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Oh Sehun//Fast Lane

Summary: You finally find out how your big cousin earns her money - she’s the flag girl for the illegal street races in your neighborhood, and now she’s dragging you along. And that’s where you meet the Hawaii-shirt wearing, orange-headed Oh Sehun, ace street racer and smartass.
Scenario: street racer!au 
Word Count: 6,337

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My Little Boy - Isaac Lahey x Reader

Originally posted by dalanne

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Prompt: None! I’m just an imaginative filthy bitch




You strut through the hallways, stopping to talk to your lab partner briefly, before walking to the cafeteria. You could sense someone following you but you didn’t need to look to know who it was. You smirked to yourself as you walked over to the table, that had commonly become the pack table.

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Waitin’ on You (Poly!HamilsquadxFem!Reader)

[ Hey everyone, I know I’m the worst and I haven’t posted in forever, but I’m slowly getting my Hamilsquad muse back. I actually wrote this a while back, and didn’t think it was good enough to publish but I feel bad for not putting out content. So, lovelies, here you go! 

Fem!Reader, upset her boyfriends have not been making time for her, goes all out for a Schuyler party in the hopes of her lovers attending. But she unexpectedly catches the eye of someone else. 

TW: Alcohol/drinking? Maybe a few curse words? ]

It was finally the end of the fall semester, but in all honestly, you didn’t really care. No classes meant you’d be home for a month, doing nothing, because all of your boyfriends seemed to be too busy for you lately. Herc was sewing in his studio downtown most of the time, Alexander never had time for anything other than writing and John & Laf bartended into the late hours of the night. The last 3 weeks or so consisted of you coming home to an empty house, letting out a forlorn, “I’m home…” to no one. Sure, they’d leave you messages and voicemails to let you know they missed you, but it wasn’t enough for you. Falling asleep alone and waking up alone, because they never wanted to climb into bed and risk waking you, was taxing when you were so used to dozing off in their arms.

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The Serpent and the Princess-Jughead Jones Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: underage drinking, sensuality, and it’s pretty long

Originally posted by kylogue

     Y/N Y/L/N was known for many things in Riverdale: she was the class president every year at Riverdale High, she was gorgeous, and shopped daily because of the Y/L/Ns lucrative lumber business. Most importantly, she was known for being Cheryl Blossom’s best friend since basically birth. The Blossoms and Y/L/Ns were business partners and family friends, so Cheryl and Y/N were like sisters and Jason was like a surrogate brother to her. Therefore, Y/N took his death almost as hard as Cheryl. Cheryl and Y/N did everything together and ruled Riverdale High with an iron fist. They were the it girls of the school and the Sad Breakfast Club couldn’t stand them, except for the moodiest member.

      Y/N represented everything Jughead hated, but he still found himself drawn to her. There was something about Y/N that was different from the other popular jocks and athletes at Riverdale, but he never got close enough to her to discover exactly what that something was until one fateful night. Cheryl was throwing one of her legendary parties at Thornhill and invited all the cool people and the Sad Breakfast Club. Betty, Veronica, Archie, Kevin, and Jughead were shocked when Y/N and Cheryl sauntered up to their table during lunch and handed them their stunning invitations.

     “You should be honored that we are extending an invitation to you,” Cheryl informed them.

     “Thanks?” Betty asked.

    “No problem, Betty,” Cheryl said. “We’ll see you tonight?”

    “Yeah,” Archie said.

    “Maybe,” Jughead muttered.

    “Well, I hope you’ll all come.” Y/N gently smiled in Jughead’s direction. “It’ll be a fun night.”

     Jughead stared Y/N down and was almost shocked by her kindness. She could be as mean as Cheryl, but she was mostly nicer than Cheryl was. Cheryl pivoted on her heeled boot and sauntered away with Y/N at her side.

     “We are definitely going to that party,” Kevin said. “Cheryl’s parties are legendary. Last time, Kendall Jenner showed up.”

    “And you missed it?” Veronica teased.

    “I’m going, I kind of have to now anyway,” Archie said.

    “And I’m always down for a good party,” Veronica said.

     “I’m definitely going, what about you, Juggie?” Betty asked.

     “No. I’d prefer to be in an environment without drunk teenagers throwing up all over each other while simultaneously trying to hook up with each other.”

    “C’mon, Jughead, it’ll be fun,” Archie said.

   “Besides, it would be a good way to investigate,” Betty said. “Cheryl will be so distracted with the party that she wouldn’t notice anything.”

     Betty did make a good point, but that wasn’t the only reason Jughead agreed to go. He couldn’t get the way Y/N looked at him out of his head and though part of him wanted to deny it even happened, he would regret it if he didn’t try to see something through with her. 

      “I’ll go, but I will complain the whole time,” Jughead said.

      “I’ll deal with it.”

       That night, Thornhill was filled with a bunch of intoxicated teenagers, kegs of the finest beer, bottles of the best wine, and a mix of throwback R&B and hip hop hits. Everyone was dancing, drinking, or hooking up just as Jughead predicted, but the raven-haired boy was more than willing to look over it. Archie and Veronica found the drinks table and began making everyone drinks. Jughead decided to sip on a beer, feeling mildly entertained by Kevin and Veronica dancing to Rihanna’s “Pon de Replay”. He tried to remain casual as he looked out for Y/N but found no sight of her.

        “Looking for someone?” Betty teased.

        “What makes you think that?” Jughead asked over the music.

       “You haven’t looked me in the eye since we got here, what’s up with you?”


      Fortunately, Betty couldn’t continue interrogating Jughead any further as the princesses of Riverdale were making their entrance. They strutted down the staircase in sync, earning a lot of hollers from the jocks. Y/N looked stunning in her silver spaghetti strap slip dress and chunky black heels. Her y/h/c hair was down and glossy. Cheryl wore a deep red crop top and a high waisted black leather skirt with a pair of over-the-knee boots. Both of them beamed under the attention and when they got to the last step, boys swarmed them. Cheryl flirted intensely with them while Y/N laughed a little and accepted a beer from Reggie. Of course, Y/N wasn’t looking at Jughead. Why would she care about the weird emo kid when she had Riverdale’s royalty at her fingertips? 

       “Is Y/N wearing a vintage Alaia?” Kevin asked. 

      “Probably,” Veronica said with a shrug.

      “She looks amazing,” Betty said.

      “And Reggie thinks so too.”

      Throughout the night, Jughead would get glimpses of Y/N and Cheryl dancing with different jocks and taking shots. He helped Betty poke around the mansion a little but everything worth interest was locked away—as it should have been. It seemed like the night was a waste and while Jughead was sitting in a small study, Y/N stumbled in. She looked a bit haphazard as she closed the door behind her and leaned against it. 

      “Did you need an escape from the party, too?” she asked.

      “Expensive keggers aren’t really my scene,” Jughead said. 

      “Ah, yes, you prefer the ambiance of Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe,” Y/N teased.

     Jughead arched an eyebrow. “How did you know that?”

     “I see you there every time I get a milkshake or a cheeseburger. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t eat solely caviar or filet mignon.” 

      “Of course not, that would be ridiculous.”

       Jughead watched as Y/N walked over to one of the bookcases that lined the walls of the study and skimmed the titles. Her fingers would graze a few of the spines and she had a wistful look on her face.

      “Mr. Blossom always kept a few first editions in here besides the legal books to keep him entertained and to remind him of his wealth.” Y/N plucked one off of the shelf and smiled. “The Three Musketeers, so many memories with this one.” 

       “Is it your favorite?” Jughead asked.

        “One of them, I think my favorite is Frankenstein. I love how creepy it is, I guess I’m kind of weird like that.” Y/N turned to Jughead. 

       “Everyone’s weird, some people are just better at hiding it than others,” Jughead said. 

      Y/N placed the book back in its place before walking over to the desk and leaning against it, in front of Jughead. He tried not to stare at Y/N’s long legs and rather at her pretty face. 

       “You wanna know why I came in here?” Y/N asked.


       “Everyone was trying to talk me into letting Chuck do a body shot off me. Even if I wasn’t wearing a dress, I wouldn’t have let him—-I have standards. It all gets a little too much for me sometimes,” she breathed. “Sorry, I shouldn’t be spilling my heart out to you, we barely know each other.”

      “It’s fine, people don’t usually bare heir souls to me mostly because of my sarcastic commentary.”

       Y/N smiled and slid off the desk. “Wanna know something else?”


       “Mr. Blossom also keeps some cognac worth more than Harvard’s tuition in his desk.” Y/N popped open a drawer and pulled out the bottle. “Cheryl and I found it a couple years ago and we’ve been sneaking drinks of it since.”

        Jughead was extremely surprised that Y/N was offering him drinks but that night was full of surprises. Over a few sips of cognac, they talked about everything: Jason’s death, conspiracies about it, writing, politics, and books.

         “Seriously, you’ve never read The Bell Jar?” Jughead asked.

         Y/N shook her head. “I know it’s supposed to be a classic but I just never got around to it.”

        “But you found time to read Crime and Punishment?”

        “Fine, you got me.” 

