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Good morning stims :)

Image description:
{There is a white, trans masculine person standing up. They are wearing a blue sweatshirt with a yellow rain jacket and playing with a tangle toy in their hands. They have short, straight black hair and have black circle frame glasses. They are stimming by rocking, swaying and bouncing, they are smiling as well.}

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Lucy, with Halloween coming, what do you think of a fic based on the song "Hotel California" by the eagles?

(I’ve been thinking about that for the past six months but never had an idea till now. It’s not so Halloween-like but its still early for that)

Victor’s a novelist. He only intended to stay at the Hotel California for a few months, researching as he wrote. It’s supposed to be haunted. The only thing haunting him is the fact that the pages have stayed blank for over a year now.

He’s had enough best-sellers and movie deals that the royalty checks more than pay for the suite and the meals, but money doesn’t buy inspiration.

Just check out. His agent, Yakov Feltsman, tells him. Just leave. He can’t. He’s waiting for something. Days and days and weeks and months of white pages and waiting for… something.

Turns out to be someone.

Yuuri Katsuki checks in late one night, swaying on his feet with how tired he is. He mumbles something about driving twenty hours straight from somewhere or the other. His voice is gentle and black hair is messy. He’s got dark circles under the frame of his glasses, but Victor still thinks he has such a lovely face.

The room Yuuri gets is down the corridor from Victor’s suite. Victor stays up all night wondering what Yuuri’s story is. He finds out the next morning, when he sees Yuuri outside, finishing off a gorgeous sketch of the face of the old hotel.

Yuuri’s an architect, driving cross country seeking out buildings with history because something went wrong with his last project. He won’t say what, just that he’s escaping. Looking for someplace new. Maybe find someplace to settle. Victor doesn’t push for anymore than that.

Yuuri stays for a bit. He draws and Victor calls him an artist. It’s a title he shrugs off at first, but stops objecting to as the afternoons grow longer. They talk and they talk. Sometimes so caught up that they forget there’s other people there who come and go. Slowly, Victor’s pages start filling up.

One evening, they end up sharing a bottle of wine and a dance in the courtyard. Then make love in Yuuri’s bed, soaked in sweet summer sweat. Victor asks Yuuri to stay. Yuuri says he hasn’t considered anything else.

They never leave the Hotel California. Victor buys it with the money from his next book, about finding love where it’s least expected.

Victor finds his inspiration.
Yuuri finds a place to call home.

“Coffee Lovers” (Jooheon fluff/ Coffee Shop AU)

: Coffee Lovers

Featuring: Jooheon (monsta x) and you

POV: First person

Rating: PG

Summary: You hate coffee, but you keep coming back to see a certain barista

Requested by anon!

To be honest, I didn’t know why I was standing in line at a coffee shop. I never liked coffee, it seemed like it was bitter no matter how much cream and sugar I dumped into it, and at that point it kind of defeated the purpose, so I gave up on it.

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I’m officially diagnosed with autism and getting a service dog! The dog I’m getting is the one sitting in my lap and his name is Waffles! I’ll probably be posting updates about him so stay tuned for that :)

Image description:
{A slender, trans masculine person with black short hair, black circle frame glasses, a light blue short sleeve t shirt, and black jeans is sitting on the grass with his legs crossed outside on a sunny day. In his lap is a 4 week old english cream golden retriever puppy and there is another one in his arms.}

College! AU

Mark: Studies physics and is obsessed with quantum mechanics and nuclear physics, once went on an hour long speech on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle that put Jinyoung and Youngjae to sleep. Changes his hair colour almost every month and lets his hairdresser experiment with crazy colours on his hair. Appeared in a bunch of hair magazines and is a hair model. Goes through one entire bottle of conditioner every other week. Has a really big fan club, and is nominated the cutest guy on campus. Skates around campus on his skateboard and works part time at the university’s coffee shop. He used to share a room with Jackson but swapped with Youngjae because Jackson gets really loud when he’s drunk which disrupts his sleep especially since most of his classes are at eight in the morning. Addicted to coffee and brings coffee to every lecture and tutorial. Asks Jackson how to reject confessions nicely on a daily basis.

JB:  Studies film and photography, and his best pictures and videos are of other people dancing. Turns up to parties with Jackson only for the dance battles and is part of a break dance crew. In charge of making sure that Jackson doesn’t drink too much. He sometimes writes film critics for the school magazine. One of his reviews was actually featured in a popular film magazine and he’s been bombarded with requests to write reviews on new films ever since. He shares a room with Jinyoung and they have really good chemistry. Jinyoung helps him with writing his essays and Jaebum helps him with his film studies module. Used to have a ever expanding DVD collection in his room until it took up too much space and Jinyoung demanded that Jaebum download movies instead because there wasn’t enough space for his books. Has too many piercings for his own good and Youngjae is forever telling him that his ears are going to drop off from the weight of his earrings.

