the gesture.

“Why were you hiding in that corner?” Shannon asked, getting so close this time, her legs went numb.

“I was waiting for the room to empty a little bit. I didn’t feel like sharing you guys with so many people.” She added laughing softly. The youngest Leto handed the pen and booklet over to his brother, who dropped the pen on the floor. He crouched down to pick it up and said.

“Are those appropriate for a rock concert?” He pointed to her shoes, once he was fully standing.

“I can handle them just fine, I’m used to heels. Besides, I’m only 5 feet 2, any additional 4 inches are very helpful in a crowd.”

“I know how you feel.” They both laughed.

Shannon handed back her things and crossed his arms on his chest, staring at his prey intently, planning his next move.

“Fuck, my battery died.” Keira muttered, looking at her phone black screen.  She looked up and saw both Letos astonished eyes on her. Up until this point Keira had been sweet, shy and polite, so they didn’t expect rudeness coming from her thin lips. “Oh, pardon my French.” She laughed. “I can’t believe I won’t get a picture.”

“I’ll take them with my phone.” This was becoming easier than he expected. “Just give me your number or e-mail and I’ll send them to you.”  Jared burst out in laughter with his brother ridiculously corny pick up line. The blue eyed Leto covered his mouth, trying to restrain the outburst, but couldn’t. As for Keira, anyone would say she had seen a ghost. Her eyes froze and for a moment she was speechless.

“Umm… I think that would work… I guess.” She posed with both brothers individually, then together. Shannon took selfies with her and Jared did the same, making funny faces. She gave Shannon her number and he immediately started sending them.

“Tell me again, big brother, why do we do this to ourselves? 15 months on the road, non-stop.” Jared stretched his arms above his head, lifting up his sleeveless shirt revealing his lower stomach and belly button.

“You’re such old man, stop complaining. We still got it. Tell him we still got it.” Shannon winked at Keira.

“You still got it.” She smiled and continued. “You guys must be exhausted. Thank you again for the show and the pictures. I promise not to share your number with anyone. But I should be going.” In her imagination, that’s not how the night ended, but she knew it was only a fantasy.

“You’re going home all alone?” Shannon tried to sound worried with her safety, but had ulterior motives.

“I’m not from town. I drove four hours to get here, and since none of my close friends like the band I had to come alone.”  

“Are you driving back at this hour? It’s not safe. You should stay and leave in the morning.”  He knew exactly where he meant to go with that.

“I’m couchsurfing, actually!”

“Hmm, adventurous.” He gave a little nudge on her shoulder.

“On a budget.” She laughed. “You guys are so sweet. Thank you very much, but I really need to go. I’ll just get a taxi.”

“It was really nice meeting you, Keira.” Jared hugged her after giving her a peck on the cheek, and then walked away, leaving her and Shannon alone in the room.

“Do I get a hug from you too?” She stretched out her arms and he came to her encounter. He tightly wrapped his strong arms around her and she threw hers around his neck. The embraced lingered for a long moment and as he sniffed her neck, an electric shock shot up her spine.  

Keira broke the embrace, although his arms were still around her, looked into his hazel eyes and said. “That felt nice.”

“Nice, huh? I can do better than nice… Come back to my hotel with me.”

“Wow, you’re bold!” She looked around nervously and proceeded. “I can’t. But it was really nice meeting you.”

“You really like the word nice, don’t you? Well, at least let us give you a ride in our van.” He let go of her waist, and took her hands with his, entwining their fingers.

“I’d better take a taxi, but thanks for the offer.” Without letting go of his left hand, she pushed it to his back and kissed the corner of his mouth. That took Shannon completely by surprise. He couldn’t believe that that sweet and timid girl could be such a tease. Although his bodies parted, their hands remained connected as she walked away, stretching their arms. She walked a few steps backwards, then turned completely and left the room.

When Shannon entered the van, Tomo was sleeping and Jared was scrolling through his phone. He knew that if his big brother had something to say, he would.

The drummer took his telephone and started swiping through the pictures he had just taken with that beautiful blonde girl. Remembering how she smelled and how soft her lips were while teasing him, he sighed. The buzzing sound of his phone broke his concentration. He looked down to see a text from that girls number.

Keira -
Thanks for the photos. I loved them.

Shannon –
You’re welcome…You said your battery was dead.

Keira -
I lied. I needed an excuse to give you my number, but I wanted you to ask for it. And it worked.

Shannon -
You sly little tease. I can’t believe I fell for it.

Keira -
Are you angry that I deceived you?

Shannon -
Not in the slightest…

Keira -
Well, you have my number now… You know what to do. Good night. xo


Notes from the writer: This started as an imagine, then turned to an extended imagine, which turned into a full one shot and now it has potential to be a multi part fic. What do you think? Should they meet again?

I know backstage stories have been written and re-written over and over again, but here’s mine. I hope it’s not too silly for your liking!