        Y/N giggled as she took another sip of cognac and leaned back against the desk. She was definitely more intoxicated than Jughead was and she was showing it. She laughed at almost everything Jughead said, but managed to hold her own in their conversation. It was surprising and extremely attractive.

        Then, Y/N stopped giggling as she stood and walked closer to Jughead. “You’re one of the smartest people I know.”

       “You do associate with a lot of idiots.”

       “Kind of,” Y/N said with a giggle. “But, I like that you’re really smart and this whole time, you didn’t stare at my boobs or my legs or try to flirt with me. It’s really nice of you.”

       “I do have respect for you.”

       “Thank you.” Y/N placed her hand on Jughead’s arm. “I really like you, Jughead.”

       “I really like you too.” 

       “Enough to kiss me?”

       That was the first time Jughead ever saw Y/N look shy and it was adorable. She kept her head bowed and barely peeked up at him as though she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. He was definitely flattered and as much as he wanted to kiss her in that moment, he knew better than to take advantage of her.

         “Yeah, I do, but not right now.” Jughead stood and his chest was against hers. “I don’t want you to want to kiss me because you had too much to drink, but because you want to.”

         “But I do want to,” Y/N whined.

         “You know what I mean. Let’s put this back and join the party, okay? They’re probably missing their princess.”

        “You think I’m a princess?”

          Jughead hesitated. “Well, yeah, everyone does.”

        Y/N’s expression fell a little bit and Jughead felt guilty, but he knew he was doing the right thing. If something was supposed to happen between him and Y/N, it would definitely happen. Jughead put the cognac back in its place and he and Y/N walked out of the study together. Almost immediately after they got back to the party, Cheryl grabbed her.

        “Come on, Y/N, we’re about to play spin the bottle,” Cheryl said.

        “Okay, can Jughead play?” Y/N asked.

        Cheryl glanced in his direction and shrugged. “I guess.”

        Jughead wanted to reject the offer but Y/N’s pleading look made him accept it. His friends were shocked that he joined the rest of the party in the game and they were even more shocked during Jughead’s turn to spin. They had watched Reggie make out with one of Cheryl’s friends, Archie kiss Veronica, and Betty kiss Kevin, but the real shock was when Jughead landed on Y/N. Her eyes got wide and her cheeks warmed up at the teasing Reggie, Chuck, and the others did as Jughead stood and walked over to her. Y/N seemed to hold her breath when Jughead kissed her sweetly. He smirked a little when he pulled away at the bashful look on Y/N’s face. Shortly after that night, they started dating mostly because Y/N would make a point to talk to him whenever she saw him at Pop’s or during their one shared class. Cheryl was vocal about her disapproval and Jughead got flack from his side as well, but ignored them since Y/N was one of the best things that happened to him.

        She offered to let him stay in her house—-which was actually a mansion not far away from Thornhill—-but Jughead declined out of pride. Y/N helped him out of his shell as gently and kindly as she could. Over a couple of months, Jughead’s friends warmed up to Y/N because they saw how nice she was to all of them and how good she was for Jughead. Unfortunately, Y/N’s friends were not as kind about it and things only got worse when FP was framed for Jason’s murder. Cheryl and Y/N got into a blow up argument about it the day of the Jubilee in front of everyone. Cheryl thought that Y/N was a traitor for dating the son of the man who killed Jason while Y/N thought Cheryl was being ridiculous for believing FP had anything to do with Jason’s death. Y/N was well aware FP wasn’t the best of guys but she also knew that if he had killed Jason, he wouldn’t have been living in a trailer or trying to be a better father for Jughead. Y/N wound up storming away from Cheryl and running into Archie, Veronica, and Betty. They had overheard the fight, but Y/N didn’t want to rehash any of it. Instead, she insisted on going along with them to see Jughead at South Side High to make sure he was okay. She wanted to see Jughead and escape from Riverdale for a little bit. When they discovered that he was okay since his dad was the leader of the Serpents, they were all able to relax.

      “What are you all doing here?” Jughead asked as he stepped away from his dangerous-looking friends.

      “We came to check up on you, but it looks like you’re doing just fine,” Betty said.

      Jughead turned to Y/N and noticed how sad she looked. “What happened?” 

      “I got in a fight with Cheryl.”

      Jughead sighed and glanced at his new South Side friends. “Let’s talk about this outside. You guys could get into serious trouble for barging in here.”

       “We could get into trouble here, that seems a little ironic,” Veronica said.

        Jughead ignored her comment and led them all outside into the cold, wintery afternoon. Veronica, Betty, and Archie gave the couple space and Jughead cupped Y/N’s face. 

         “Are you okay?” Jughead asked.

        “As okay as I can be after a girl I considered my sister called me a traitor.” Tears welled up in Y/N’s eyes. “It hurts so much.”

        “What hurts?”

        “Everything, the fact that my best friend doesn’t accept my boyfriend and the fact that my boyfriend is several miles away from me now.” 

         “You do have a shiny car that you can use to see me every day,” Jughead teased.

         “It’s not the same. Without you, Riverdale High is too different. Your friends are nice but no one is quite like you, Jughead.”

        “And no one’s like you, Y/N. You’re so much stronger than you think you are and I’m a little surprised that you’re still with me.” 

        “Of course I’m still with you, I love you, Jughead.”

        Jughead froze and wiped the tears that fell from Y/N’s gorgeous y/e/c eyes. “I love you too.”

        He kissed her passionately and Y/N gripped his jacket, pulling him closer as she kissed back. It was a sweet but hot kiss that Y/N would’ve gotten carried away with if Betty, Veronica, and Archie weren’t a few feet away. She pulled away a little and grinned at him. Jughead smiled softly in her direction.

       Suddenly, her phone rang and Y/N reluctantly answered. “Hello?”

       “Hi, Y/N, it’s Cheryl. I just wanted you to know that after today, you won’t have to see me anymore.”

       “What are you talking about?” Y/N did not like the sober tone in Cheryl’s voice.

        “I’m going to be with Jason.”

        The other line went dead and Y/N felt her heartbreaking as she stepped away from Jughead. This could not be happening, she was not going to lose her best friend. Y/N shook her head and she saw Jughead’s lips moving but couldn’t hear the words coming out. She slowly turned around and headed towards her car, noticing the concerned expressions on Archie, Betty, and Veronica’s faces. They probably tried to talk to her, but she couldn’t hear anything until she kept trying and failing to open her car door.

         “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Jughead asked.

        “Cheryl, she’s…she’s going to kill herself. She doesn’t think she has anything left.”

        That kicked everyone into high gear. Veronica gently took the car keys out of Y/N’s hands while Jughead calmed her down in the backseat of her car. They all already knew where Cheryl would be: Sweetwater River. Y/N’s heart was beating in her ears and Jughead’s voice was a bit soothing but she was still anxious.

       “We’re going to get her, Y/N, it’s all going to be okay,” Betty assured her.

        “I shouldn’t have yelled at her. I knew how delicate she was but when she called me a traitor, I lost it. If she dies, it’s my fault.”

         “No, she’s not going to die, Y/N,” Jughead said. 

         “I can’t lose her.”

         “You won’t,” Jughead promised.

         As soon as they got to the river, Y/N shot out of the car and ran into the woods with Jughead, Archie, Betty, and Veronica trailing after her.

         “Cheryl! CHERYL! I know you’re out here! Please don’t do this!” Y/N called.

          The rest of the gang shouted Cheryl’s name, but none of them compared to Y/N. Finally, they reached the river and Cheryl was sitting towards the center of it, trying to break through the ice. She was wearing a white dress, the same white dress she wore when she tried to help Jason fake his death.

           “CHERYL!” Y/N screamed.

          Cheryl didn’t hesitate as she continued trying to break the ice with something sharp. Quickly, Y/N walked onto the ice, despite Jughead’s arguing for her not to get on the ice. However, Archie was quicker than Y/N and got closer to Cheryl faster. Unfortunately, she slipped through the ice and into the river. Y/N’s heart stopped as she tripped and fell. Betty helped her up and held her as Archie started to try to punch through the ice to rescue Cheryl. Y/N couldn’t stop screaming her friend’s name but she couldn’t break out of the hold Betty and Veronica had on her. Jughead was at Archie’s side, trying to help him break the ice without hurting Cheryl. Everything seemed to move in slow motion for Y/N as Archie finally broke enough ice to pull Cheryl out. Y/N finally breathed a sigh of relief that her friend was alive. They all slowly walked back to Y/N’s car and took Cheryl back to Y/N’s house. Archie, Betty, and Veronica left to get ready for the dance after they made sure that Cheryl was okay but Jughead stuck around. Cheryl sat in front of Y/N’s fireplace, looking dead in the eyes.

          “Here, I made you cocoa,” Y/N said, handing the mug to Cheryl.

          Cheryl accepted it quietly and stared into the fire. 

         “Do you remember when we used to make s’mores in my fireplace? We used to get marshmallows everywhere and my mom would yell at us?” 

         “I talked you into making them inside because I didn’t want to be bitten by mosquitoes outside,” she said with a smile.

         “We never were outdoorsy, anyway. Except when your dad took us to the maple trees to get maple syrup for pancakes.”

         “Those were the days.”

