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Finished my custom Gamecube!!! I am so proud. It looks beautiful!! I had to do a little mini photoshoot…..
This was a purple gamecube before I started.
@jeremy-1994 it looks much better now! No more grime or dirt or random sticky spots…. Ewwwww

Also, I absolutely LOVE painting and customizing consoles! The only problem is, I can rarely find consoles that I can afford. I found this gamecube at a flea market in California and it looked like someone drug it through a dump and buried it for five years. It took two hours just to clean >~

Ficlet: Grounded

So…it happened. Keith and Pidge - B/SOTP - Takes place after S2E13: Blackout

Pidge caught Keith staring at Shiro’s chair on the bridge again. He did that often, when he thought the others were asleep or out. He just stood there, directly behind the Black Paladin’s console, his shoulders pressed down by some invisible force, head ducked in heartbreak.

He grieved for the other half of his soul. Pidge could relate.

She wasn’t sure how to help, how to ease a suffering that might never be ceased, but when she stepped up, the words just flowed from her mouth.

“You know when we find Matt, he’s so grounded.”

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By thatcrazymage



A date. Help!

Sherwin couldn’t stop looking everywhere: the flowers, the toddlers playing in the other side of the road, the big clock in the middle of the park that reminded him he had arrived 30 minutes early… His hands were sweating so bad, God! What would Jhonatan think if he wanted to hold his hand just to find it all sweaty? Wait, it was not a date… Well, yes it was, but not a date-date. Chances were they would just wander around and play some games, nothing romantic. Nothing. It couldn’t, they barely knew each other…

Kind of.

They had been in the same school for some time…

Since first grade…

He knew Jonathan, he had been admiring him from afar for… long.

Jonathan knew him… he had seen him during recess. Several times.

Good God, he was so nervous!

And his heart? The guy was as excited as a puppy just out of the car, (he considered to get him a leash or something. He was even drooling!). He had been bouncing around and spinning around the clock and back again. He could barely get him down when he caught him on his sleeve.

How embarrassing! His own heart had betrayed him, not once but twice…trice? He had already lost count.

Suddenly something crashed against him and made him fall on his butt. The pain from impact made him close his eyes. What had that been? A baseball? It was forbidden to play baseball near the playground—!

He opened his eyes and saw his heart pounce Jonathan and the bow receiving him in his open palms…


He looked down and found Jonathan’s heart rubbing his cheek against his own chest, like a pet wanting attention. Wow. And he had thought his own heart was energic.

Jonathan was as red as a tomato. Shérwin saw his heart trying to console the black haired boy who, then, helped Sherwin to stand up with a sheepish smile. His face reddened even more when the naughty little heart of his found his way inside Sherwin’s collar. The redhead laughed lightly, that tickled.

It took them five more minutes, but they finally got their hearts under control and hidden into their sleeves (although, they might have preferred to have them back inside their chests).

Sherwin tried to avoid looking at Jonathan, convinced that his nerves would be at rest in that way, just to be back on edge the moment he felt him take his hand.

His hand was sweaty…

Wait, it was Jonathan’s hand,

He was nervous too?

But he was so cool and calm all the time!

The heart seemed to have sensed his thoughts because it exchanged a series of gestures with his partner who made a face that could have been read as: “Naaaah! This guy is so uncool! He’s just a huge dork!”

Sherwin laughed again, and failed at his attempt to hide it. Jonathan heard him, then he looked at the hearts… and found that his heart had embarrassed him again. First, for something he wasn’t sure about and second… because it fluttered every time he heard the redhead’s laugh.

The shorter boy grinned and kissed his cheek.
Why had he been nervous in the first place?

Coldflash Week, Day 7: Wingfic

Angels on Earth 700 live among the humans and lead an everyday life like us. There are two types of them: the ones with silky white wings bring happiness and joy to the mortals to live their life in love and being playful like children. The other ones with velvety black wings bring consolation to the people who lost someone beloved or suffering from loneliness or afraid of the tomorrow. They wipe off their tears of sorrow and give them hope.

But what if one of these angels is just as lonely and feels blue like some of the mortals he should help to? Who will find him and give him a promise that he won’t be lonely forever?

One day, an angel with cheerful hazel eyes and messy brown hair walking his adorable puppy in the park, meets that one sad immortal…


Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part Thirteen (Explicit)

Marinette didn’t think inviting Chat Noir in for milk would lead to this.

