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Somethin’ Bad - Amari/Olivia

Amari didn’t know Liv that well, but she wanted to change that. Liv was the kind of woman that Amari wanted to be friends with and she needed some fun so badly it was starting to hurt. She’d been so wrapped up in her head lately that she knew getting blackout drunk was the only solution.

She got a text from Liv saying she was here so Amari grabbed a small black clutch and headed out the door. She was in a mini red, lacy dress with chunky black heels. She felt hot and knew she looked it. Bring on the goddamn night.

“Do you want go to a bar or get something to eat with our booze?” Amari asked when she saw Liv.

im stuck between desiring the aesthetic of sparkly light pinks, pearls, fluffy textures, silk and rose petals or wanting to be red velvet, dark lips, jewels, rough black leather, chunky heels, ringed chokers, lace and rose thorns.

Don’t know what was in the water today but I felt like an absolute Goddess!

I’m considered to be a tall girl compared to people that I’m normally around but I’m only 5ft 8 and ½.

I used to be super self-conscious about my height especially when it came to wearing heels as I tend to be taller than most of the guys but recently I’ve stopped caring!

I’ve literally been buying a pair of heels every month this year (where as before I literally owned 1 black mid-height pair) and today I wore my chunky heel black booties on a coffee date.

The minute I left my house, it’s like my hips were swaying extra hard, my hair was blowing perfectly in the wind and people were just staring. The stares would previously have been enough to have me run in a bathroom and change into flats, and I was carrying a pair of flats in my bag but refused to change!

As I walked to meet my date in Mayfair, I made eye contact with an BEAUTIFUL Arabian-looking man and instead of looking away like I would have before, I held his gaze and gave him a smile, and he winked back!

Then when I was shopping in Westfield, another guy made eye contact with me as I approached and whispered “wow” as I sashayed past him.


Good Luck (You’re punk) - Calum imagine

Requested: Yes

Hello! Can I request a punk Calum one shot where one day a new girl shows up at school who looks punk as hell with dyed hair and nose piercing and Calum can’t help but chase after her and all I don’t know I just had this dream similar to it haha I hope your dag turns out great!!

You walked in with your chunky black heeled boots meeting the ground with force, making everyone around you look at you curiously. You avoided the stares as the screen on your phone seemed much more important. Your light purple hair bounced behind you by swaying left and right. You knew it mesmerised others, but you didn’t care as music was bursting through your headphones to your ears.

After five seconds of ignoring them, people turned around except for one boy. Calum. His dark eyes followed your movements infatuated already without knowing your name. He leaned against his locker and crossed his arms, potentially showing off his big biceps as if to call you over, yet you were completely oblivious and didn’t care. 

You finally looked up from your phone and walked over to a line of lockers. You walked by them one by one before finding yours. You opened it and the books that were hugged to your chest were pushed into the locker, before you tried to grab a textbook that you needed for your next lesson. You scrunched up your nose making your nose ring lift high as you had difficulty grabbing that certain textbooks as it was surrounded with the others. 

“Need help?” you turned around with no expression as you saw Calum wearing a smirk. 

You turned back around and shook your head, “No, you’re alright.”

“It looks like your having difficulties,” every word that escaped from Calum’s mouth was seeping in confident. 

“You’re not wrong,” you finally got your textbook and stuffed it in your open backpack, “but I think I’ll manage.” Your monotone voice hit Calum round the face as he stood by your side with mouth agape. 

He cleared his throat, “So erm you’re new aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” you replied and turned around placing your backpack on your shoulders and went to your next lesson. 

Calum jogged to catch up with you, “So what do you take?”

“Art, photography and music.”

“You draw?”

You laughed, “Well I hope so since I am taking Art.”

Calum blushed and stammered, “Yeah, of course. So, erm, what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you answered.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Calum.”

You nodded and walked round a corner, catching him off guard as he nearly bumped into a wall. 

“What type of music do you like?”

“ATL, twenty one pilots, Sum 41, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Panic, you know them sort of bands.”

“You’ve got good music taste. I listen to that music.” This caused you to slow down your walking pace and look at him in amusement. 

“Right,” was your short response.

“So erm why did you move?”

“Wanted to.”

“Just casually?”

“Pretty much.”

“Cool. I can show you around if you want?”

You nodded and reached a classroom, “Is this a music class?” Calum nodded feeling distressed with your short answers.

“Cool,” you opened the door and walked in, shutting it behind you with difficulty. “What the-”

“I take music too.”

“You could’ve said.”

“You could’ve asked.”

You looked up and down Calum before smirking and walked in with him following you like a lost puppy. You sat down at a table at the back, watching him be disorientated for a while, before sitting down at a table at the front. You watched as his hand came to his black hair to ruffle it, noticing the blond highlights. This caused you to smile.

Calum turned around and saw you watching him, causing him to go wide eyed. You in return smirked and winked, causing him to blush and turn back around. His face met the cup of his hands in embarrassment and then stroked his chin. He looked forward before grabbing his bag and moved to the back to sit with you. He dropped his bag under your table and pulled the chair out but stopped once your leg caught the chair. 

“Can I help you?” you asked teasingly.

“Yeah, can I sit here?” Calum asked looking at the ground.

“And why’s that?”

“So the new girl won’t be alone,” Calum replied sarcastically.

“Hmm, what a good reason. Funny thing is, is that new girl has a name and doesn’t care that she’s alone.”

Both of you stared at each other, Calum with annoyance and you with tease. 

You released the chair and moved your stuff to your side, “Go on then.”

Calum stood for a while before huffing and pulled his chair out. He sat down and you moved around in your seat, making your back face the wall to look at him.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Yeah and then I’ll get bored and delete it within a short amount of time.”

“Ouch,” Calum muttered. 

“Well you did use an overrated line.”

“Wow, are sayings overrated now?” Calum asked looking at you with a smile to tease you.

“Want to push your luck of me allowing you to sit here?” You returned with the exact smile, making Calum drop his. You laughed quietly.

“What do you want to become?”

“What?” you asked, shocked by the random and sudden question.

“What do you want to become?” Calum repeated.

“Who knows in this world,” you said as you shrugged your shoulders.

“You can be whatever you want.”

“Yeah?” Calum nodded. “What do you want to become then?”

“I want to be a bass player.”

“Like the bands I mentioned?”


“Who would’ve thought that cocky Calum wants to be punk?” you turned around as the music teacher walked in.

“Maybe more punk then you,” Calum muttered.

“Pha. Good luck,” you muttered back.

a/n i enjoyed writing this, requests are open :) xx