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[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter III)

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Today is Friday, it’s the thanksgiving break and I have this parent/teachers reunion thingy that keeps me away from skating the night away with Bea. My parents only want to see my maths teacher, because I have horrifying grades in this subject, which is quite surprising.

I’ve always had good grades in maths, just like in English, History and German. But the C’s I’ve been getting are getting on my and my parent’s nerves. When the hell did I start to suck at maths?

Me and my parents walk up to the B316 room. There are other parents, with their child. I wave at Emma and Auriane, they both look like their parents, but why to they look so alike? I’ve always thought they were twins.

Our appointment with Mr Tuan is at six thirty, and it’s six twenty five. Mr Tuan opens the door, in the same outfit I left him with, black velvet chukka low shoes, classic blue jeans in which he tucked a blue shirt, and a brown vest suit. My mom has to refrain a gasp.

“Hello.” Mr Tuan’s eyes get smaller as he smiles to my parents. 

“Hello.” Me and my parents say. Mr Tuan moves aside to let us in. As I walk into the class, which he arranged to have three chairs in front of his desk, I glance back at my mom, and she’s turned puce. Yeah mom, this is a face. We sit in front of the desk and Mr Tuan takes a seat behind it, papers spread everywhere.

“Abigail.” He sighs, picking up one of his paper, probably the list of the grades I’ve got so far. My parents are all ears, and I want to hide.

“Abigail is a very calm student but she does have some difficulties with math. I don’t think it’s a lack of work, it just doesn’t seem to be her thing.” He’s not looking at me, only at my mom who I think is having difficulties to breathe. He is using my full name in front of my parents, which makes me angry because I know he would never dare call me Abby in front of them.

“She’s very bright, a little bit hotblooded, but bright.” He looks at my dad, who turns and smirks down at me.

“It’s a family trait.” He jokes. Is he referring to the time I kindly asked him to stop calling me Abby? Mr Tuan smiles and I hear a small squeal coming from the depths of my mom’s ovaries. She clears her throat.

“We wanted to ask you if you could give her some personal tutoring.” My head whirls to her instantly. WHAT?!

“Of course. She can stay after class, we could do that.” I turn to mr Tuan, and he is making a favorable pout at my father who is nodding. Wait!

“Really?” My mother asks,and I look at her. None of them is looking at me, I am out of the discussion. But I am the main subject of this damn discussion!

“Does it interest you?” I turn to my teacher and he is looking directly at me. Gee, thank you!

“No. I’ll work harder. Please, don’t force me.” I plead my parents, looking back and force between them.

“Just try, Abigail.” My mother coos, tucking a strand of my natural auburn hair behind my ear. “No, just- please. I’ll try harder.” I turn to my father.

“We’ll see how your grades go, just try.” He says and I am helpless. I turn to Mr Tuan, and he gives me a smile.

“How about we start after the break?” He asks to me. Do I really have a choice?


The bell rings and the familiar symphony of chairs and pencil cases starts. I don’t move from my seat as Bea gets up to start her weekend before me, I sigh.

“Can you come home tonight? I can’t be left alone with aunty Edna, or I’m gonna kill myself.” Bea says, swinging her backpack on her shoulder. I watch as she undoes her ponytail and lets her long curly hair free. She runs her fingers in her hair, shake it so it goes back to normal, her hair is so beautiful.

“Sure. If didn’t do it before you.” She smirks as she picks up her board from the ground next to our desk. “Being left alone with mr Sexy for an hour, there are worse ways to go.” She snorts.

 “You say.” 

She giggles and kisses my cheek.

“See you.” I sigh and watch as she leaves. When she’s out of the door my eyes land on mr Tuan, gray sweatshirt and jeans, who is walking towards my desk. From the corner of my eyes I notice Annabelle walking across the room, towards the exit, but stopping as she notices me.

“What are you doing?” She asks us, and mr Tuan turns to her. 

“I am giving her private tutoring.” He says. 

“Can I stay too?” Her question is almost instantiate, rushed. 

“It’s an individual and personal tutoring.” Mr Tuan replies, and I can tell she’s flustered. She looks for another solution. 

“I could come on another day.” She proposes.

Poor thing. Her carnal intent towards this man is so obvious, I almost want to throw up. Is she that desperate?