Jackson: He’s the person that gets invited to every single party because he is literally the life to the party. Majors in physiology so that he can be a physiotherapist in the future. He was a national athlete until he realised he rather nurture than compete. Turns up to class all the time with hair that’s in a mess and sweatpants. He’s actually pretty good with memorising the anatomy of the body and can probably rattle off all the major muscles and its corresponding functions. Hangs out at the gym a lot and has a body to die for. He’s Yugyeom’s self declared wingman and is forever trying to get Yugyeom a girlfriend. Flirts around way too much and is currently trying to win the heart of a girl who’s been ignoring his flirting. Scolds Yugyeom for getting injured while dancing because he has only one body and is forever threatening Jaebum and Mark with broken limbs if Jaebum gets injured from break dancing and if Mark gets injured from doing tricks on his skateboard.

Jr: He’s a literature major that takes a minor in philosophy. He’s the stereotypical literature student, hipster with black framed glasses and dark circles because he stays up way too late reading. Soft spoken and insightful, he contributes interesting points to class discussions. The professors urge him to get his doctorate because he’s a force to be reckoned with. Writes poetry on the back of receipts and paper napkins that he gets at the university’s coffee shop. Can probably recite Paradise Lost and Beowulf word for word. He took care of Jaebum and Jackson after they came back completely drunk from a party. Needless to say he wasn’t very amused by their blabbering and drunk talk. Ever since then, Jinyoung has banned them from being drunk at the same time. When the guys want a time out from stressful college life, they just chill next to Jinyoung because he has a super calming presence. Looks perpetually cold because he’s always wearing long sleeve shirts and sweaters.

Youngjae: Music major, he has perfect pitch and has the ability to play music just by hearing it once. Wears a wide brimmed black hat to class just so the professors will remember him (tip courtesy of Bambam) but he doesn’t need it the hat for the professors to notice him. He’s the lead singer of a band that performs in a small jazz bar off campus. Shares a room with Jackson and sleeps through all the noise Jackson makes when he comes back to the room drunk. He’s the designated driver alongside Jinyoung if the boys decide to go drinking. Has stacks of notebooks that is filled with self composed music. Uploads covers of songs on Youtube for fun and gets a good number of views for his videos. Sometimes he makes playlists on 8tracks. Yugyeom always bothers Youngjae to make tracks and beats for his dance pieces. Idolises Jaebum because Jaebum can both sing and dance. Is a super good listener and keeps secrets really well.

Bambam: Studies linguistics because he has a flair for mastering languages but is considering to change his major to fashion.  He treats university as his fashion runway and looks like he walked out of Vogue magazine. Probably knows more about skincare and makeup than the average college girl and runs a popular fashion Instagram account. Underneath the chokers and eyeliner is a really sweet and nice guy. Shares a room with Yugyeom and also share clothes with him. He dresses the guys for their first dates except for Jackson who insists on wearing snapbacks everywhere and Bambam has basically given up on him. He volunteers at shelters and homes a lot because he believes in giving back to society. Has been invited to various fashion shows and Jackson always insists in tagging along because models. Has this really huge soft spot for Yugyeom and even though Bambam teases Yugyeom a lot, he would fight anyone who messes with Yugyeom.

Yugyeom: Studies engineering, actually wanted to major in dance until he saw the modules and realised classical dance wasn’t his thing. Frequents underground dance battles and he’s won quite a few of them. Makes really good ramen that the boys insist on eating at least once a week. Once showed up to class in a trench coat even though it wasn’t autumn and everyone was wondering whether it was Bambam who appeared instead of Yugyeom. Despite Jackson being his wingman, he hasn’t actually managed to get a girlfriend although he’ll never tell Jackson that he’s been crushing on a girl who’s in his chemical engineering class. Due to his mature face and height, people always mistake him for being a professor and he can’t even count the number of times that people have asked what class he teaches and his office hours because a lot of girls think he’s really cute and they would totally take a class just to ogle him for two hours. Usually seen with a flannel tied round his waist.


Calm stimming with two of my favorite stim toys + rocking:)

Image/gif description:
{Top gif- a white trans boy with short, bright green hair. He is wearing a black sweatshirt with the sleeves somewhat rolled up and large black circle frame glasses. He is rocking back and forth, chewing on a black bat chew necklace, and playing with a tangle toy in both hands, his pulled up to his chest and he’s calmly staring off to the side.

Bottom left pic- an all black bat necklace that is made for chewing on and is on a black string. The necklace is sitting on a white/cream background.

Bottom right pic- an all black tangle toy sitting on a white/cream background.}

Please do not remove my caption or repost any of these without giving credit!