          Y/N wrapped her arm around Cheryl. “You scared me so much today. If we hadn’t gotten to you when we did, I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

         “I’m sorry for scaring you, but, it felt like I was losing you too. You didn’t want to go out with me as much and we started fighting. I blamed Jughead for it and it only got worse when FP got arrested, but he helped save me.” Cheryl turned to Jughead. “Thank you for that.”

      “You’re welcome,” Jughead said.

       Cheryl turned back to Y/N. “I shouldn’t have called you a traitor or insulted you or Jughead.”

       “I shouldn’t have yelled at you either. I know how hard it’s been for you since Jason died,” Y/N said. 

        They hugged again, laughing a little. Jughead couldn’t help but smile at how happy his girlfriend was. As awful as Cheryl could be, she must not be too bad if someone like Y/N was willing to stay friends with her and save her life.

        “Don’t you have a dance to be going to?” Cheryl asked. “It would be nothing without your presence.”

        Y/N shook her head. “The dance can wait, my best friend’s a little more important.”

       Jughead breathed a sigh of relief. He had grown used to the fact that being Y/N’s boyfriend meant that he would have to go to a lot of social events, but the dance was probably the last place he needed to be seen. The whole town hated him and the whole town would be in attendance so he was certainly dodging a bullet. For the next few hours, he watched Game of Thrones with Y/N and Cheryl, laughing at Cheryl’s complaining.

        “There are too many characters,” she sniped.

       “That’s what makes it so interesting—-there are so many layers and characters that add something unique to the story, now shh, I’m trying to listen to Jon Snow,” Y/N muttered back.

         “Nerd,” Cheryl teased.

          “You’re the one who chose to be this nerd’s best friend.”

         Their commentary only got better with each episode they watched. After two more episodes, Cheryl was well enough to go home and Y/N and Jughead dropped her off.

          “Thanks for everything and Jughead, if you break Y/N’s heart, I’ll break you.”


           “Good night, Cheryl,” Y/N sang.

           Cheryl blew her a kiss before sauntering into her house. Y/N pulled out of the long driveway and started heading back to Riverdale.

          “What do you want to do now?” Jughead asked.

          “We could stop by the dance if you want,” Y/N said gently.

         Jughead bristled a little. “Of course, you would still want to go to that.”

        “I get that you don’t want to go because of everything going on with your dad, but I know that you would be fine as long as we went together.”

        “People still talk.”

       “But you’re Jughead Jones, you don’t care what people think or say about you. It’s one of the things I love you and I envy you for it. I care too much of what people think about me, but I still want to go.”

       “It’s expected of you though.”

       “Yes, but don’t you want to support Betty and Archie? She’s supposed to give a speech and Archie is slated to perform with Veronica anyway. A good friend would go support them.”

       Jughead loathed how good Y/N was at talking him into things and an hour later, the two of them walked into the Riverdale High gymnasium, dressed to the nines. Jughead was wearing his dark suit from the last dance and Y/N wore a pretty pink babydoll dress with some silver heels. They walked in just in time for Archie’s performance and hung around the back of the gymnasium. The redhead smiled wider when he spotted his best friend with his girlfriend. Of course, the pair got some looks, but Y/N distracted Jughead by making him dance with her during Archie and Veronica’s performance. When they were done, Betty stepped onto the stage and delivered a great speech about the future of Riverdale and its inclusivity. When Betty said that Riverdale “is Jughead Jones”, Y/N noted Jughead’s expression of surprise and listened as Betty said that if Riverdale wasn’t willing to accept the good and bad, there was no hope for the town. It was true and Y/N made a mental note to compliment Betty on her speech later. She managed to do both and as soon as she and Jughead complimented Betty as well as Archie, Jughead practically dragged her out of the gymnasium.

           “What’s going on with you, Jughead? Was it that painful to stand through?” Y/N teased. 

          Jughead finally stopped when they got to Y/N’s car and he kissed her harshly. He pulled away and said, “You look amazing tonight and it’s been driving me crazy.”
         Y/N raised her eyebrows. “Oh, really? Maybe we should go back to your place then.”

       A few minutes later, Jughead and Y/N burst through the trailer’s door, not able to keep their hands off of each other. Y/N pulled away for a second to pull Jughead’s jacket off him before reconnecting their lips. Jughead ended up picking her up without breaking the kiss and carrying her over to the kitchen. His hands slid underneath her skirt right after he set her down on the counter. Y/N moaned into the kiss as she started undoing his tie and threw it to the side. Jughead slid his hands up to Y/N’s hips, bringing the silky dress up with it. He pulled away and looked into Y/N’s lust glazed eyes. She gripped the hair at the nape of his neck and leaned her forehead against his.

      “Is this okay?” he whispered.

       Y/N nodded.

      “Say it.”


       As soon as the word left her mouth, Jughead almost tore the dress away off her. Before she could get self conscious, Jughead was kissing her once more and littering her neck with kisses and bites.

      “You’re so beautiful,” he muttered.

      “No, you are,” she whispered back.

      He looked up at her with a grin and just when Y/N started unbuttoning his shirt, someone banged on the trailer door. Y/N jumped and Jughead calmed her down before going to answer it. All the Serpents were there and one of them handed Jughead FP’s leather jacket.

        “Just know that, we Serpents look after each other so if you have any problems, just let us know,” he said.

        “Thanks,” Jughead said.

        Y/N slowly walked over to the door, careful to cover her bare chest with her dress. When she saw Jughead slip on his leather jacket with the Serpent regala on the back, her body felt like it was buzzing. He turned to face her, a single black curl falling onto his forehead. 

         “Come inside, Jughead,” Y/N said quietly.

         Jughead frowned a little but obeyed, bidding goodbye to the Serpents, and closing the door behind him. “Sorry about that.”

          “Don’t be.” Y/N dropped her dress on the floor and walked over to Jughead. Her fingers grazed the worn lapels of the jacket. “I’ve always had a thing for bad boys, the kind who wear leather jackets like greasers.”

          Jughead put his hands on her hips and pulled her close. “So, you like the new jacket?”

         “Uh huh.” She kissed him deeply and continued to unbutton his shirt as they walked backwards towards his room. They pulled away for a moment and Jughead went to take off the jacket so he could take off the shirt as well when Y/N stopped him. “No, leave the jacket.”


      “Would you have me any other way?”

      Jughead grinned at her as he tossed her on the bed before crawling over her, taking off his shirt and leaving the jacket back on. He couldn’t believe that after all the crap he went through, he somehow got the girl of his dreams. It was like a nightmare that turned into a very sweet dream and Jughead was petrified of waking up. 

I’m A Mess Joji x Reader

Angsty request ~ Angsty Joji imagine where you argue bc of him getting jealous and end up breaking up but get back together? Thank you!!

requested by @twdgislife

Warnings: Angst, swearing, graphic kinda, drinking etc.

“Don’t leave please Joji it’s lies. They’re trying to ruin us can’t you see it?!”

“I’m leaving.”

That night was so painful, clearly from the booming headache wracking in my head. I drank so much, raided every crevice in my ruined apartment, I gotta get used to saying my now…given he left for good.

My knuckles were bruised from punching my door, tears dried on my cheeks as I sat in the middle of my living room, empty.

So fucking empty

Clock smashed, clothes thrown across the bedroom, bed sheets covered in puke and blood from my ankle. Carelessly, I had thrown photos all over the floor, the frames smashed on the floor like disturbed decorations. Eyes bags littered my face, sore and red lips from blood and screaming. Scratches prominent on my arms, I had hyperventilated and had no one to calm me down.

I gotta get used to that too.

A knock at the door brought me to my senses, I perked up and dragged myself to the battered door, splinters of wood from where I had punched that too. Running my fingers through my hair, I wiped my face with my hands and reluctantly opened the door.


“Hey…” I croaked, my sore throat clearly obvious. His smile died down after he took in the scene of ou-my apartment. Sighing, he walked past me and set down the white bag and called in Max and Chad.

“Jesus Christ, did he-”

“No he left before my hyperventilation started, I’ve trashed the place and haven’t been fucked to move from the sofa since 2am.” I spoke, brushing the creases of my jacket out. A faint buzz came from Max’s phone, a familiar name lit up.

“Where’d he go last night, is he at yours?” I asked, concerned about his wellbeing. He left me yes, and god it hurt for him to believe this bullshit, but I still cared of course.

“He left to get pissed up about ten minutes ago, we dropped him off on the way here.”

God that hurt.

“Why aren’t you with him, I’m fine.” I groaned, rather embarrassed about the state of myself and the apartment.

“Yeah, clearly.” Ian huffed, running his hand through his hair. I winced at the prodding of my food, a shard of glass cutting the heel. Brushing it off, I pondered at the things I could do forget. Until I thought about it a little harder, why not just do what I do best…drink.

“How you guys feel about getting pissed tonight? I don’t need some dumb counselling session right now I just wanna feel good.” I groaned, looking at my reflection in the toaster.