The heroes were 20 years old, in university, and it was now time to trust each other better than they ever did.

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [Here]

Rating: Teen/ Mature… EXPLICIT


Angst and fluff, and all that good stuff.

Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part Thirteen



Marinette insisted on doing the dishes despite Adrien’s protests. She had prepared him a wonderful warm meal and he disliked the fact that she was going to be in his own kitchen for this long. She ignored his tugs continued scrubbing the pans in the sink. He attempted to grab the dish towel nearby to at least be able to help and dry the dishes, but Marinette swatted him away with her wet hands; droplets landing on his olive green shirt and forearms. She grabbed the dish towel from him and hung it back up. He hugged her from behind and mumbled sweet nothings in her ear, trying to coo her away from the chores. She giggled and shrugged him off of her back.

“Kitty, it’s alright. I don’t mind.”

Adrien sighed and stuck his hands in his pocket. He knew how Marinette could get when she had her mind set on something, which was most evident when she was Ladybug. “Well. I mind…”

“Don’t.” She smiled at him softly. “Why don’t you go do something? I’ll come join you when I’m done.”

“Fine,” he mumbled.

He wandered away from the kitchen and into the study that was attached to his living room with a nice open wide arch that swirled together at the top. He had his desk pushed up against the wall, with his laptop, papers and other little knick-knacks spread across the top. He had a sleek black console piano in the corner at the back of the room. He flicked on the tall lamp that stood next to it.

A smirk spread across his lips, and he knew exactly what would carry Marinette away from her task. He settled on the small bench in front of the keyboard. It creaked beneath him as he shifted into a comfortable position, placing his toes near the foot petals. His hands hovered over the black and white keys for a second before deciding on a piece to play. The room was still and quiet – peaceful even. The apartment had always been a mediocre place for Adrien since it was merely another bought thing from his father to show his “love”, as well as an insult to his friends. Adrien was well aware that his father meant well for him to gain independence by living alone, but living alone was, well… lonely. Adrien always wanted to live with Nino and have some real good laughs, but they mostly spent time at Nino’s place if they decided to stay in instead of going out. That’s why Adrien had been accepting Alya’s requests to interview Chat Noir and spent a considerable amount of time at their residence as his alter ego. He wanted to get out of his empty shell apartment.

However, since Marinette had stepped foot in his home, there was a new surprising pleasant glow and Adrien felt more at ease and settled in the comfort of his own home already.

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Console War: PS4- Kenny

Outside the school you came across an odd sight. Now that’s saying something giving you lived in South Park, so you were used to flying cows and alien abductions. But this was different. All of the guys in your grade were split into two groups and were staring down the other side. Curious, you walked over. “Hey dudes,” you said, “What’s up?”
                “Y/n!” Cartman yelled, “Get your bitch ass over here!” You arched an eyebrow an eyebrow. Kyle smacked him.
                “Don’t mind Cartman, Y/n. I know you’ll join us.”
                “Hold on!” Stan said, stepping up, “What makes you so sure she’ll side with you?” He looked at you. “Join us, Y/n.” You put your hands up.
                “Whoa, whoa. Hold on. Want’s this all about?”
                “Black Friday, ho,” Cartman said, pissed off, “Now come join team Xbox!”
                Realization dawned on you. This was the beginning of the Console War, the biggest war in gamer history. This was already a big decision, but to you, there was more to it. You, Y/n, were the only female gamer in junior year. You were a valuable asset to both sides. The decision you made would determine your life. It would make and break relationships. Xbox or PS4? You took a breath and chose…