 “I’m afraid I don’t have time left for you, I’m sorry Anna.” Mr Tuan says, and suddenly I have an awesome idea. 

“I can give you my seat, I know you love maths.” I get up from my seat l, and start to get ready to leave.

That’s a good idea, if she’s so desperate to fuck him, I can help her, it’s a good deed, right? Mr Tuan turns to me. 

“You’ll have to ask your parents first, and I don’t think they’d agree. Sit.” His voice is calm, but it hides a point of anger. And he’s right, I forgot about about my parent. I sit.

“Goodbye, Annabelle.” He doesn’t turn to her, his eyes are glued on mine, and I don’t know why. Why did it make him so mad? 

“Goodbye.” She mumbles, walking out of the classroom. 

“Why did you call her Annabelle?” I frown. He changed his attitude towards her in a second.

He crosses his arms over his chest. 

“I thought it was Anna, a nickname for your pets.” I refer to a famous comic of the 90s that me and Bea love, he probably won’t understand, but it’s so appropriate in this situation.

“Are you a comic fan or do you think Annabelle is my pet?” I shrug. He knows that comic!

“I call you by your nickname too.” He tilts his head to the side.

“To make me mad, that’s different.” I retort. 

“And why am I calling Annabelle Anna, then?” He smirks, he seem genuinely amused and intrigued.

“To watch her swoon.” I murmur. He snorts.

He uncrosses his arms and leans towards me, propping his hands on my desk. 

“You’re crossing a dangerous line, you know that?” For an unknown reason, he doesn’t sound very threatening. 

“You asked me a question.” I shrug. He eyes me for a moment.

“You really don’t want to be here, do you?” He murmurs.

 “You thought I would?” I reply and he laughs. Loud and boyish, it makes me mad. 

“You don’t even seem to be shocked by how inappropriate this discussion is.” I say as he stops laughing, but my words don’t erase his smile.

“Why, miss Kraige, we’re only chatting.” He stands up straight, and walks around the desk. He then sits down beside me, taking Bea’s seat. I’ll tell her mr Sexy dropped his ‘golden ass’, as she says, on her desk, she’ll pass out. He sits on my right side and puts his right arm on the wooden surface, turning to me a little bit. He is inches away from me, I swallow.

“Or maybe you think we are doing more than that. Are we?” His voice is low and throaty. I swallow. 

“No.” I say. 

“Then, I don’t see the problem.” He gets away from me, and his voice goes back to normal, and I notice I had stopped breathing. What the hell just happened? Yes, there is a problem.

“You’re scanning me, you’re trying to know what’s going on in my head. I don’t like it.” Here’s the problem.

 “Are you hiding something?” He replies immediately.

 “It makes me uncomfortable.” I say.

 “I am sorry. That was none of my intentions.” His reply picks up another question.

“What are your intentions?” I look at him directly. 

“I want to know why you don’t like me calling you Abby.” He says. 

“I don’t want to tell you.” I shrug.

 “Well, I am your teacher, I can call you everything I want, that’s my right. You can’t do nothing about it.” He leans in his seat, radiating with pretentiousness and confidence.

“I’ll talk to someone.” I threaten.

“One wink, and I’m forgiven.” He says. That bastard! 

“So you do like see women swoon.” I say. 

“Never said I didn’t.” I go speechless. His words smother me in a way that goes beyond my abilities. 

“If I really have to be there, we could at least work a little bit, I think.” I change subjects, because I’m fed up with him. And I realize that only I know about mr Tuan’s true self.


I stand in the dark, completely naked, a black peace of silk blindfolding me, my hands tied up to the ceiling. I don’t know where I am, maybe it’s dark room, or I’m lost in oblivion. All my senses are awake, I can feel a presence, I can hear steps towards me, I can feel the heat radiating out of me.

The steps come closer to me, louder and louder, and I build with anticipation. The steps stop right behind me, and nothing. I can still feel the presence, but nothing happens. I stop breathing. Then I feel his lips on my shoulder, dropping a soft kiss on my skin.

He secures his hands on my hips and keeps me in place a he starts trailing kisses from my shoulder to my neck, and when he reaches the spot where my shoulder and neck connects, I sigh. His action sends some kind of signal to a place in my lower stomach. His lips go higher in my neck, and he runs his finger tips on my sides, slowly, he caresses my skin, stops around my armpits and travels back down to my hips, before going up again.