“I’ll go get a shower and I’ll get dressed and we can hit up a bar and get fucked.” I smiled, waving and closing my bedroom door behind me to escape into the shower. I never thought I needed a shower this bad till now, washing the blood and sweat off of my body relieved all the kinks in my back from sleeping on the wood floor of the living room. Scrubbing at my scalp, I soothed my headache to become more numbing.

“Don’t lie to me, you clearly like Ian just fucking leave.”

“Why would I? Baby I love you and you know this.”

Wincing, I shook my head and stepped out of the shower, drying my body and carefully dabbing the cuts and the wound on my foot. After debating what to wear, I picked out a burgundy dress, just resting on my lower thigh. It was shoulderless, long sleeved with a choker. I plastered my foot and tugged on some socks and my black, chunky heeled boots. Moments later, I dried my hair and tousled the curls and applied some makeup.

Before opening my bedroom door, I heard the murmurs of the boys conversing rather hushed.

“We can’t leave her like this, she’s a wreck she’s just covering it dude.”

“I don’t want her alone tonight, it might do her good.”

“True, just wish this didn’t fucking happen man…I’ll try and get a hold of him later maybe…”

Sighing, I opened my door slowly, applied a fake smile and grabbed a couple notes from my pot and slipped it into my purse.

“Let’s go lads!” I cheered, their cheers following. This was gonna be rough. Rough as the drive to the bar, they avoided all questions about last night’s incidents and spoke of new video ideas. Ten minutes passed and we finally made it to the rather popular bar.

“Shots!” Me and Max chimed, Ian giggled and found us a booth as we waited for Chad with the shots. Max went for a piss so it was me and Ian.

“Did it hurt…”

“Did what hurt Ian?”

“When he left, I didn’t wanna bring it up I just wanna know. He loves you so much I know he does-”

“If he did he wouldn’t of left. I get it, it’s not the first time I’ll just push through somehow…I don’t fucking know.”

“Guess who got shots, ya boy did!” Chad exclaimed excitedly, I couldn’t help but chuckle and avoid the concerned look from Ian. Max bounced over with his phone in hand and a great big smile on his face.

“Smile boys!” He laughed, snapping a good photo and uploading it to Twitter, rambling about how good we looked and how were were the new NBA , the usual random shit. Max’s phone lit with a familiar number but I just ignored it.After chugging alcohol for about half hour with random conversations, Max and Chad bounced to the dance floor. I played with my empty glasses awkwardly, enjoying the loud music and the aesthetic of the bar.

Ian clearly was itching to join the boys.

“Go, enjoy yourself, somebody gotta look after our shit anyway.” I spoke softly.

Reluctantly, Ian ran to the boys and I smiled. My buzz cut off as the alcohol began attacking my mindset, it fucking hurt. Depressing noises from a cliché love song filled the bar.

I met you in the dark
You lit me up
You made me feel as though
I was enough
We danced the night away
We drank too much
I held your hair back when
You were throwing up

“I love you baby, so much.”

“I love you too-”

God that fucking killed, a dagger to the fucking stomach over and over. The memories of him, his beautiful chocolate eyes, the lines where he smiled, the feeling of his hand on mine, his chaotic humour and insane ideas. The way he’d wake me up at 4am with a coffee and a brand new idea for a video or a snippet of a song he was working on.

Then you smiled over your shoulder
For a minute, I was stone cold sober
I pulled you closer to my chest
And you asked me to stay over
I said, I already told ya
I think that you should get some rest

His crazy hair and the way it would stick up if he slept funny so he’d always lay flat with my head on his chest. His plump lips against my skin and the way they mold into that iconic smile, that led to a radiant laughter that could fill a stadium with cheering.

I got used to that smile.

I knew I loved you then
But you’d never know
Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go
I know I needed you

The second the boys met the booth, I bolted out of the bar, tears running down my cheeks as I clutched my phone to my chest. The music pounded as hard as my heart, it felt blood was gonna pour out of my ears.

Shakily, my hands typed in his name and I clicked ring.

Ring, ring, ring.


“I love you. I love you so fucking much please, I need you please It was all bullshit I need you. You don’t even need to love me back but you just need to know…I need you to know that I adore you so much. The rumours got to us It shouldn’t have please Joji I love you so much.”

He hung up.

I know I needed you
But I never showed
But I wanna stay with you
Until we’re grey and old
Just say you won’t let go
Just say you won’t let go

I heard sniffling from behind me.

There he stood. A deep blue hoodie covering a white tee, black jeans and white vans. His eyes were heavy with red circles. I pushed my phone into my pocket and he pulled me into his arms, I cried hard and his sobs trembled as he smoothed the top of my head, pressing a kiss to my hair.

“I’m so sorry I’m so sorry-”

He kissed me hard as tears covered our faces, salty trickles meeting and falling. God it fucking hurt but it was relieving at the same.

“I’m so sorry for everything.”

“We can work this out, all of this it’s all gonna be okay.”

I’m so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold

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This Denver site has a few more details & info from Taylor's testimony/trial you made be interested in: westword(.)com/music/taylor-swift-says-david-mueller-grabbed-my-bare-ass-9354956 & westword(.)com/music/bad-blood-five-outtakes-from-the-first-day-of-testimony-at-the-taylor-swift-trial-9347694

here are some excerpts of things i hadnt necessarily read yet

On the stand, Swift exhibited poise as she reiterated, sometimes bitingly, that Mueller “grabbed my bare ass.” Sporting her signature red lip, the singer wore a navy floral dress with a V-neck, black chunky heels and a silver charm or pendant necklace, and she had her hair pulled back in a bun, face framed by bangs.  […]

Asked if she remembered the people she’d posed with before Mueller and his then-girlfriend, Shannon Melchor: “I know that none of them grabbed my ass under my skirt.”

“I didn’t dislike them,” Swift says of meeting the couple before taking a photo. She says Mueller was loud and Melchor laughing; she judged that they’d been drinking.

“I have experienced every single degree of an awkward first encounter…this was not jostling. We were not diving into the picture. We were perfectly in position.” She continued, “He did not touch my rib. He did not touch my arm…he grabbed my bare ass.” Later, she said, gesturing, “This wasn’t an action shot.”

In a moment that recalled her hit song, “Blank Space,” Swift responded to Mueller’s description of her as “cold” as “a new one,” adding, “I have an uncanny ability to elicit new kinds of criticism as time goes by.”

“You’re interpreting my answer the wrong way,” Swift said clearly when Mueller’s attorney, Gabriel McFarland, had her read aloud deposition testimony where she said she “didn’t remember” if there had been incidental touching. She explained she meant that to her recollection, there had been no incidental touching other than the butt grab. The judge made McFarland move on. […]

“I didn’t need a picture. I could have picked him out of a line of a thousand,” Swift stated when McFarland questioned her about how she identified Mueller. “I know exactly who did this. This is not alleged.“

2nd article

The courtroom layout:
Swift, her mother and Bell were seated at a table in the center of the room, across from the jury box (six women and two men), while Mueller spoke from a corner of the room near the judge’s bench. Four rows of seating were available for the public, Swift’s entourage (including publicist Tree Paine), the media and members of the public (more on that later).

The fashion plate:
Swift looked demure, wearing a long-sleeved black shirtdress with plaid trim, sheer black tights, needle-thin heels and red lip. Her only visible jewelry was a silver ring, and she had swept her hair (back to dirty blond, not the bleached platinum it was earlier this year) into a low bun.

Art - Marilyn Manson Imagine

Concept: Reader and Manson meet at an art gallery and it’s one of his secret showings. They hit it off and flirt in front of her favourite painting. Next day, she gets a package and it’s the painting with a note from Manson. 

So excited to finally be posting this! I love Manson and can’t wait to post more imagines for him! Let me know if you like this kinda stuff :)

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You laid on your bed and watched your best friend rifle through your closet. “Are you going to get up and get ready anytime soon?” Jackie, your best friend, sighed as she plucked one of your dresses of a hanger. You rolled your eyes and sat up. 

“Why do you drag me to these things? Underground art shows are not my thing." 

"Because you’re my best friend and you love me and you need to get out of the house.” Jackie explained before throwing an articles of clothing at you. “C'mon, up you get." 

You groaned loudly before sitting up and rolling off your bed. You picked up the clothing that Jackie had thrown at you and studied the outfit she had picked. You dressed yourself in the army green sweater, black ripped skinny jeans and black beanie before pairing the outfit with your John Lennon lenses and chunky black platform heels. You touched up your winged eyeliner and makeup from the day before adding a deep brown lipstick. You styled your hair under the beanie and decided you looked good enough. You weren’t looking to impress but you still wanted to feel confident. You slipped your essentials in a small bag and headed to Jackie’s bedroom. Jackie was sitting at her vanity, dusting powder on her perfectly made face. Her neon purple hair was curled and she was wearing your favourite black velvet dress. 

She turned to you and smiled. "You look hot.” She smirked. “Ready to go?" 

"I guess.” You smiled slyly. 

As much as you hated leaving your apartment, you did kind of like the places Jackie dragged you. 

The taxi dropped you out the front of an abandoned looking brick warehouse and you became a little wary of your surroundings. 

“Is this the right place?” You asked Jackie hesitantly, watching the taxi drive away from you. 

Jackie nodded enthusiastically. “Sure is. Let’s go!" 

