black coil

alright, listen up you shits i have a contribution to the “humans are weird” posts. 

Humans do stupidly dangerous stuff, and we don’t even know why. That shits a fact. Sometimes, we’ll know something is stupid/dangerous and we’ll do it anyways, Just because we can. I’ve done it plenty of times myself to know. 

For example, once, my friend and i saw a large black snake coiled in the grass that neither of us even bothered to identify. First of all, we didn’t notice it until we were nearly on top of it. Second of all, we just went, “Woah that’s a big-ass snake lol” and walked around it. Once we were on the high ground my friend excitedly went, “LETS ANTAGONIZE IT” as a joke, and, taking it seriously, i responded, “OKAY” before picking up a plastic toy and hocking it at the snake. When we saw it zoom off we made a beeline for the house, but that was pretty much the only sensible decision we made there. 

Alright, we were both teenagers, and we knew better than to antagonize a large black snake that neither of us could recognize, but we did it anyways. Mostly because we’re shit-heads. 

but it made me think, humans, in general, did tons of even dumber shit. And since the entire human race is essentially Steve Irwin compared to other aliens, i can imagine things like this happening: 

Human: Woah what the hell is that??

Alien: that’s a (insert monster name) it can kill anything in second- wait what are you doing?

Human: lol watch this. 

Human: *throws a rock at it*


sister of darkness - a female fronted metal playlist

i.amberian dawn-fame&gloria//ii.delain-control the storm//iiinightwish-sahara//iv.epica-mother of light//v.xandria-nightfall//vi.within temptation-the cross//vii.flowing tears-portsall (departure song)//viii.trillium-justifiable casualty//ix.after forever-discord//xwarlock-für immer//xi.flowing tears-kismet//xii.avantasia-symphony of life//xiii.evanescence-my last breath//xiv.tarja-an empty dream//xv.lacuna coil-blood, tears, dust//xvi.beyond the black-dies irae//xvii.leave’s eyes-king of kings//xviii.the autist-the sanctuary//xix.nightwish-sleepwalker

Here’s some hair tips for my 4c sistas

1.Deep Condition

2. Twist or braid hair at night to prevent hair from being mattered.

3. Do hot oil treatments when hair and scalp seems dry.

4. Moisturize daily (especially ends) using the Liquid, Cream, Oil method

5. Drink more Water

6. Trim ends every 6 months if necessary

7. Rock protective styles to prevent breakage.

8. Never sleep without your
satin scarf/bonnet

9. Don’t comb your hair dry. Always apply a leave in conditioner or cream before combing.

10. Comb hair bottom to top (ends to roots) gently to prevent unnecessary breakage.



Black silk 2-piece, boned back-lacing faille bodice with velvet front insert and short balloon sleeve, decorated with scrolling gold cord and braid with knotted balls, rough-cut black beads, tulle insert having metallic embroidery, skirt with wide vertical velvet bands edged in black coils, with faille gores and braided stripes, long train