He kisses a spot right behind my ear, and I fist my hands as it sends electricity down to an unknown place in me, and it feels good. Slowly, he slides his hands up my body until he is cupping both of my breasts. His fingers brush against my nipples, small noise escapes my lips. He starts palming them, and massaging them, and as he does he doesn’t stop kissing my neck, always on the same spot behind my ear, and then he pinches my nipple, and I moan.

I moan, silently, but surely. It was stronger than me. The noise I’ve just made encourage him, and he starts twisting my nipples between his fingers, and they harden and elongate under his touch, and the feeling travels to the depths of my body, and it tingles in a place I don’t know very well.

He doesn’t stop, and I start to build, I’m hot, and I feel like he’s everywhere, on my breasts, in my neck, on my back, consuming me, putting me on fire. “Mr Tuan.” His name comes out as a plea. 

“Yes, Abby?” I moan. His voice is deep and sexy, and I like my nickname in his mouth. 

“More.” I beg. 

“More?” He repeats.

I don’t know what I’m throwing myself into, it’s scary, thrilling, intoxicating.

 “Yes.” I nod, and he lets go of my right breast, and his hands slides down my torso, tickles my bellybutton, brushes against my navel, downer, further, there. I gasp.

I’m breathless as I look around my dark bedroom, searching for some kind of answer to what is happening to me. All my nerves are slowly going back to sleep after some kind of over stimulation. I think I just came in my sleep.

An orgasm. Here’s what happened to me, I’ve just got an orgasm. I’ve just dreamed about Mr Tuan touching me, and I came. It’s a sensation I never knew, I’ve never been stimulated sexually. Not only I’ve never touched my self, but it’s been two years that my sexuality disappeared after I’ve been raped. I fall back into my bed.

Now I know what’s happening to me, my maths teacher turns me on. And just the thought of him can make me come when I’m supposed not to be sexually active because of a recent traumatism. And something occurs me. I was tied up, unable to move, helpless, at his mercy… just like with Liam.

And I liked it. It made me come. This is so so wrong. My maths teacher, how can I…? Gah! There’s a plenty of cute boys in the world, in my school, why did it have to be him? And why did it have to be so strange?

The New 3-Piece Suit

Dress down your look and layer sweaters under suits

It’s time to say goodbye to the classic three-piece suit, typically completed with a vest under a blazer, and change things up a bit. For a similar look that’s more casual and modern, layer a knit pullover underneath. To help you out, we’ve completed four head-to-toe looks with affordable suits, sweaters and accessories.

1. Wear a wool sweater and white button-up under a printed suit with a cropped pant. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pattens, like houndstooth with polka dots, and make sure to forgo socks if you’re wearing cropped pants.

ASOS Skinny Fit Suit Jacket In Dogstooth

‘Shetland’ Wool Sweater

Geometric-print regular-fit cotton shirt

Paul Smith Ties - Black Polka Dot Silk Bow Tie

Monk-strap shoes

2. Pair a slim-fitting suit with a black mohair sweater, white button-up and black dress shoes, but don’t forget the pop of color in your tie. Light blue or denim accents looks great with grey, black and white. 

Peter Werth Suit Pants With Taped Waistband In Slim Fit

ASOS Longline Sweater with Mohair

White Button Down Long Sleeve Smart Shirt

Denim Slim Tie

Steve Madden Jonah Lazer Etched Dress Shoes

3. Go navy in a wool-blend suit with a festive snowflake sweater layered over a classic button-up, and accessorize with a good pair of socks and matching navy chukkas. 

Wool-blend Suit Pants

Lambswool reverse snowflake sweater

X Fit Ultra Slim Fit Solid French Cuff Dress Shirt

Great Jones XL Chukka

Paul Smith Socks - Black Varied Stripe Wool-Blend Socks

4. Make a statement with your sweater choice and dress in a classic black suit and printed sweater.

Black Ultra Skinny Suit Jacket

Black Ultra Skinny Suit Trousers

Zigzag Stripe Crewneck Sweater

Black Button Down Long Sleeve Smart Shirt

Church Black Leather Chukka Boots