Jackie grabbed your hand and you walked inside the rusted door of the warehouse. You walked inside and the warehouse was completely dark and empty. You couldn’t hear a thing and you were the only people in the cold space. 

"Jackie I really think we’re at the wrong place.” You reiterated, inching closer to your best friend for safety. 

Jackie scoffed jokingly. “(Y/N), can’t you see the staircase? It’s downstairs." 

You looked ahead of you and saw a tiny illumination in the corner of the warehouse floor. You turned your head at a sound behind you and saw a couple walk into the warehouse. They were dressed in heavy goth style and walked ahead of you. You followed them with Jackie in tow, feeling a little more at ease that someone else was here with you. Jackie went down the steep metal staircase first and you tried to scan the room downstairs as best you could from the small opening. The walls were white and the floor was black linoleum. The lighting was dim and creepy and you could see a lot of people dressed in dark gothic clothing. You felt incredibly out of place in your dark green sweater and blonde hair. Jackie waited for you at the bottom of the staircase and smiled at you, beckoning you to come down. You gripped the stair rail and walked down the steep staircase, unsteady in your huge platforms. Jackie gripped your hand and tried her best to soothe your anxieties. 

"Don’t worry about what anyone else looks like. Just appreciate the art.” She whispered before kissing your temple and letting go of your hand. 

You started to let go of your anxiety and look at the art decorating the walls. Surprisingly, you actually loved what was on display. Every artwork was incredibly abstract, painted in bright watercolours. The imagery on some were gory, some were explicit, some were portraits. You became infatuated with each piece and travelled closer to the one that was by far, your favourite. The background was painted in a wash of pink and the main focus was a small blonde girl who was praying with her eyes closed. Behind her loomed a tall black demon and it watched her. You were in love with it and wanted to study each detail more and more. You searched for an index card with the title and the details of the painting but there wasn’t one. You pursed your lips and crossed your arms in disappointment. You wanted to know what the painting was called. 

“It’s got kind of a long title. It’s called ‘Each Morning She Would Pray That Demons Would Devour Her Parents’.” A deep voice from behind you spoke and startled you. 

You gasped and turned around to see a tall pale figure with long black hair standing behind you. You met his eyes and saw that he had one white contact in and the other eye was deep brown. Deep purple lipstick covered his large lips and black eyeshadow was smoked all around his eyes. He was dressed in a dark black suit with heavy rings on all his fingers. He was gorgeous in a deeply freaky way. 

“Long title.” You agreed, steadying your breathing and trying to make yourself seem level headed. 

The mysterious man shrugged and rubbed a hand across his jaw. “Gotta get the point across somehow.” He stepped toward you in one stride and outstretched his leather gloved hand. “I’m Manson." 

You took his large hand in yours. ”(Y/N). So, is this your art show Manson?“ 

Manson smirked softly and nodded. "I like doing these secret underground shin digs." 

You stood next to each other in silence and looked at the painting. You could feel him looking at you from his peripheral vision and you hoped the burn biting your cheeks wasn’t physically evident. "So Manson huh? Like Charles Manson?” You asked, trying to keep this man next to you. 

“No like Marilyn Manson.” He chuckled. 

Suddenly all the jigsaw pieces clicked in your brain. A lightbulb may as well have glowed above your head. “Ohhhhh.” You laughed. “How did I not put that together?" 

Manson was taken aback and surprised that you didn’t recognise who he was immediately. Maybe she genuinely didn’t keep up with pop culture and that intrigued him. 

"You were banned in my household when Antichrist Superstar came out. Christian household and all that. I was like twelve or thirteen I think.” You regretted showing your age, knowing full well that he was significantly older than you. You wanted him to remain interested in you. 

Manson smiled slightly and chuckled. “And you didn’t rebel against that?" 

You pursed your lips and looked up into his off putting gaze. "I always kept my rebellion on the inside." 

Manson cocked his non existent eyebrow at the pure bite of your statement. He liked the innocence that was on the outside but he knew he’d like your fire on the inside. 

Manson handed you a champagne glass from the table behind him and you took it hesitantly. 

"Oh I’m not…” You began but he cut you off. 

“We’re not checking ID’s here sweetheart.” Manson winked before jerking his head to the side. “Let me show you my favourite painting.” He extended his hand and you took it, interlocking your fingers as quickly as you could. 

He brought you to a painting of a white cat, painted in the same disproportionate abstract style. It was simple and cute and very different to the other paintings displayed. 

“This one is called Lily White. She’s my cat. I did this the day I got her.” Manson explained with a sense of pride. He really loved this artwork. 

To him, it was one of his most personal works.You smiled as you studied the artwork. 

You liked how it was different and you could feel his love for Lily through the water colour. “Cute." 

"Cute?” Manson scoffed playfully. “What great artistic commentary.”

“Hey!” You retorted. “We’re not all tortured artists like you who can give insightful artistic commentary." 

Manson liked how you bit back twice as hard at every comment he made. You were witty and funny and he liked spending time with you. He could feel people wanting to come and snatch him away but he wouldn’t let them. He just wanted to show you every painting he’d ever done and maybe take you out for dinner afterwards. 

”(Y/N)!“ You heard a call from across the room. 

You turned and saw Jackie walking towards you. You didn’t want her to come and ruin the moment you were sharing with Manson but she was unstoppable as a hurricane. 

Jackie flashed a quick smile at Manson, not noticing who he was, before turning back to you. "Hate to take you away but Lenny from art class is throwing this dope party and we gotta go." 

You bit your lip. You didn’t want to leave but you didn’t want to be here alone without the comfort of knowing Jackie was here. You looked back and forth between the two people in front of you before deciding to go with Jackie. 

"I’ll meet you at the staircase Jack?” You reasoned before turning back to Manson. 

Jackie nodded and walked away and Manson looked down at you. 

“I don’t particularly wanna go but I have to." 

Manson smiled and nodded. "That’s okay. Thanks for coming, it was nice to meet you." 

"Meet you same time next week for more art criticism?” You laughed in sarcasm, adjusting your glasses. 

“Now that’s not a bad idea.” Manson looked away from you and tried not to laugh. “Your friend is getting fed up from waiting I think." 

You turned and saw Jackie waiting at the staircase, rolling her eyes and beckoning you to come to her. 

You laughed and smiled and quickly waved goodbye to Manson before hurrying over to your best friend. 

The next morning, you woke up to Jackie barging her way into your room. "There’s a delivery for you.” She yelled loudly. “I’m also making pancakes for our hangover." 

You rubbed your eyes and slipped on your glasses, pulling down your oversized shirt and tying your blonde hair into a ponytail. You walked into the living room to see a large rectangular shaped package with your name and address handwritten on the brown paper wrapping. 

"This is weird, I didn’t order anything.” You thought out loud, not noticing Jackie’s subtle smirk as she watched you open the package. 

You gasped when you noticed what the package actually was. It was your favourite painting from last nights exhibition with the little girl and the demon. 

“Jackie there is no way you bought this for me.” You gasped, scrambling to put together a thought. 

There was no way you were holding this in your hands. 

“And you’d be right. I didn’t buy it. You think I got a couple grand to pull out of my ass?” Jackie laughed. 

You looked down to the floor and noticed a small white index card and you couldn’t help but squeal when you read it over:

To the girl who isn’t afraid to talk back, 

You remind me of the girl in this painting. It’s only fitting you should have it. 


Not-So-Little Y/N Potter | Sirius Black Smut

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A/N: Hey guys, I was dare-to-dream-about-1d, but something happened and I lost access to that account. So I’m here now, I’m just reposting this onto this account, so, NO I did NOT plagiarize this. This is my original work. Thanks for understanding, Allie x


You’re James Potter’s younger twin sister, only younger by seven minutes, but he reminded you every chance he got of those seven minutes. So you’re friends with the other Marauders, maybe a little more than friendly with your brothers best mate, Sirius Black. You’ve liked Sirius since first year, but you two were only ever flirty with one another, kind of to annoy James, but mostly because you two had naturally flirty personalities. Though you may have been genuinely flirting with him, you weren’t always sure if Sirius was, well, serious or not.

You have had boyfriends, but none were ever very serious, partially, because your brother and Sirius scared the poor boys off. Yeah, you were very mad whenever the two protective boys did that, resulting in a very scared boy quickly breaking up with you, but in the end you weren’t too heartbroken, because you just got to spend more time with Sirius and the other Marauders instead of with other guys. Also, all of those guys you liked, you truly did, but you could never like them as much as you liked Sirius; So, a majority of the time you would break things off before it got too serious and anybody’s feelings were really hurt.

Sixth year. Sixth year would be your year. This would be the year that Sirius Black would finally notice you as Y/N Potter, the second smartest girl in their year (behind Lily of course), extremely beautiful, and funny, for who you actually are. Not as Y/N Potter, James’ younger twin sister, who by the way, unbeknownst to you is “totally off-limits,” and is just one-of-the-guys.

No. Not anymore. Tonight would be your night.

Tonight the Gryffindor quidditch team is having a huge party to celebrate their winning the quidditch cup against Slytherin in the finals. That means dancing and tons of people and alcohol and James being too busy with Lily to keep a watchful eye over you all night. You would use all of these things to your favor.