“The hell are you talking about? Y/n will side with us,” Kyle said told Kenny. He turned to you. “Right, Y/n?” One look from you and Kyle knew something was wrong. “Y-y/n?” he asked nervously.
                “I’m sorry, Kyle,” you said, “PS4 controler has touchpad interface.” The PS4 side cheered as Kyle stared at you.
                “Y-Y/n,” he whispered.
                “God damn bitch is a traitor!” Cartman yelled.
                “Leave her alone!” Kenny ordered, his voice somewhat muffled by his hood. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Forget about them, Y/n. Come, I’ll show you our HQ.” With that, the PS4 army left, feeling quite victorious, and your new life began.
                It’s been a week since you joined Army PS4 and the effects of choosing sides were finally getting to you. At school, Cartman and Kyle ignored you completely. You really didn’t give a shit about Cartman’s fatass, but Kyle was your best friend. In fact, you wouldn’t dare admit it to anyone, but you had the slightest crush on him for a while now. Sometimes you wished you had chosen Xbox, but you preferred PS4 and what’s done is done. Kyle viewed you as a traitor now. It’s best to just move on.
                You sighed and stood up from the stump you were sitting on. ”Y/n?” You turned to see Kenny dressed as Zelda.
                “Hey, Kenneth.” Unlike the others, you didn’t have to him as Lady McCormick. This was one of the first things he told you when you joined. You supposed it was because you and he were best friends. And unlike everyone else, you called him Kenneth. He never complained so you went with it.
                “What’s wrong?” he asked, “You’ve been distant lately.”               
You shrugged “It’s nothing really.”
                 Kenny sat down on the stump. “If it was nothing you wouldn’t be acting like this.” He patted the spot next to him. You sat down. “So what is it?” You sighed and ran a hand through your hair. Kenny was your best friend. You knew you could tell him anything.
                “It’s Kyle,” you said. You felt Kenny stiffen next to you. “Ever since I joined he’s been ignoring me completely, like I don’t exist. And it hurts…” You poured your heart out to Kenny. He was just easy to talk to.
                As you talked, Kenny grew ridged, his hands balled in tight fists. Kyle. It was always Kyle. Kenny had liked you for the past year, always there for you. He’d saved your life so many times, but of course you didn’t remember. He was always there as a shoulder to cry on, always there when Kyle wasn’t. He had devoted his being to you and you still didn’t notice. You were blind to his affection, your eyes always on Kyle.
                You stopped talking when you noticed his harsh breaths, shaking with anger. “Kenneth?” you asked, placing your hand on his, “Is everything alright?”
                “No!” he snapped. You pulled away in shock. He had never yelled at you before. Kenny noticed your shock, but was too upset to care. He got up from the stump and began to pace in front of you. “Everything is not okay! You know why? Because you always care about Kyle. You always talk about Kyle. You only notice Kyle! You’re too focused on him that you don’t notice the person who fucking loves you! The person who lives because of you!  And do you know who that person is?”
                You stared that being the only thing you could do. You froze in shock at his outburst, speechless. “Me!” Kenny continued, gesturing wildly, “”I fucking love you, Y/n! For like, a year now! Since the beginning of sophomore year! I always put you first. Whenever you needed me, I would drop everything and go to you! That time you called me at 10 at night because your parents had left on a business trip overnight and it was storming? You were terrified. I ran to your place and we had a movie night. Remember when Kyle asked you for love advice then used it to ask Rebecca to prom? I comforted you. Do you know how hard it is, to sit there and listen to you cry over him while I’m hopelessly in love with you?!”
                He was right. He’d always been there, through thick and thin. True Kyle was your friend, but whenever you were scared or needed advice, it was always Kenny you had turned to. Always Kenny. It’s like your head was telling you Kyle, reminding how sweet and funny Kyle was, but it was your heart that knew the truth, that paved the right path. The path to Kenny.
                The boy fell to his knees and began to weep. Slowly and shakily, you stood up and walked over to him. Kneeling down, you lightly placed a hand on his shoulder. “Kenneth,” you said softly. He winced at your voice but leaned into your touch, like he didn’t want to hear the rejection, but craved your touch. “Ken,” you said again. Slowly he looked up, turmoil raging in his blue eyes. “You’re right,” you said.
                “What?” he breathed, barely audible, but you heard it.
                “You’re right. You have always been there, Ken. Always come when I asked. It was never Kyle I went to for help or comfort. I see that now. It was always you, Kenneth, it’s always been you.” Your voice had started strong, but ended in a soft whisper. You placed a hand in his cheek.
                Kenny stared at you, bringing his hand up to place it on the one on his face. “Y/n,” he started to say, but was cut off when you placed your lips on his in a feather light kiss. Kenny froze, but nearly instantly kissed you back. Unlike the other girls, and a few guys, he’d kissed, he kept this one soft and gentle. You weren’t like those others who were just for fun or money. You were Y/n. Dare he say… his Y/n?
                Slowly, he pulled his lips away, leaning is forehead against yours. “Y/n…” he whispered, his eyes closed.
                “Yes?’ you breathed. Kenny opened his eyes.
                “Will… will you be mine?” he asked. His voice was quiet, hesitant. You smiled.
                “Of course.” Kenny smiled and leaned in for another kiss.

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