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What do you think about marvel team red?

I LOVE MARVEL TEAM RED! Wade, Pete and Matt are my favorites! I wish they would interact more in the comics, the three of them. Thank all the gods for Suicide Kings!


(and yes, I am mad about Daredevil’s costume change post secret wars… I do not handle change very well… not to mention Deadpool wasn’t in the announced line up -though it’s very vague for the moment and the Thanos vs Deadpool series hints to Wade’s return to life I hope-)

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I spoke about the red and blue costume compared to the black and white one in this short little essay here, but I only just realised this fun little coincidence.

Mary Jane always liked the original costume (which had a lot of red in it) and Felicia always preferred the black costume (which coincidentally reflected her look more).

And its interesting because one theory is that the symbiote sort of created a costume the likes of which Peter always WISHED he’d had, or wanted to have. Under that thinking the black costume embodies what Peter wants to be like as Spider-Man. But the less stylish and less ‘bad ass’ red costume is actually a better reflection of the fun and goofy person he is in reality.

Taking that into account if you really wanted you could take a deeper reading of the two women’s preferences. You could maybe argue that that’s symbolic of how MJ liked Peter just as he always was/who he was deep down (cool but somewhat geeky and ultimately friendly, like the original costume) whereas Felicia was more in love with her IDEA of who Spider-Man was (a mysterious and potentially dangerous creature of the night, which is what the black costume better reflects).

You could even say Peter’s changing feelings for the black costume and his later preference for the old red one is symbolic of how his feelings for his older love interest MJ eventually won out over his feelings for his newer one Black Cat. I.e. he permanently switched to the red costume after he married Mary Jane.

…Or maybe it’s just a massive coincidence…

Then again…as fashion savvy as both ladies are surely they would’ve noticed how one costume better co-ordinates with their own looks than the other…

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So I've only recently gotten into Spidertorch because I read Amazing Spiderman #680 so I went on TUmblr and read your fic and now I'm hooked. Do you have a list of MUST read comics for spidertorch shippers? That'd help me so much with my newfound obsession

I definitely do! Since we’re talking 50+ years worth of team-ups between two of Marvel’s biggest heroes, this is far from a definitive list - I mean, they literally meet in Amazing Spider-Man #1. Mostly I’m just highlighting my favorite issues. If anybody else would like to add onto it, please feel free!

Marvel 616

Recs under the cut! Surprising nobody, it got long.

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