You spent the rest of the afternoon after the quidditch match with Lily and Marlene getting ready for tonight. Lily stuck for a more casual yet flirty look with a pair of cute flare jeans and a low cut peasant blouse and chunky heels. Marlene went for a very tight black halter dress with black stilettos. You opted for a tighter red dress that stopped about mid-thigh with an open back, loose sleeves, and a pair of chunky black heels to match. Your makeup was mostly a natural smokey-eye with a cat-eye liner and red lips. You left your hair natural, because you didn’t want to over do it too much and have James hovering over you wanting to know why you were so dressy all night.

You didn’t head down to the common room with Marlene and Lily because you were looking for the necklace that Sirius had given to you for your birthday two years ago. By the time you made it down to the common room James was already infatuated with Lily and in their own little world. Leaving you to greet some other friends and find Sirius.

At first you couldn’t find Sirius, so you went and got yourself some firewhiskey and found Remus instead.

“Hey Y/N, you look amazing! Dressed up for anyone special?” Remus asked with a knowing look in his eyes. Remus knew of your feelings towards Sirius as you had vented to the lycanthrope many times before.

“Hey Rem, you look rather nice as well. And wouldn’t you like to know.” You shot back with a wink while sipping your drink. Your goal wasn’t to get drunk, but to get enough alcohol in you to give you a little bit of “liquid courage.”

After talking and joking with Remus for a while you hear a loud voice over the music calling Remus’ name.

“Remus! Remus! Oh, Moony!”

You both turn to see no other than Sirius Black himself strutting over in his black boots, light-wash jeans (that were a little snug in the butt), and a white button-down shirt with the first few buttons undone. On the inside, you were swooning. On the outside, you just smiled at the boy heading your way.

“Oi, Padfoot, where ya been? Y/N and I were beginning to think you had gone and forgotten about us!” Remus said with a wink in your direction.

“I’ve been trying to get Wormtail to talk to a girl, but he’s worse off than you, Moony!” The dark haired boy said with a laugh.

“Pads, you know I don’t da-”

“We know, Moony, we know why you don’t date. But getting a little action never hurt.” Sirius said while pulling you into a hug.

"Hey there, Princess. You look absolutely ravishing tonight,” Sirius said while holding your body away from his a bit so he could look you up and down, “why I have I not seen this dress before?”

His eyes moved slowly over your body taking every inch of you into his memory so he could relive how breathtaking you looked for the rest of his life. You couldn’t help but feel your cheeks get hot as Sirius’ eyes wandered over your body, taking you in.

"Hey Padfoot, thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself either,” you said with a sly wink, “I guess I’ve just been saving this dress for the right occasion.”

“Well, Y/N, you do truly look beautiful. I love the necklace,” he told you as he picked up the necklace that was hanging low on your chest, “somebody with great taste must’ve given you this.”

You took a step closer to him, his free hand moving towards your hips, while you wrapped one arm, the one holding your almost empty drink, around his neck and your other hand was placed lazily on his chest.

You looked up at him and smirked, “yeah, it seems like whoever gave me this does have pretty good taste.”

He released the necklace and placed his other hand around your waist, connecting his hands together behind your back. They were just centimeters from being dangerously low on your waist.

Just as Sirius was about to reply, Peter showed up out of nowhere, slightly panting.

“H-H-Hey Padfoot, there’s a…,” Peter takes a second to catch his breath. “A seventh year named, Claire, over there. She said she wants to talk to ya!” He said excitedly and wiggled his eyebrows.

You knew what Claire wanted, she just wanted to get Sirius alone and have her way with him. Which made your stomach twist with jealousy towards the girl.

You started to pull yourself away from Sirius, but he not once removed his hands from your waist as he gazed over his shoulder at Claire uninterested.

His gaze then met yours as he nonchalantly said, “Nah, I’m good.”

Remus, Peter and yourself were slightly surprised when he so casually dismissed the chance to hook up with the older girl.

You put your hand to his forehead, looking bewildered. “Sirius, are you sick? Do we need to take you to the hospital wing?”

Sirius pushed your hand off his forehead and stepped away from you laughing, “No I’m not sick. Really guys. I’m fine. I feel great! Just not interested in her. I’ve got my sights set on someone,” he said with a mischievous look in his eyes.

Your gut wrenched knowing that Sirius already has a particular girl in mind for his latest conquest. You were hoping you still had a chance. Now, your odds were looking much slimmer than they were just minutes ago.


As the night went on you had at least two more drinks, and you were feeling really good. You had spent most of the night dancing with Marlene and Alice, occasionally Lily, if you guys could drag her away from James long enough.

You’re in the middle of the common room, which had most of the furniture, except a long rectangular table people were playing beer pong at, pushed against the walls to create room to dance, dancing to whatever upbeat song was playing.

As that song was fading out, you recognized the beat of your favorite song, Dancing Queen by ABBA, starting up from the speakers. You could feel your excitement bubbling more-so than normal, probably because of the alcohol in your system. You and Marlene caught each other’s eye and immediately grabbed each other and pulled yourselves onto the wooden rectangular table.

As the song was beginning, the two of you began to sing and dance like wild women on the table, catching the attention of most of the students in the common room.

It got to the chorus and as you were spinning around, and tripping over your own feet, you caught Sirius watching your every move with an unreadable look in his grey eyes. You smiled at him and started dancing a little more sexually in hopes to get him to notice you as somebody other than his best friends’ little sister.

Then song ended and you and Marlene took a bow as the common room exploded into an applause for the two of you. You jumped off the table, stumbling once you landed, and started to saunter over to Sirius’ spot leading against the back of the couch talking to some of the quidditch players.

You’re about to call Sirius’ name when somebody grabs you by the waist and spins you around. In your drunken state, you fall forward into whoever grabbed you. You place your hands out to brace yourself and they meet a rather muscular chest. You look up and find yourself looking into the bright green eyes of one of the hottest Gryffindor seventh years, Ethan Lightwood.

He is obviously very drunk and is eyeing you like you’re a piece of meat. This made you very uncomfortable, if you had both been sober when this happened maybe you wouldn’t have been, but you were not up for any of his attempts to try and get you in his bed.

“Hey, Y/N, you… you look very, uh, erm, sexy tonight.” He slurs as one of his hands holds the back of your neck and the other one gives your ass a squeeze.

You squeal because you weren’t expecting him to do that and try to push him off of you. “Hey Ethan, can I help you with something? I was looking for my brother. You know my brother, James, right?” You ask rather panicked because you couldn’t see James over Ethan’s shoulder and you could really use his overprotectiveness right about now. But unfortunately, little did you know, James had already snuck off up to the girls dormitory with Lily for their own fun.

“Yeah, I know James. He’s a cool lad. But I think there is something you can help me with, now that you mention it.” He’s still slurring his words as he pushes his hips and his evident hard on into your hips.

You typically don’t need help when it comes to getting guys to leave you alone, but Ethan was just so drunk and very strong that you knew you couldn’t get rid of him on your own. So, you are now trying to find Remus, Peter, Frank, or just about anybody to come help you get Ethan off of you. As you turned your head to the side, looking for somebody, Ethan took this as an invitation to start assaulting your neck.

“Ethan, please stop. I-I’m not interested. Please. Stop.” You frantically try to tell him, which he ignores your pleas and continues assaulting your neck, probably leaving a bruise from his aggressive kissing.

As you continue to beg him to stop, he starts to walk you backwards towards the stairs leading to the boys dormitories, when suddenly you are ripped from his tight grip. You then stumble back into another muscular chest and quickly turn to see who your savior is, to which you are relived to see Sirius.

Sirius had a dangerous look in his eyes as he guided you into Remus’ arms and turned his attention back towards the angry drunk boy who just had his hands, and lips, all over you.

Sirius took a step closer to Ethan, “Are you serious, mate? Did you not hear her? She told you to stop.” You had never seen Sirius this angry before, and, truthfully, it was quite scary to see him like this.

Ethan stumbled backwards a little bit as he rolled his eyes, “P-please, Y/N totally wanted it. She’s just being a, a tease. She was enjoying it.” He said confidently with a smirk plastered on his face.

Sirius was seething at this, “You’re mental, man. When a girl says stop, you stop. Don’t be a prat. Y/N is not a piece of ass for your enjoyment. You are very lucky I haven’t broken your jaw by now. I should break your hands because they violated Y/N. But, I swear, if I ever see you with your grimy hands on Y/N ever again, I will hex you so hard your grandchildren will feel it.” With that he turned to walk away, but before he started back towards you and Remus, he looked back at a visibly shaken Ethan. He smirked as he gave Ethan one final threat, “Oh, and Lightwood, you better hope that James doesn’t find out about this or else you won’t just have me to deal with.”

Sirius approached you and wrapped you into a hug, holding you against his chest as he kissed the top of your head. He and Remus lead you to the side of the common room where it is less crowded. You lean against the stone wall of common room and took a second to catch your breath.

Remus asked you if you were okay and you nodded. Noticing the tension between you and Sirius, he left to go find Peter, leaving you two alone.

