black christmas decor

Days until... July 31st 2017

September 🍃🍂 32
Autumn 🍂🍁54
October 🦇👻62
Halloween 🎃 🕸️👻92
November 🎄 93
Thanksgiving 🦃115
Black Friday 🏷️💳116
December 🎄❄️🦌123
Winter ❄ 🦌🐧🌨️🌧️🌬️144
Christmas Eve 🤶🎅🦌🎄146
Christmas day 🎁🎄147

I think the best story I’ve ever heard of how influential Beyoncé is was told to me by my friend who babysits these two little toddler twins. Last Christmas, they got to pick out the decorations for the tree for the first time and they agreed on everything except for what they wanted on top of their tree. One of the girls wanted to put an angel up, the other one wanted a star. Before long, it erupted into this huge argument between them that kept on going on with screams and tears for almost two days. Finally, their Dad asked them to explain why each girl wanted what they picked to put on top of the tree. After listening to their reasons, he told them that he had an idea and would solve it. An hour later, he came back and put a picture of Beyoncé on top of the tree because “she is both an angel and a star.” The girls were so happy and stopped arguing that now that’s what they’re going to put on top of their tree every year.

If this doesn’t show you how amazing Beyoncé is…