black console


Got my Ghost vinyl decals on my 1973 Gran Torino. This Papa rides around in style!

Specs of the car for those curious:
351 Cleveland 4bbl Q-Code Cobra Jet
Buckets/console/automatic. Black interior! Goes well with the Unholy/Unplugged colorscheme, if you ask me.

The Garde during the holiday season
  • John: gives gifts of boxes of chocolate (unless ur Sarah Hart, then it's some sort of diamond necklace). Has minimal decorations, like a simple tree and some strings of light. Owns a huge collection of Christmas movies which he binge watches with whoever wants to join him
  • Sarah: Obsessed with SCENTED CANDLES. Will light a lot of them and keep them around the house at night. Does a lot of careful thinking into gifts and will spend a lot of time and money to make personalized gifts for everyone. (Her inspiration is Buzzfeed.) Loves romantic Christmas movies (like Love Actually, probably a fan of fetus sangster tbh)
  • Sam: Discounted video game consoles on Black Friday keeps him busy throughout the season. Diets on chocolate
  • Six: Loves to go skiing. Will get very competitive with skiing. Will also go snowboarding. Or sledding. Or hockey. Or any winter sport. Will be upfront and just ask people on her gift list what they want, and will go out of her way to get them what they want.
  • Marina: Worries so much about getting who what that she just goes safe and gets them gift cards and puts together gift baskets. Loves tree decorating with Eight and bakes a lot of gingerbread cookies. Practically obsessed with anything peppermint flavored. Quietly hums Christmas carols all day long.
  • Eight: literal trash for Hershey's mint chocolate kiss candies. Does most of his clothes shopping in this season when everything is discounted. Stresses over getting gifts and will go to Six for her master list of everyone's wish list
  • Nine: Competes with Six at skiing and hockey. Is sorta cheap with his gifts but no one expects much from him anyway. Super annoyed with all the Christmas carols. Loves the phrase "bah humbug"
  • Ella: Stuffs everyone's stockings. Loves to make snowmen and is the number one fan of Marina's gingerbread cookies. Goes around hanging mistletoe on top of couples. Will sing Christmas carols at the top of her lungs to annoy Adam and Nine
  • Adam: hates hates hates hates hates Christmas carols but they get stuck in his head and Ella will sometimes catch him humming Jingle Bell Rock. Doesn't get all this holiday spirit but he gets gifts so he doesn't complain.
The homophobic mother who hated that her daughter got married to a black lesbian gets to console that freshly widowed lesbian daughter. Apparently this plot-shock should work as a magnet for lesbian viewers because it brings out the best in the relationship between mother and daughter!? I cannot believe an intelligent writer as Sally Wainwright said this while sober.
—  Me after reading the interview in Diva magazine.