Sirius sighed and you lifted your gaze off the floor to meet his. He stepped closer to you and rested his left hand on your cheek soothingly. You instinctively leaned into the palm of his hand.

“Y/N,” Sirius spoke softly, “Are you okay? Are you hurt? I’m sorry I didn’t get there sooner. I should’ve stopped him immediately. I should’ve-” His voice raising slightly with each sentence as he felt more guilty for not stepping in sooner.

“Sirius,” You cut him off before he could verbally beat himself up anymore, “I’m fine. I’ll be okay. It’s not your fault. It’s okay.” You rested your hand on his shoulder, giving him a reassuring smile.

He briefly looked over his shoulder towards Ethan and brought his gaze down to the floor before glaring at Ethan once again. “I just– I can’t believe he would try to take advantage of you. When I tell James what happened, Ethan is going to wish he had never laid his eyes on you.” His voice was full of spite and pure anger towards the older boy.

You took his face in your hands and turned is attention away from the older boy and back to you. His expression immediately softened when he locked eyes with you. His whole demeanor changed once he felt your touch.

“Sirius, it’s-” You’re cut short by Sirius starting to talk.

“He doesn’t get to touch you like that. None of these prats do. You deserve so much better than for a stupid bloke to treat you like that.”

“Siri,” You used the pet name that he only let you call him and you stroked his cheek with your thumb “I am fine. Thank you for stepping in when you did. I owe you, a lot. But, you can’t threaten to hex every guy who is interested in me. I’d like to, eventually, date somebody without worrying that you and James will kill him.” You joked, trying to lighten the mood between the two of you.

He chuckled at your statement. He moved his hand to the back of your neck and placed his other hand on the wall next to your head. “Y/N, you don’t owe me for helping you. Don’t be so silly. I could never ask you to repay me for stopping somebody from taking advantage of you. I care about you, a lot, and I’d never let anything happen to you. But, truthfully, I don’t think I’ll ever like anybody you try to date.”

You smirked a little, and moved one hand to the back of his neck, playing with his hair a little, and the other to rest lazily on his chest. “Oh yeah? Why do you think you’ll never like anybody I try to date? You jealous of my imaginary potential boyfriend?” You tease, subconsciously leaning closer to him, leaving very little space between the two of you. The tension between the two of you is obviously gone by now, except for the sexual tension that was lingering in the air.

He rolled his eyes and pulled you slightly closer by the back of your neck. “Yes Y/N, I’m jealous of your imaginary potential boyfriend. I want you, I need you. Oh baby, oh baby.” He said as sarcastically as he could.

“Well, thank Merlin you’re finally admitting this. It’s about damn time.” You said with a playful tone.

With the alcohol still in your system, you decided to do something that you certainly would’ve never done sober. Your hand on his chest gripped his shirt tightly in your fist and you gave him the most mischievous yet sultry look you could muster up. Then, you crashed you lips onto his.

When Sirius didn’t respond right away the way you had hoped he would. You detached your lips from his and removed yourself from his hold. You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks and the tears welling in your eyes.

How could you be so stupid? Why did you even think that Sirius would kiss you back? You’re just James’ sister, the girl that’s just one of the guys. You’re not like one of the usual girls Sirius likes to sneak off with to a random broom closet. You’ll never be one of those girls. Why did you ever think that Sirius would be with you that intimately?

“I, uh, I’m sorry. I’m just gonna go.” You said quietly, looking everywhere but Sirius. You just wanted to make it to your bed before anybody noticed you were about to cry and die of embarrassment alone.

As you are heading towards the girls dormitories staircase, a hand grabs your wrist and pulls you into the staircase leading to the boys dormitories. You’re pulled up the stairs a bit, to get away from the party that was still going strong.

You looked up to see Sirius standing there lost in thought while starring at you intently. You signed and looked away from him trying to hold back tears.

“What, Sirius? I shouldn’t have done that. It was stupid. Please just let me go to bed.” You whisper.

“Shut up, Y/N, for like five seconds so I can talk without you walking away.” He said abruptly.

You were slightly shocked with his tone, he spoke rather harshly. You apologized again and kept your gaze on the floor.

He sighed, “Please, baby girl, look at me. I just wasn’t expecting you to kiss me. I know you probably have a thousand different things going through that pretty little head of yours right now. But, I want you to listen to me. Okay?”

Your heart swelled at the pet name and you were now looking at him, waiting for him to give you a speech on how you’re like a sister to him.

Suddenly, he kissed you. It wasn’t rough or animalistic, it was gentle yet needy as if this could be the last time he ever would have this chance. You stood frozen with his lips pressed to yours. What was happening? Is this some sort of sick joke?

Your thoughts were cut off by Sirius mumbling against your lips, “Kiss me back, damnit.”

So you did. You kissed him with everything you had, trying to relay all of your unspoken feelings into this kiss. Sirius was doing the same.

He pushed you against the wall and pressed his body against yours, holding you closer than he’s ever held you before. As you fisted his shirt tightly with one hand, while the other was lost in his ebony hair, tugging every-so-often. He pulled away, too soon for your liking, only to move his lips to your neck.

“Merlin,” kiss “I’ve” kiss “dreamt” kiss “about” kiss “this” kiss “for so” kiss “bloody” kiss “long.”

You couldn’t believe this was happening, you were on cloud nine, when suddenly it came to an end all too soon. Voices were coming closer up the staircase towards you two.

Sirius pulled away and pushed himself onto the opposite wall that you were on just in time for two seventh years to stumble past the two of you and up to the seventh year dorms.

You starred at each other for what seemed like ages until Sirius finally spoke, “Y/N. I-I don’t… You’re my best mates younger twin sister. I– I mean, we, can’t do this.”

At this point, you were pissed. He can’t say all this about other guys not touching you and how you deserve better, then kiss you like nothing else in the world mattered but you two and then, use your stupid brother as an excuse as to why you can’t do this.

“No,” You snapped at him causing him to look at you shocked by your response, “You can’t do that. You can’t say all that shit about deserving better and how I can’t be intimate with other guys and then kiss me like that just to decide James is the reason you won’t admit how you really feel. No. I don’t accept it. Screw James. He doesn’t get a say in this. You do and I do. That’s it. Merlin, I’ve been so irrevocably in love with you for years. It broke my heart to see you with all those girls, and now that I finally have you, I’m not going to let you toss me aside because you’re afraid of what your best mate and my brother will think. No Sirius, it’s not fair. That excuse doesn’t work with me. Try again. Give me a real reason and I’ll go.”

You waited for Sirius to give you a real reason as to why the two of you wouldn’t work. After a few minutes, he still hasn’t said anything, so you kissed him again.

“Shit, Y/N.” Sirius gasped as you pressed your body closer to his, which was now pinned between you and the cold stone wall leading up towards the boys dormitories. A smirk now prevalent across your face.

“Agh. Fuck. Y/N, you’ve really got me caught between a rock and a hard place here… No pun intended.”

“What do you mean, Sirius?” You questioned looking up at him through your eyelashes.

“Y/N. James will kill me, but… but, I want you so fucking bad.” Sirius huskily whispered in your ear causing your grip on his shirt collar to tighten noticeably.

He leaned back in closer towards your ear and slowly whispered, “Merlin, I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

"So have me.” You whispered back while pressing your lips to smooth skin on his neck and collarbones.

Next thing you know, Sirius has picked you up and wrapped your legs around his waist as he makes his way up the stairs towards the marauders dormitory. You continue to kiss and suck on his neck, leaving a trail of bruises along the way; while his hands are planted firmly on your ass, squeezing every-so-often.

He makes it to the room, throwing open the door and slamming it shut, just to turn around and push you against the door.

He feverishly pulled you up so your lips would meet again with overwhelming passion. His rough hands tangled themselves in your hair. He pulled away, biting your lower lip as he did so, eliciting a moan from you. That sound was the most beautiful sound Sirius had ever heard, he was addicted to you.

He carried you over to his bed and tossed you onto his bed, then crawled on top of you. Kissing you as if his life depended on it.

Your hands found the hem of his shirt tugging it upwards, to signal Sirius that you were annoyed by the presence of the article of clothing. Sirius got the hint and pulled away from you and removed his shirt quickly. Your hands had a mind of their own and attached themselves to his abs, tracing the skin with your fingertips. Sirius grabbed the hem of your dress and pulled it upwards off of your body, leaving you in a pair of red lacy cheeky panties and a matching red lacy bra (that made your boobs look spectacular).

Sirius was speechless. You were the most gorgeous women he had ever seen and you were all his. You moved your hands towards his belt, tugging him towards you a little.

“What’s wrong, Siri? Cat got your tongue?” You purred. Sirius couldn’t help but smile at your joke, your patronus was a dog but your animagus form was a grey cat with a white patch of fur on your hip.

“I mean, you could say that, but truthfully I much more of a dog person myself.” He teased as he leaned closer to you making his way to your breasts, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake.

Your hands fumbles with his belt, trying to blindly undo it, when you felt a rough hand on top of yours. “Here, baby girl, let me get that. You seem to be struggling a bit.”

Sirius shimmied his jeans off, now you were both down to your underwear. The tension was rising, if something didn’t happen soon you might explode. Sirius could tell you were getting impatient, so he decided to tease you a little longer. His hands were running all over your body, touching you, pleasuring you. His lips were following right behind his hands, everywhere that they touched, his lips would soon follow in suit.

Your skin was on fire from his touch, you’ve never felt this good, you’ve never been so desperate for somebody like this before. This was all so foreign to you, but you craved it, you craved him, with every fiber of your being. You couldn’t get enough of him.

And he couldn’t get enough of you and how you responded to him and his touch. He had been with plenty of girls, but none of them responded to him the way you did. He could do this all day if it meant you would be like this with him, and only him, for the rest of your life. Sirius was in euphoria just from watching you and touching you. This was the most amazing feeling in the world to him.

He removed your bra and panties, paying extra attention to all the new flesh being exposed. He removed his briefs and your hands were all over his manhood. You had him on his back and you were over him kissing his chest and stomach softly. You glanced up at him through your eyelashes as you reached his impressive length. You wrapped your hand around him and kissed the red swollen tip before taking him in your mouth. Nobody’s mouth had ever felt this good to Sirius, and he could’ve came just at the sight of you. It didn’t take him long until he was pulling you off of him and flipping the two of you over so he was now on top.

“Merlin, baby girl, you and that pretty little mouth of yours might be the death of me. And the way you looked when you were taking me in your mouth, Merlin, you’re such a good girl for me. But, I need to be inside of you and I can’t wait any longer.”

Sirius reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom out of the drawer. You grabbed it from his hands, opened it and put it on his hard length. Sirius was even more turned on by the sight of you, if that was even possible. He lined himself up at your soaking entrance.

“Baby girl, I need you to tell me if this hurts or you’re uncomfortable or want to stop. Okay?”

You nodded and pulled him down to kiss him as he slowly pushed into you. You gasped into the kiss, turning your head and biting his shoulder. You weren’t a virgin but you hadn’t been with anybody like this in ages and he was much bigger than the guys you had been with.

“Baby girl, Y/N, are you okay? Do you want me to stop?”

“No! Don’t stop, it’s just been a while and you’re much bigger than anybody else I’ve been with. I’ll be fine. Just– just give me a minute.” You breathed out into his neck, then returned to biting his shoulder as he filled you up the rest of the way.

“Y/N, sweetheart, just– shit, you’re so fucking tight, baby girl– just tell me when I can move, okay?” He panted as he dropped his head down into your neck, pressing kisses into the skin.

After a little bit of time, you told Sirius he could move. At first he would thrust slowly, but then he loved the way you looked underneath him so much, that he lost control and started thrusting faster and faster until you were literally screaming out in pleasure. You tugged at his hair as he kissed your collarbones and rubbed your bundle of nerves, eliciting a moan that sounded more growl from him. Sirius grabbed one of your knees and pressed it up to your chest, opening you up more and allowing him to go deeper. Eventually, you found the strength to flip the two of you over and you climbed on top of him. You sank down onto his slick member causing you both to moan out in ecstasy.

Sirius never let the girl be dominant when he was with them, but with you something was different, the sight of you throwing your head back in pure pleasure as you tugged at his hair was something he wanted to remember for all of his life. For you, he’d do anything, even if it was something he doesn’t really like doing at all.

Your walls started to tighten around him, signaling you were close. “C'mon Sirius, cum with me. Please. Padfoot. Please. Oh my god. Sirius!” He twitched inside of you as you released and he came with you. Profanities poured out of his mouth, along with praises directed towards you and terms of endearment. You rode out both of your highs as long as you both could not wanting this to end.

You pulled yourself off of him and collapsed onto the bed next to him. He got up and threw away the condom and turned around to see you under the covers with your eyes closed with a smile across your face. He crawled back into bed with you and pulled you to his chest. You rested your head on his chest as he held your hands and played with your fingers.

Neither of you cared that you were both sweaty messes, you were together and that’s all that mattered. You kissed his collarbone and smiled up at him.

“That was amazi-”

“Y/N Y/M/N Potter, I’m in love with you. I have been for a long while now. Will you please be mine?”

You had confessed your love earlier but you weren’t expecting him to say it back, at least not this soon. You were overjoyed. You sat up and grabbed his face with both hands and kisses him passionately yet sweetly, giving him your answer.

“I love you too, Sirius Orion Black.”

You ended up putting on one of his t-shirts and your underwear, while Sirius just put on his underwear again. He pulled the curtains around his bed closed and put a silencing charm on the bed, so if Remus and Peter came back they wouldn’t hear the two of you taking. The two of you talked for hours about the future and life in general while cuddled into each other so much so that you looked like one person.


The next morning, James sauntered back into the boys dormitory happy as could be, because he has spent the night with Lily.

“Moony, Wormtail, Pads! Wake up! I have to tell you something!” He shouted while pulling Peter and Remus’ bed curtains open.

“Hey, Prongs. Quick question, did Y/N make it back to her dorm all right? I know she had a rough night.” Remus asked because he last saw you, a few hours before he ventured off to bed, was with Sirius.

“What do you mean she had a rough night? Is she okay?” James was now very worried about the well-being of his younger sister.

Remus explained to James what had happened the night before with Ethan. James was livid to say the least. He was already planning dozens of ways to get back at Ethan for what he did. James then realized that Remus had asked if you made it back to your dorm last night.

“No Y/N never came back up to the girls dorm last night. Her bed was empty and made this morning. Did she not stay here last night?” James was starting to panic.

He walked over to his own bed and pulled the bed curtains back to reveal that his own bed is in the same state as he had left it the day before. He was racking his brain for places Y/N could’ve gone.

“Where the hell is Padfoot?”

Peter finally spoke up, “Last I heard he went off with some random girl after he made sure Y/N was okay. I think he’s back now though.”

James walked over to Sirius’ bed and when he pulled back the curtain, he swore that his heart stopped for at least thirty seconds.


Sirius rolled over slightly, trying not to disturb the sleeping girl beside him. “Prongs, why are you yelling?” He asked groggily.


Sirius sat himself up as much as he could without waking Y/N, who is surprisingly a very heavy sleeper. “James, mate, calm down.”

“Calm down?! How can I calm down when you are in bed with my sister, holding her like that, and is she wearing your shirt?!” James ran his hands through his already messy hair, tugging at it out of stress.

“Jamie, please, shut up. It’s early. I’m trying to sleep.” You mumbled into Sirius’ chest.

“Y/N, I swear to Merlin, if you don’t remove yourself from Sirius right now…” James trailed off his threat. Meanwhile, Peter and Remus are sitting on their respective beds very confused by the whole situation at hand, neither of them even thought that Y/N and Sirius could’ve ended up together.

“James, stop overreacting…”

“Overreacting!? I am not overreacting my sister and my best mate are in bed together. Y/N, you’re wearing his shirt! I can only assume the worst happened!”

Sirius looked slightly offended, “The worst being?”

James sighed and rolled his eyes as if it was obvious, “The worst is that you two… Ya know…”

Sirius raised an eyebrow and sat up even more, bringing you up with him. Neither of them had let go of one another yet. You had your head on Sirius’ chest and Sirius was was running his fingers up and down your back. These simple, sweet actions were making James very uncomfortable.

“Prongs, you know you’re like a brother to me, your my best mate. But, Y/N, I, uh, I’m in love with her, Prongs. A-and she’s feels the same way about me. And…” Sirius’ voice wasn’t as confident as it normally is. He was rather nervous, actually, to be confessing all this to James.

But luckily he was cut off by you, “And… We’re together now. So, you can either accept it and be happy for us or you can be a twat of a best mate and an older brother.” You said definitively. You looked at James and softened your expression, “James, please, I am in love with him. I know he won’t hurt me. Can you please just be happy for us?”

James looked really annoyed at what the two people who are closest to him are telling him. “I’m not happy about this. But I know if I don’t accept it, then you guys will just sneak around behind my back. But I swear, Padfoot, if you hurt her, I will have to kill you. And Moony will help me.”

Sirius smiles and looks down at you, “Oh, trust me, I won’t hurt her. I love her too much.”

“Oh my god, Siri, I think I just threw up in my mouth. That was so grossly cliché. I don’t want to be associated with you anymore.” You joked, slightly moving away from Sirius’ body. To which he pulled you back closer to him as he and the other boys laughed.

“Oh no you don’t. Now that I’ve got you, I’m never going to let you go.” He kissed you gently as the other three marauders started talking about something else.


A/N: Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this! I’ve been working on it for soooo long and I wanted to make it perfect! It was very cliché and I know that. I’m working on my writing technique. But, this was also my first attempt at writing smut, so sorry if it sucks. This was not intended to be smut at all, but it obviously ended up that way. Oh well. The OC and Marlene dancing on the table is based off my best friend Emily and I at a frat party this past spring. Anybody catch the 10 Things I Hate About You quote?? Love that movie. Anyway, I am very open to suggestions, criticism, or praise. Basically all forms of feedback, so please give me some! Also, feel free to request imagines!! (I’m also working on a prompt list too)

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